Saturday, July 4, 2009

sorry, no new post yet...good night!


happy 4th of july, everyone! i love fireworks. and i love fireworks bokeh. actually, i love most things bokeh!! ^_^

ok, here's the thing. i ran out of time today. apologies! =[ (and not cuz i was busy having too much fun or anything either!) i'll post tomorrow about majo ep7. and i've got A LOT to say about this ep!! though i don't think much ppl read my majosai episode comments anyway, but i feel bad whenever i have to delay posting and disappoint any people that are waiting for it.

i've GOT to stop announcing when i will post and then end up not being able to post till later!! i should just post whenever i can and not announce it ahead of time.

good night!

(btw, if anyone has trouble sleeping/gets headaches often/just needs help de-stressing, try the lavender chamomile SLEEP body lotion @Bath & Body Works. it's supposed to really help u relax! =) and it smells so good~~ i really like it...)


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