Friday, July 24, 2009

ningen promotional pics!! and some other toma weekend updates...


kate des.

it's friday again.
i miss having new ep.s of majosai to watch. =/

REALLY very little toma updates this time. haha. gomen~ of course, u know he's filming for the movie No Longer Human in kyoto. but that's all we know for now. no paparazzi pics or video clips of toma filming for it at all. and the official website of the movie ( still has nothing there yet.

here's a random, cool japan-related thing, though: there's this really AWESOME, HQ video clip of the Kuroshio Sea: the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world, and it's in okinawa!! it's so beautiful/peaceful to watch, and LOVE that gentle/sad song too. i'd love to see it in person sometime ne~ thanks to aniki 4 the link!

it is eerily quiet at the toma LJ these days, kedo...i'm really thankful for this break from constant new toma stuff posted there. haha. gives me a chance to catch up on watching TFS videos and reading/listening to other toma stuff and whatnot. and i'm also still working on the toma fan art i'm gonna send in. unfortunately, i've only got 1 almost done...i need to finish the 2 bday ones ASAP and send them in be4 the end of this month (the other 2 can be sent at the start/mid-august, i think). gambarimas!! ^-^

there are lots of icon posts at the LJ, u should check them out. =) and the links below. douzo!

[credit: hpswf1]
myojo scans. oh, there are some other magazine scans there too, go to the LJ to check them out.

[credit: stawberry_gemm]
Ningen Shikkaku Pics! some promo pics. sugeh.*_* kakkoii~♥ but the pic is not new, we've seen it used when they first announced that toma's starring in the movie a couple months back. there's an almost identical pic of toma, but he's smiling in this one. sorry, don't remember where i got it though!

a translation about his POTATO photoshoot with that cute white toy poodle!! and toma talks about how kawaii and lovable jam is. yappari, toma really loves jam-chan and really was so caring and protective of this white poodle, too!!♥
a fan that visited the ningen set took a pic of the movie set chair especially made for toma!! ^o^ i'm so glad we get to see what it looks like!! awesome.

that's all for today.

i'll see u next time. have a cool weekend!

ja ne.

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