Saturday, July 18, 2009

majo saiban -EPISODE 9- notes

hi there!

just checked~ TFS has released ep.10!!
i'll definitely download and watch it soon... *_*

guess what, i was @youtube yesterday, reminiscing, looking for some maou videos, and discovered that the most awesome-est MY WORLD maou mv has been reuploaded!! sugoi!! i love love love it, and just watching it stirs up many feelings in me!! sadness! =,(

so~ episode 9 was a little of a letdown compared to the excitement/build up in the last episode, but it was still quite a good one. but the end is not shocking at all, cuz i think a lot of us could already guess that person is the true killer! but now i'm not sure what will happen at all, cuz the preview doesn't show much. that's better than knowing too much about the last episode, like the last couple toma dramas, though! what kinda dramatic faceoff between toru and kurokawa will occur, after the trial's verdict is announced??? i hope there will still be some exciting/shocking moments left in this last episode!! *_*

here are my notes.
and some spoilers/more of my theories of what happened. douzo~

kate's majosai -EPISODE 9- notes:

-toma's maou grey tanktop! ^^ actually, saw him wear it in real life too, and be4 maou, even...he must really like that tanktop. heehee~ i do too!

-the 4th card belongs to hidehiko?? but haruka cant be trusted, duh!! BUT IT DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW KAORI GOT IT??? F/THE WITCH? THE LAWYER?? EHH...

-^_^ it's smart of him to hide the key THERE!! (and it's true, toma looks so cool even when just walking around. heehee~ it's like a model-y, but more casual/cool, kinda walk!)

-TORU DECIDES HE WILL ONLY FIGHT IN THE DISCUSSION ROOM F/NOW ON...let's find the truth in THIS discussion room only.

-they need at least 1 judge 4 (forgot to say- only if it's for a guilty) verdict to go thru. yes, i mentioned this in my last post!! but i didn't connect the 2 together...that he'd actually be able to bribe a THEY ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH VOTES FOR A GUILTY VERDICT!! poor toru...can't trust the judges, can't go to the police either. he's on his own...no1 can help him. well, BLUE'S DAD WORKS FOR THE POLICE, POSSIBLY BLUE MIGHT BE ABLE TO SECRETLY HELP, IF TORU TELLS HIM WHAT'S GOING ON?? OR MAYBE THE POLICE ARE ALREADY INVESTIGATING THIS CASE (know all about the jurors being threatened) FROM THE START, JUST THAT THEY STILL NEED MORE EVIDENCE TO CATCH KUROKAWA??

-according to japan's lay judge system, the lay judges r also allowed to ask questions during the trial. but i guess only at certain times...anyway, good 4 toru 4 trying to ask a question!! =] at least u gave it a shot!

-toru forgives kaori. of course. even AFTER WHAT SHE DID IN THE LAST EPISODE!! wow. she is so so lucky to have such a sweet and forgiving boyfriend!!♥ well, she did get seriously injured and he was so worried...and i guess he figures she was "not herself" then and will get back to normal. and seems like she is already back to normal. already?? eh...i guess i'm happy for them....o_0 *envious*

-really...the witch was really controlling her?? eh....maybe they are both to blame. kyoko influenced her, but kaori also doesn't trust toru enough. to me, it feels like kyoko is just a regular woman. she's just a little weirdly persuasive and emotional/too empathetic when it comes to how she talks with kaori. she surely didn't kill tojo. but she IS GUILTY when it comes to making kaori think that toru cheated on her. and allowing her lawyer to hire a sick freak to blackmail/threaten the jurors. -__-

-toma's eyes seem so BIG in that dark hospital room scene!! wow... btw, toma's hands r quite big too, with such long fingers. though sometimes the closeup shots of his hands when hes holding something. =/ his fingers look quite...rough, right?

-just FYI: though i suppose "witch trial" sounds cooler, but in the usa, mostly ppl only use the phrase "witch hunt". when talking about any situation where a group/bunch of ppl are trying to wrongfully blame one person for something bad that happened. but now, each time i hear this phrase, i'll think of majosai. ^^

-why does he suspect izumi too, right then?? just cuz she wears white a lot, or cuz she was 1 of the ppl that knew she'd be there with him in that room that day, or cuz she seemed nervous in the summer house?? ma, but she's always skittish...though i did suspect her for a moment in the last episode too. haha.

-------------------------- SPOILERS/ THEORIES & PREDICTIONS:

-i really love that visual effect of haruka's violent image flashing in front of kyoko's motherly, kind eyes. sugoi!! *_*

-duh!! yappari it IS haruka!! i knew it!!!! just not sure why. was he having an affair? did he harass/hurt haruka?? what...


why haruka killed him:
umm...he must have been having an affair. or haruka misunderstood somehow and thought he was having an affair. the gift box she held in their family picture...the 4th key is in there. he must have given her the key for her birthday recently, and so the housekeeper doesn't know about it? so she got in the summer house using that key and killed him, not knowing her mom was there too. kyoko must have not known haruka killed tojo until now, or else she would have plead guilty from the start, to save her daughter.

haruka is the 'witch' that made kaori crazy??
did she put some kinda weird medication in kaori's drink/food to make her go nuts? she met her many do the interview, at the hospital...she could have had many opportunities to drug her, right? this would make a lot more sense and explain why kaori went psycho so quickly!! she did it cuz she wanted to control kaori to help her mom get a not guilty verdict. so she had to make her distrust toru (not listen to him when if he says he thinks she's guilty) and turn to kyoko for advice/comfort. and maybe cuz haruka does think toru is cheating on her, just like many of the men that were cheating on her mom??

TORU AND KYOKO GUESSED WRONG, AND TURNS OUT IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE WHO KILLED HIM AFTER ALL!!! it still could be the brother...i mean, the person the kid saw in the window looks more like a man. or maybe the brother was just there right before haruka killed him?? eh.... but from the start, i knew there was something wrong with haruka. she's just too...calm and cold and gives off a scary vibe!! i really think she's the guy (the murderer. adrian monk always says "he's the guy" when he guesses who committed the crime. haha.)

now that all this happened, not sure how the last fight between toru and kurokawa will happen. it can't be that everything will be settled in the courtroom only?? if the verdict IS not guilty, won't kurokawa get revenge on toru for messing up his plans?! i hope it turns out that the police has been tracking him all along, and they'll jump in at the last minute to save toru?? how else can toru beat him...unless if izumi already knows who her husband really is and saves toru at the last minute, but that will cause kurokawa's death??'s possible!!

and if somehow, the verdict is still guilty, then of course, toru is not in danger at all, except he and izumi will feel bad for the witch, who is actually innocent...

and kaori. she seems back to normal already. well, i was partly right. but she tried to hurt toru AND izumi. and she realizes she was under a "spell" and she will still be with toru from now on.

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hidayah_razikin+_+ said...

u look very handsome ...

kate`* said...

yes, toma is so handsome!!
especially as the determined, heroic toru!! <3

salome said...

hi Kate!

i finished watching MajoSai last weekend. the way it ended, i think there's going to be a special.

kaori - in ep9 & 10, i kept thinking, ah Tooru loves her so. *deep sigh...*

Toma's eyes - i do remember a scene in ep9 where Toma's eyes were so big & the balls looked so soft it reminded me of eggyolk. hahaha!

kate`* said...

hi hi~
i just finished it yesterday. hounto ni? but i think they usually only have specials for really popular, high ratings dramas, right? so i don't think there will be a special, though i'd really love 2 see it if there was!!

exactly! toru really loves kaori. such a sweet and caring boyf!! <3

haha!! yep, he has really big, pretty, shining eyes.