Monday, January 14, 2008

send toma fanmail / the right person 4 him: fiona vs. niki vs. hiromi

i found this by accident. dunno if it's the correct info, but it sure seems like it. :)
some1 asked where 2 send toma fanmail, and the reply was:

Send it to Johnny's Entertainment.

Address: 1-10-10, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8550
Miyamasu Tower B1F
Johnny's Entertainment Co.,Ltd

...has any1 tried sending toma fanmail?
i wonder if toma responds 2 any fanmail...
what about requests 4 his autograph?


i was recently thinking about who i wish toma was dating again. haha...
earlier, i already talked about fiona sit and why i like her. now i'll add 2 more ppl 2 the list of possible girlfriends 4 toma --niki chow and hiromi wada.

[above: pretty niki!! (model/singer/actress), age 28
niki is 28 already! wow, u can't tell! she's been modeling since she was 17...
niki is 174cm (5.64 feet) tall and toma is 173cm (5.61 feet) tall, so she's also a little taller than him! but toma has said age doesn't matter 2 him, he doesn't mind dating some1 older. hehe. and she DOES NOT LOOK 28!! niki is hands down, the prettiest and most photogenic young female HK artist 2 me!!! she is a pretty good actress, though her singing could be better. um...i don't know much about her....but i do know she's a really cheerful, friendly, likeable person. :)
i think they'd be a PERFECT MATCH looks-wise, cuz both R so good-looking!! haha..and both of them R models, entered showbiz early in their lives....
just that niki doesn't speak japanese...but she sure looks cute in a kimono!! haha.]

watch this:
[niki's MV from last year---cute and pretty as always! and yes, she filmed this while she was in japan filming a commercial 4 some kinda tea.]

more info: ] [above: cute hiromi! (singer), age 19
hiromi, i only discovered her recently after watching the tohoku travel blog show. she's only 19!
she's 165cm, which is 5.35 feet tall. a little shorter than toma. hiromi is not as pretty as niki or fiona, but she's got a really cute personality---she's very hyper and silly (lots of times she acts like a big kid, like toma!!), and her voice is really cute, too! this is really great, too: her father is japanese, though she grew up in hk, so she can speak japanese (i think fluently!).
her personality is a lot like toma's, she's japanese/chinese, she's a singer. she also loves dogs, i think she's got 2! of all these 3 girls, she's got the most in common with toma!!! ~_~
of these 3, she's also arguably the best singer, though Fi's a good singer too, just when singing live, hiromi's got the stronger voice, while Fi's voice is often kinda weak.

watch this:
[super hyper/cute hiromi in beijing, MV]

ALSO, check this out, her MV of "summer snow" with clips of her in japan (from the tohoku travel blog show). i love this song, especially the 'da da da' parts!):

more info: ]

[above: fun fi! (singer/actress) , age 26
i've already talked about fi (fiona), but just wanna say again, she's such a cute and likeable girl!! just sometimes she acts a little TOO cute, but most of the time, u gotta love her! =P she's a talented singer, actress and also artist! she loves to draw/paint, etc. her personality is a lot like toma's .... silly, charming, fun-loving...also, fiona's got a dog. =) she can speak canto, mandarin, eng., french, but not japanese. =/ she's 168cm (5.45 feet) tall, so just a little shorter than him. also, just 3 years older than him.]

watch this:
[fiona's MV from 2007 for "next time next time"]

more info:


Alisas said...

Does anyone know of any past girlfriends Toma has had??

Whats fiona's last name i wanna look her up lol

savvy kate said...

=) fiona sit! (sit hoi kei is her full name in canto.)
oh, she has the coolest website, it's got short video clips of her and her songs playing at the website: