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DONE! my xmas gift for everyone! a long story... an unforgettable ~4hrs with Toma in Tokyo! / all i want for christmas is to meet toma!!

[12.22.2008 EDIT: it's done! the link's at the end of this post!]

whew! i made it. not midnight yet,

kept my promise that i'd post today.

i really wanted to wait till i was done to post this up, but if i don't post something now, many of u won't know about it in time...or maybe i'm already too late...oh well...for those who do know about it in time, i hope you'll be able to be there on time...

so here's the thing...
a while ago i thought up the idea of an xmas present for all my readers here. actually, it's a present 4 myself too. haha. thank you, meeeee! lol. so, i thought of writing a fantasy conversation between toma and a fan (well, me, or any1 else can imagine it's her!). i even wrote up a long explanation already.

BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO SAY NOW IS THAT: IF YOU CAN BE HERE AT AROUND 3:19p.m. JST (japan time) ON DECEMBER 22 and read the story i wrote (it's quite long. haha. started out as a conversation but somehow became very very long...), that would be cool...IF WE COULD READ IT TOGETHER!! but if not, that's fine too, read it whenever u are free. i'm calling it an unforgettable ~4 hrs with toma in tokyo for now. ^_^ there's a reason for this: it's cuz i wrote it so that the exact time u meet him is 3:19pm!

ok, so here's the explanation i had prepared a while back, cuz i knew i would need to write it before in case i ran out of time later, which i am now! haha. BUT TOMORROW, I'LL DEFINITELY FINISH WRITING THE STORY AND POST IT UP FOR EVERYONE!! please look forward to it! yoroshikuchan~ early xmas present for you: an unforgettable ~4 hrs with toma in tokyo!

~♥~ toma-ism #78:
Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of black
And starlight in your eyes of brown.
[the Carpenters' Close to you's lyrics, slightly altered]

~ alternate titles i thought of using:
.close to toma for close to 4 hrs in tokyo
.all i want for christmas is to meet toma
.winter~ the moment i met toma
.your own fantasy conversation with ikuta toma (slightly altered title f/ellen's book)

well, this is it.

i don't know what you were expecting, but this is all i have for everyone. that's all!
i hope you'll like it! i certainly had fun writing and imagining this scenario! haha~


here u go! merry christmas! an early xmas present for you!!
ah~ please imagine i have printed out the fantasy below for you and folded it neatly, wrapped it in some nice, crisp red-ish tissue paper, and then put it in a small box and wrapped it up so that the end result is the box on the right in the picture above! ~_~

where i got the idea to write this....i see so many toma fans saying they want to meet him in japan one day (ME TOO!), which made me remember a funny chapter from ellen degenere's (MY FAV FAV female comedian/talkshow host!) book, MY POINT...AND I DO HAVE ONE. in this chapter, she makes up a fantasy conversation between her and the reader, since most fans will not have the chance of meeting her in person (actually, this is more true for toma than her, cuz at least she's got a talk show & she sometimes shows up at random places & talk to ppl for the show! and in the usa, it's not a big deal when fans approach celebrities and ask 4 an autograph or whatever...) and she said she has also dreamed of meeting her favorite celebrities when she was younger, thinking "would they be nice, would they be interesting, would they lend me money?" xD

so~ inspired by ellen's hilarious fantasy conversation, i decided to write a story about a fan meeting toma that's kinda funny but also cute & sweet, and kinda believable [EDIT: OK, IT GOT AWAY FROM ME PRETTY SOON, BUT REALITY IS STILL KINDA THERE. HAHAHA]. but not too realistic that it would be boring and too short! and...i hope no one else has done something like this before? i hope i'm the first?? that's crazy enough to do this. lol~ and i'm sorry if some things don't make sense, you've gotta have a lot of suspension of disbelief here!

and~ i did put in some japanese words/phrases that i know/toma has or often uses...some of it might not be accurate or right in level of politeness...please don't mind! AND FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN, IVE MADE A LIST OF DEFINITIONS FOR YOU, TOO! YOU'RE WELCOME! =) THOUGH, i think most of u know what they mean ne. [EDIT: i started sticking in some more difficult stuff, not just the "sugoi's" and "souka's", so most of u will need the list of definitions. haha... i hope i didn't make too many mistakes....used both my lonely planet phrase book and searching online 4 them...]

