Friday, July 17, 2009

nothing much to talk about. gomen. ^^;

♥ toma-ism #106:
you are my weakness.
(got the idea f/pi saying he is toma's weakness. :P)

hi~ minna genki?
try to stay cool ne~

it's too hot these days.☀
it's definitely hotter than it was last year!!
i really can't stand hot weather...
these days, i wish i could live in an ice hotel, sleep on an ice bed.
that would be...SO AWESOME. ~_~

(i think i said the same thing during last summer. lol. about the ice hotel.)

anyway~ TL's got 26 followers now!! sugeh.
everyone, thank you for following!!♥

finished majosai ep.9 yesterday. i'll post my comments about this ep soon...just checked, and TFS has not released ep 10 yet. *anxious* ep.9's rating was 7.2 and the last ep. was 8.7!! it didn't get back up to 9, but at least it came close. =) so the average rating was 7.3. not bad for a late night drama, i guess?

dewa~ there has been no new toma news or tv appearances or anything. it's rare. he's busy filming the movie, of course. i am actually enjoying this break from the almost continous stream of new toma stuff to watch/read/listen/look at, though. hahaha. really...sometimes there's just way too much, right?? so 4 this post, just a few LJ toma-related things, and 2 links completely unrelated to toma, but i think are cool/important, so u should also take a look at it!! :D kudasai~

oh, toma's most recent message. he says despite the hot weather, he's working hard and hopes everyone can enjoy the summer. and he plugged yamashita's Buzzer Beat drama (meaning to 'beat the buzzer'?? sounds funny!), saying he'll watch it. haha. (though i checked out the opening for the drama, it looks just ok la. but it's getting high ratings.). and in toma's message before this, he said filming for the movie is going smoothly, and everyone remember to watch majosai ep 10, the final episode.

have a good weekend, everyone!
i'll see u when i see u. (when i post again, i mean~ *_*)

[a while back, xdustbunnys talked about manami thanking toma 4 recording a video clip of her talking with kato 4 her blog. this where u can watch that video clip. i have no idea what they're talking about, but manami is so happy and laughing so much. :P she's really a lot more kawaii/likable in real life than as kaori!]
[[scans] VOICE dvd box + caps. ^__^v]

[Majo Saiban DVD pic, DVD info, where to buy (release date: nov. 11)]
(sign the BIG TOBACCO DISEASE petition. literally, u can SIGN it!! so cool.)
(25 things about water that u should know. for instance, WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF WATER, SO PLEASE HELP CONSERVE WATER!)

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hidayah_razikin+_+ said...

u rOck guy..
love u!!!

kate`* said...

yes, he does rock. ^_^ my world. heehee~ post messages for toma here, please: