Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bday post~ update

updated the bday post!
more info about project #1 and 3,
and some h&c artsy pics, of course!! ~_~

only 2 ppl want to do something for toma's bday so far??
ma, it's still early, but i hope there will be more ppl soon...

please check it out! yoroshiku onegaishimas~



Carly said...

I totally want to! But.. what can I do? Special. Errrr
But 100% wanna do summthin!
Do u have any special ideas? I have such no clue x_x
oh oh and u buy cards at Mitsuwa? :o
I didn't know they sell cards. I only check Wink Up and some comic books over there ;)
Back to the *SPECIAL* B-day project! :]
Okay, so since u have such awesome ideas( I have no big ideas...x_x), have any ideas i can do? Oh and i wish i can help u out with one of the projects ur doing! ><
okayy so i 1 of the people who wants to join! :D

kate`* said...

^_^ it's awesome that u wanna do something 4 his bday!! if u're not sure, u can do the #1 bday project with me. very easy. haha.

or u can send him a bday card yourself...or make a happy bday mv using toma's video clips or pics...fans often do that.

i just found out recently, the book store @mitsuwa also sells some bday cards. ~_~

A said...

oh really? i went there couple of days ago. On Sunday. And yah, i might as well make a video if i can. I have a application to do it anyways.
But i also wanna help u do the b-day project!!!

kate`* said...


if u wanna take part in the #1 project, just comment there. just need to post what u want me to write on the heart. your name, age (optional), country, and a SHORT few words message (optional) would be great.