and the idea of meeting him (or other singers) in a cd store in shibuya is not that far-fetched!! 1st, cuz toma spends a ton of time in CD stores on his days off. 2nd, cuz yamapink has said that several fans have seen him in the shibuya area. probably cuz the JE building is located there, plus shibuya is a popular place with youths in general, all the shopping & eating u can do there. wikipedia says it's: "the fashionable shopping district which also encompasses the teenybopper haven of Harajuku (also home to the Meiji Shrine) and the nightlife of Ebisu." and OF COURSE, shibuya's got the aoyama & other theatres...u know toma LOVES his plays. =P AND, i found these blog posts by Teo about yui and other singers going to CD stores in shibuya!! some of them even recorded video of themselves going in to buy their own CDs! sugeeee. *__*

read & see pics/video about it here:

i like yui, too! AND THIS ALL HAPPENED KINDA RECENTLY, TOO!! IN FACT, IF U GET THE CHANCE, DO TRY STAKING OUT SOME CD STORES IN SHIBUYA!! who knows, u might see some1 famous, even if it's not toma. if u see toma!! O_O dont be afraid to talk to him, he's said several times before that it's nice when ppl recognize him in the streets or even call him by his character's name, like "nakatsu!". =) a lot of ppl tend to have that kinda feeling that celebrities never want fans to bother them, but each celebrity is ellen, she says sometimes ppl come up to her and say "I KNOW U HATE THIS, BUT I LOVE YOU!" haha. and she says she doesn't hate it! only if they come up and say they hate her! haha.

but of course, if he looks like he's busy, in a bad mood or he's with other ppl...probably should stay away. hahaha. but if u successfully talked to him, pls pls tell me about it and share any pics that u took!! thanks in advance! :D

...Teo said: "Now I do believe the fact that YUI always says that she walks around the streets unnoticed. Maybe because it is Japan, people act as if they didn't see anything." souka! that must be really nice 4 toma and other celebrities, not to have to worry about being mobbed by fans when they go out. ~_~ i had heard this was true, but now i really believe it. haha. no wonder...i remember once toma was saying in tomagoto or wink up or somewhere, that he WANTS to be recognized for a change when he's out. lol. i bet a lot of ppl do know it's him, but they're afraid to walk up to him and say something. (that reminds me, conan was joking about how if fans look at him but are afraid to talk to him & walk away, he'll just start chasing them, forcing them to talk to him. LOL. xD conan always cracks me up!! if only all celebrities would want to talk to fans and do that...) first i thought i'd try to make it so that any fan, girl/guy, young/not so young, overseas/in japan, etc. could be the "me" in this fantasy, but then i'm pretty sure most of us here are girls, around 20-something or younger, who don't live in japan. like me. so i wrote with a person like this, a person like me, in mind. i'm sorry, but i can't possibly write it so EVERYONE can relate to everything i'm saying. but most of what i write, i think u can relate to. =) AND SOME PARTS, I LEFT BLANK, SO YOU CAN ALSO "PARTICIPATE" IN THIS FANTASY AND PERSONALIZE IT IN THIS WAY NE!

anyway, enjoy~~ ^__^
merry merry christmas & happy holidays!
stay warm~ take care~ remember, toma said to make sure u don't catch a cold!♥ i really hope you'll be able to make many happy memories during this bright and festive time of year. or at least not feel too lonely, have too many disappointments/annoying relatives that won't leave you alone. hahaha! seriously, 2 me, christmas "spirit/joy/cheer" is overrated. it's OK to NOT be all hyper/happy that it's xmas (especially this year) i don't care who says i'm Scrooge, that's how i feel!! ....sorry, i got off-topic.

please leave reality behind for a while and follow me!
step into a world where you will meet toma in a couple minutes!

[ah, not yet! sorry!
i'm not~ done~ yet~ ]

ok! sorry 4 posting up late (internet problems)!

are you ready?
...let's go!

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