Wednesday, February 25, 2009

toma's VOICE voicetones (: & toma's recent magazine pics

to you~

who's in Mexico~
Hola! cómo estás?

and to everyone else~

check this out:

if u glance at it quickly, doesn't it look like it could be toma's restaurant?? lol. the name is probably TOMATO something. a restaurant in washington DC, usa.

here's some recent toma pics f/magazine articles! i LOVE the winkup March 2009 pics the most. i really wish i could find a way to buy winkup here. =/ anyway, u can see the pics here, thanks to rukia1314 for posting them up!! (better quality version at the tomalicious forum Gallery):

[toma daisuki!!♥ looking so natural, with a simple look, yet soooooooo cute.]

[toma loves his music~~ ]

[tomaaaaaa. lovely!!]

also, check out other recent toma scans that meoinkie2 kindly uploaded for us starting on this page (go to the next page too!):

[*_* red plaid~~ and he's with Jam, his dog!]

[ah~ i can't look away ~_~]

toma should release a photo album/photobook!!
i'd buy it, definitely!! *__*
i see hiro, shun, maki, etc. have photo albums on sale at yesasia, and it makes me think "when will it be toma's turn??!!"

and now some VOICE updates.
according to, ep.7 stayed at about 15%, and i figured it out, the average of the ratings so far is 15.6. i just noticed that 12.3%, the lowest, was for the dramatic episode featuring toma!! =[ nande?!! i feel bad for him, the episode that focused on him, the least ppl watched. =( are they mostly just watching for eita then? hmm...

feb. 23 was toma's last blog update. like usual, he just plugged VOICE again and his VOICE voicetones. =P check out inseiko's notes underneath the tomagoto translations @ the Tomalicious forum 2 see what quotes from VOICE his voicetones have been so far. haha...random, but good quotes, actually!! if u didn't know about his VOICE voicetones, read his message teacup79 translated here, where toma first announced the VOICE voicetones project:
and he wrote that really long, special message on feb.9, my bday!! yey!! ~_~

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