Sunday, July 5, 2009

majosai -episode 7- notes

♥ toma-ism #105:

coolness incarnate!

the ratings for majo finally increased, to 7.9 for ep.8!!

so, episode 7 notes today!! IT WAS A SHOCKING EPISODE. DOTTENKOKU YO! (shocking, as toma would say) especially the very end!! i really liked this episode cuz toma gets to show his heroic/determined/tough guy side!! and it was quite exciting, though i correctly guessed who kidnapped kaori since the start of the episode!! anyway, i gotta dload and watch ep8 soon. a little worried, things are getting more dangerous for toru. i don't wanna see him get hurt!! =/ ep.9 just aired. only 1 ep left and it's the end!! this time it seems so fast...maybe cuz i've been able to watch faster (thanks TFS 4 the really really fast subbing!!) and cuz it's 10 eps long instead of 11.

i'm not gonna upload more screencaps for now...cuz i'm starting to think no1 really looks at it anyway. haha. and i'm starting to get way too much, it's a hassle to upload them all. but if any of u want me to upload it, comment below, and i will upload them ASAP.

the spoiler section is at the very end.
this time it's gonna be kinda long!

kate's -EPISODE 7 (AKA The Episode Toma
Runs Runs Runs A LOT!)- notes:

-toma ran so fast at the start of the ep.!!
this must be the ep he was talking about in tomagoto, where all he did was run all day! @_@ luckily on the day of filming, it was rather cool, especially compared to tokyo weather these days. if it was june 8. then 70 degrees fahrenheit was the high, and 68 the low that day. *i have a habit of checking and saving tokyo's weather each day. but still, he had to run so so much! aiyaaaaa. poor toma. I ACTUALLY THINK ALL THE RUNNING HE DID IN THIS EP IS EQUAL TO OR MORE THAN ALL THE RUNNING HE DID IN MAOU?? or maybe it just seems that way cuz he runs thru so many different locations. wow~ but he sure looks cool when he runs!!♥

-its funny that he still pauses 2 take his shoes off be4 rushing in his apartment, even when this is an emergency!!


-2nd kiss!! though in the screencap it seems like a more passionate one, but this was (whew!) also a quick, sweet one. ~_~ u know, i bet toma is a great kisser in real life. ♥

-the metal detector be4 going in. =) this is just something that made me remember when i had jury duty. each time, had to go thru it be4 going in. but u get used to it.

-toru, just like toma, also loves hamburg steak. lol. =P

-Brown is a figure, just noticed it now!! doesn't go with her geeky/quiet/lowkey personality. now we know why she's so nervous and uncomfortable all the time.

-heroic/angry/running out of time/running toma is kakkoii!!♥ sou deshou! but i get nervous when things get kinda violent and he gets hurt. =[

-the way kaori is tied up. it's a little ero. lol. even in a kidnapping pic, she's gotta look all pretty and sitting in such a flattering way, right? haha...

-kaori looks kinda creepy, all pale like that!! but at least she has less makeup now. lol. actually, this is not such a bad look for her!! at least she looks more natural. :P

-i think this is the episode!! that the koichi fan wrote about watching toma filming for majosai on june 22. sugoi...


ppl toru has to watch out for now, ppl that can hurt him!!
that's kurokawa, kyoko, and kaori!! all K-name ppl!

YAPPARI, Kaori TRICKED TORU CUZ SHE THINKS HE HAS AN AFFAIR W/IZUMI!! it was all a sick game to test his love 4 her?! unforgivable!! even if the witch gave her the idea. wouldn't it have been easier to just pretend she's going out w/another guy and see if he gets jealous?

i already guessed it was a fake kidnapping f/the end of the last ep., but i thought it was kaori and the lawyer doing so to convince toru to vote not guilty, for that aim. NOT something stupid like, to test his love 4 her!!

i also thought maybe kurokawa was involved. like, pretending to kidnap her, faking a kaori voice?? cuz we know he's capable of faking all their voices!

so-- kaori is going crazy? or is it just cuz of the witch's influence. i would have liked it a lot more if she was turning evil/wants revenge on toru & izumi, instead of her going insane/psycho/manipulated by the witch. BUT ACTUALLY, CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I HAVE A FEELING THAT THE WITCH IS NOT DOING ALL THIS EVIL STUFF...UP TILL NOW, SHE STILL MIGHT just be a well-meaning person, misunderstood by everyone. sure, she's a bad influence on kaori (making her think toru's cheating?), but we don't know if this crazy scheme was kaori's idea or hers. she might have said those words "proof of your love" and "nothing can come between u 2", but kaori might still have come up with the plan herself. ehhh...but kyoko does seem like she's hiding something. maybe she is guilty after all. but that's what they want us to think...i won't be fooled!! i still think she's NOT GUILTY, but she could be guilty of messing up toru & kaori's relationship.

that part was so cool though, when he's hugging her, but suddenly looks at her, all scared and freaked out that she said those exact words!!! kowai!! o__o

WELL, THIS PROVES THAT KAORI IS NO GOOD 4 HIM!! IF U WANNA TEST YR BOYF, THERE'S SO MANY BETTER, SIMPLE WAYS!! BUT NO, 1ST THING SHE DOES IS SET UP THIS ELABORATE FAKE KIDNAPPING!! (except if the witch gave her the idea. but STILL, she goes ahead and does it!! i guess except if the witch hypnotized her/has control over her, then i would understand.) psycho!!

