Tuesday, February 3, 2009

VOICE poll results AND~ toma is #17 in the poll: Celebrities most likely to have a big break as an actor in this year 2009

♥ toma-ism #88:

he belongs to the sunshine.
("i belong to the sunshine" is a 2005 kelly chen song)

[not exactly sure what it means, but i like how it sounds. haha.
mm...it kinda expresses how...toma is so beautiful
& shines so much, he is like the sunshine ne~]

hi there.
it's tuesday! whoo!!
TUESDAY! TUESDAY!! TUESDAY!!! (a Late Night show inside joke. haha.)

[toma: minna, arigatou!! i'm happy that most of u think VOICE is awesome!!]

after 1 week, 22 ppl voted (including me) on the poll "what do you think about VOICE?" and these are the results:

it's awesome!!
14 (63%) (or 70%)

it's pretty good.
4 (18%) (or 20%)

it's ok.
2 (9%) (or 10%)

i don't like it...
0 (0%)

i haven't watched it yet.

2 (9%)

but if u don't count the 2 ppl that didn't watch yet, then it's the %'s that i've listed to the right. yeah...i actually chose "it's pretty good". well, i've only watched episode 1 so far. hopefully i'll like it more as i watch more, like with maou and honey & clover. i'll talk about episode 1 and ep. 2 if i can get to it, this friday. =)

oh, forgot to say, if u R getting it f/the jdramas site, u should also check out the additional notes at the link below, that explains in more detail some of the words they used in each episode. http://community.livejournal.com/girigiri_subs/

[toma: hey, even though u're the main character of VOICE, i still got more votes than you in this poll!! =P]

Celebrities most likely to have a big break as an actor this year 2009, Monday February 2, 2009 Japan

hurray!! ^_^
toma made it on to this poll, #17 out of 85 ppl. he actually got a lot more votes (1,906 votes) than yamashita (61 votes) this time too! wow!! and eita got 62 votes. ohno got the most votes (35822 votes)! check out all the other guys on the list at the link above.


i really do hope toma will have another breakout role this year like he did in Maou last year!!

the new bg song here is jay chou's "sunny otaku" (AKA sunny geek or sunshine boy). jay, help me be cool like u! lol. i like the beach and i am quite geeky. haha...check out the MV (eng. subbed!) here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4xJzd1Gxhg


Anonymous said...

Ever thought that "Breakaway" from Kelly Clarkson kind of seems to represent Toma in some ways? Even though it's an old song. Haha.

kate`* said...

hmm...u're right, anonymous!
and i like that song too...any songs about wanting to travel the world/fly away. =)

salome said...

hi Kate!
like you, i always associate Toma with sunlight. have you heard the song, Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield? first time i heard it, i appointed it as my personal theme song for Toma. i think it embodies not only his sunny disposition, but also his self-confidence, strength & determination.

for this year, i hope he displays more of his determined character. i'm kinda dreaming of a seductive, mysterious, shady movie/drama role for him. someone who is oozing with self-confidence & coolness. 'cause i think he's so ripe for such role & he'll make a lot of women swoon.

kate`* said...

hi salome!
you're right, that is a really good song 4 toma! =) for me, arashi's Hero is the perfect song for him. LOVE THIS SONG! the lyrics are really touching, and they really describe toma's life so well...been thru tough times, always trying his best, how he shines, how he inspires us...he really is a hero!!
& i first heard it when i watched that really great fanmade MV about toma, so afterwards, i always associate that song with toma. <3

yeah, i would like to see him in a role like that too! just thinking about him like that makes me excited! haha...