Monday, February 9, 2009


happy VOICE day. =)
(ep.5: pls have higher ratings!!)

today i'm 3 yrs older than toma again. *sigh*

ma~ only around 4 months of the yr that i'm 2 yrs older than him.
because i love how toma writes, i would like to slightly alter his oct.9 message (and dec.24) to express how i feel:

hey! today.
i'm very happy ah.
and i wish everyone else born today a very amazing day~ yo.

i, kate...

have turned 27 yrs old :)


the year that i am 27
yrs old as well...
so to make the most of this precious life
i will keep trying my best everyday.
and live with all my strength.

i am grateful to my friends and family...
kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
(please continue 2 look after me this year)

i am grateful for every happy experience i have had up till now...


to you...

i am grateful.

thank you.

2009 February 9


Melody said...

happy belated birthday Kate(:

kate`* said...

arigatou! ^_^