what the...??? eww!! i feel like she's tainted now, HE's her husband! she has a daughter with him! ewwwwww!!! that is SO WRONG. and he actually looks BETTER as the freaky evil guy than as the geeky/nice husband. lol. it's so weird though. it's like finding out an anime character has a family, another life, in real life!!

i knew her husband, there had to be something wrong/evil about him. but HE'S THE GUY!! HE'S THE BAD GUY!!! what the hell?? those tricky writers!! having him call himself an awful husband, threatening her, making perverted comments about her (well, no wonder he only liked her, not donperi pink or brown.)!! this is a sick, twisted guy, doing all this to his own wife!!!

but wait, is their marriage a happy one? or is he just pretending 2 be a good (but busy) husband, using her in some way. wait, so why did he want their daughter to go to a certain good school?? what's that got to do with anything?? is he jealous of toru?? he doesn't look it.

BUT!! I'M HAPPY TO KNOW ABOUT KAORI AND HOW KUROKAWA'S SECRETS, CUZ THIS MEANS THAT TORU AND IZUMI HAVE A LOT OF CHANCE OF ENDING UP TOGETHER!! WELL, AT LEAST EVEN IF THEY DON'T, THERE'S MORE CHANCES THEY'LL BE SEPERATED F/THEIR PARTNER RIGHT NOW. seeing the preview, looks like kaori's descent into madness has begun, and there's no turning back. it's really too bad they made her crazy/brainwashed by the with instead of just plain evil/vengeful, though. and izumi and kurokawa, how could that work out, if she finds out who he really is??? and if she STILL loves him then, then she's nuts, and doesn't deserve to be with toru, anyhow!!

here's what i think might happen...let's see if i'm right.

scenario #1:
kaori goes psycho and tries to hurt izumi. izumi turns against her husband when finding out he's evil. kurokawa and toru have some kinda duel. toru wins, and he also saves izumi f/kaori. both kurokawa and kaori somehow die while doing something evil. toru and izumi remain friends. the witch is innocent.

scenario #2:
izumi remains on her husband's side even if she knows he's evil. he goes to jail/is fined $200,000, whatever, for all the things he did, and says he'll be a good person from now on. kaori gets back to normal after the witch is determined to be guilty and goes to jail. kaori and toru get back together.

scenario #3:
(same as #1, but toru realizes he loves izumi, and they end up together in the end.)

scenario #4:
the witch is guilty/evil. kaori realizes she was wrong and pretends to listen to the witch, but actually is helping toru work against her. izumi also pretends to be on her husband's side, but is actually helping toru fight him. both of them go to jail. kaori remains with toru, while izumi is alone.

scenario #5:
(same as #4, but both women die trying to help him. and the rich guy sends some1 to kill kurokawa. only toru remains!!)

NOTICE THAT IN NONE OF THese SCENARIOS, IS TORU SERIOUSLY HURT OR KILLED!! I REALLY HOPE NOT!! ehh...right now, i think most likely...scenario #1 will happen, and i'd really like to see that too. i'd hate for them to let scenario #2 happen. that would be really boring!! actually, scenario #5 is pretty good too...but in the end, i'm sure whatever happens, i'll really be shocked by it...they're so good at shocking u in this drama, right? =) i just hope i'll be shocked in a good way, not in the I-HATE-THIS-ENDING way!! but there hasn't been any toma drama i've seen that's ended in a bad way, really, so i hope this will continue to be true, for majosai as well.


ultraviolet_p1 said...

All that running - I was watching thinking - couldn't he taken a taxi? He was running - in the storyline, for half an hour. If it was gonna be that far, he should have call a taxi! Tooru!

I saw the shoes - take off too! I was wondering - if you're in Japan, and you wanna be very cool and stalk off from an can't just run out and slam the door, cos you gotta put your shoes back on! LOL

Brown -san is actually quite pretty - from the kinda blurry flashback scenes of her before her now look. Really can't tell from from her now.

I don't know what is going to happen. Too much they could twist around. Two more eppy to go. Ahhh

OH yes! Kaori is kinda pyscho...sadly, I thought she was much stronger than not let affection affect you that much.

And husband - yes, he does look better in his other disguise. Something something...I dunno...I let the next few ep tell me what I want to know....

kate`* said...

maybe he took a taxi in between the running, but they just didn't show it. haha...well, it's just so more dramatic and cool to see him running rather than sitting in a taxi.

lol, u're right!!

yes she is, she looked so different from now!

well, i wish kaori and the other female characters were stronger too. more sensible/smart/tough. but what can u do...

i gotta watch ep.8 soon...

ultraviolet_p1 said...

I know taxi is boring...but half an hour run is far. He may have failed to get there on time (well, usually doesn't happen in TV land). Maybe should have put the clock start at 11.45. 15mins maybe more reasonable, cos you could convince the audience that he maybe couldn't judge whether you can run there in time.

The script just said Toru runs to save Koari - so Toma ran as much as we see (I know he did not really run for half and hour). I guess I didn't mind running Toma. ^-^

kate`* said...

i didn't notice the time stamps, though this time it's actually important. haha. but be4, all the times were so random.

i like the way toma runs! it's kinda like how the olympic runners run, very aerodynamic and cool-looking. :P