Friday, April 3, 2009

toma's first cherry blossoms, first appearance on SCP!!!!, recent intv's, and some tomapi love...♥

♥ toma-ism #99:

It's like everybody loves you
And everybody wants you lately.
It's like everybody needs you
And everybody sees you today.
(lyrics f/josh kelly's Everybody Wants You)


happy FI-day (friday)
to all my fellow interneters!

i'm really close to finishing Voice! just the last episode left now.
mm...i don't have any particularly strong feelings about it ending like i did with maou or hana kimi. maybe it's kinda the same feelings i felt when finishing honey and clover, though. i will miss it, but i am looking forward to seeing the conclusion...sou des.

thinking of H&C always makes me think of cherry blossoms (and vice versa).
and you know~ i've been looking thru tons of cherry blossom pics to pick out a new pic to use for the banner. and i know that the hanami (cherry blossom "flower viewing") season in japan occurs around march/april. so i was wondering when toma would mention seeing the pretty cherry blossoms in his tomagoto post...cuz he did last year. and he just did, in his most recent post!! ^_^ the post from probably march 31 or april 1, not sure. in this long post, he talked about having dinner and a good long talk with yamashita and shun. then the next morning, he said he saw some cherry blossoms for the first time this year and they were really pretty. =) he also saw the symbolism of the cherry blossoms (life is fleeting, so u must enjoy it while u can?). it really inspired him! it also made him think of an elephant kashimashi song about sakura, which i think is this one: [listen to it here] [watch the MV here. the start of the MV is cool.]

[the pic above was taken in Yoyogi Park, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, on april 1, 2009.

this spring, toma has a lot of firsts!
he's got his first leading role in a drama, and now he's gonna be a guest on Shounen Club Premium for the first time, on April 19.

this is where i first saw the news last week:
[thanks to strawberry_gemm]

and this is that show's official website:

but i didn't realize the significance of this until paige talked about it at the toma AF thread!! i hope u don't mind that i quote you here paige, but i can't think of a better way to say it.

Paige: "Apparently, he is the first Junior to do so. So that is why so much unbelievability around the fandom. Tears of joy...Toma is unique, hardworking, and always an exception (in my eyes).

I don't catch up on the SC much, and about the SC Premium - I did watch one of Yamapi b/c Toma forum mentioned about it and how he talked about 4 tops, etc. Anyway, the thing is, that interview was long and quite in depth, about JE and if it's the same type, it would be an in depth one about his experiences and all."

waaaaah. *__*
this is really HUGE NEWS!!
and i'm really looking forward to it!!
hopefully TFS can sub it ASAP after it airs!

speaking of subbing/translating,
go here to read some of his recent interviews, which enshinge translated into english for us. ~_~

these days, for various reasons,
i've been thinking of toma and yamashita.
and at the toma LJ, so are a lot of people!! haha.

you know~ i'm not really a tomapi fan, i'm really just a toma fan.
demo sa~ i still like to read posts about them/see them together. =) cuz they're especially cute and happy as a team, right? haha. anyway, i thought i'd spread some tomapi love today.

enjoy your weekend!
(and below~ toma's kawaii smile & laugh
to give your weekend a sweet

(yamashita: i am toma's weakness! credit: 76fish, c0rin)

[teacup79's yamashita and toma's recent blog posts, where they mention each other]
[strawberry_gemm posted up some old scans of toma & yamashita.]
[thanks to pulobi: "THE ULTIMATE TOMAPI PIMP POST!" = tomapi love post...a bunch of cute tomapi video clips/pics]

(from scrolling thru this post, i found this video clip that i've been looking for for a long time now!! i think it's from an intv from oct. or nov. 2008. i dunno where to find the full clip still though...but finding this important part of the intv subbed is really awesome already!! ^_^ YEY!! this is the part where Toma talks about why Yamapi can be considered his weakness!!)


c0rin said...

Lol. What do you know, I made it here. I just got lost from one blog to another. Haha.

kate`* said...

hi c0rin!
i'm surprised to see u here! how did u find yr way here?? is it cuz i linked to yr LJ page?

anyway, it's always nice to see some LJ ppl here!! =) i linked to this blog f/my LJ journal entry, but i locked it recently cuz afraid of hackers or whatever. but now i've unlocked it again, so more toma fans can find their way here. =]

ultraviolet_p1 said... quote and all the typing errors too...*how embarrassing*

Now that he will sing at Domoto Brothers, maybe he will sing in SCP too.

Very proud of Toma...journey is hard, but his efforts are being recognised.

kate`* said...

i'm sorry, i really didn't notice the errors. i've fixed them! u think?? that would be awesome!!

me too. i'm so glad i became his fan since 2007 and could see him become more and more popular and respected. especially this year, toma has so many firsts, i'm really so proud of him and happy for him!! ^_^

ultraviolet_p1 said..., it's not your fault (usually, you don't change quotes) It's me...I was probably too excited and trying to decide what I wanted to write..but at least it was not the main sentence.

kate`* said...

~_~ it's alright. i think toma would find yr making writing errors, cuz u're so excited 4 him, kawaii ne.

but usually, i do fix grammatical errors even if i quote others. haha. cuz if it doesn't change the main idea of the quote, why not...