Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS, TOMA-KUN!! 13 yrs @JE already! ^__^ / toma-related stuff @yesasia

[omedetou!! some flowers 4 toma! ~_~
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[13 yrs already! KEEP GOING UP UP UP, TOMA!! =)
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a lot of fans and i hate JE and johnny 4 not letting toma debut and their strict rules regarding their artists (can't use their image on japan websites, they can't accept gifts f/fans, can't date, etc.)....but without it, we would not know toma at all!! except if he signed up with another company and became popular anyway, but nevermind... so we should be thankful to Johnny's Jimusho (or Johnny's Entertainment), right? so: thank you, JE!!

IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE TOMA IS NOT AN ARTIST AND ALL HIS CUTENESS, AWESOMENESS, ALL HIS TALENTS, ARE NOT KNOWN TO ANYONE EXCEPT HIS FRIENDS, FAMILY, CLASSMATES, ETC.!!! wow. without toma, life would surely be a lot less bright and beautiful. he has really changed and inspired me in many ways....which is why i'm so happy that that on this day, february 11 [in tokyo time], 13 yrs ago, 11 year old toma was convinced by his mom to go to that audition! the day that changed toma's life!! according to tomalicious.com, toma was supposed to go play in a school soccer game that day, but his mom decided the audition was more important. =) and he was accepted 1 day after the audition, and got a part in a drama after that. some say the actual date he entered johnnys was feb.14. wow, if it's true, that is so perfect, cuz toma is LOVE!! ♡♥ well, even though i'm not sure, let's just think of it as feb. 14. i'll just congratulate him early today, since i'll be talking about v day on that friday. but at his wikipedia page, it says he started participating in Johnny's Jr. in september 1996? mm...anyway:

13 yrs of acting, singing, dancing, etc. already...
i hope there are many more years to come, and that
you will keep getting more successful and more popular each year! yeah!!

speaking of JE, toma's gonna be in the Johnny's Jr. 2009 School Calendar (APR-2009-MAR-2010) again this year. it won't be released until mid-march...i wonder what the photos look like. if it's anything like last year's, toma's gonna be super kakkoii in the pics!! i'm not buying it though. but i checked out other toma stuff at yesasia...more stuff i can't afford to buy right now. haha...

the hana kimi special DVD has a regular and a special premium edition. the special edition is US$72.75!! 0___o i used babelfish to translate the dvd info at cdjapan.com dvd. i think it says it comes with a (photo?) booklet and a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes stuff?

also, found out that the Maou dvd box set is an editor's pick! *__* cool. and i thought Sanwei's review of the drama was very good, i felt the same way about a lot of things!!


[ i really miss you, naoto!! ]

"If Uhm Tae Woong seemed too old for his role in The Devil, then Ikuta Toma has the opposite problem, as he looks too young and trendy with his gelled-up hair. His boyish demeanor, however, does automatically lend an air of innocence and willfulness that helps reinforce his character. Though he does stretch at some points in the earlier half of the drama, Ikuta grows into the role as the story progresses, effectively conveying the emotional desperation of a man haunted by a past he can't forgive and an enemy he can't hate."

i completely agree!! at first, i felt toma seemed too boyish and was trying too hard to act tough...but then in a way, his being young and rebellious makes it more believable that he has made mistakes in his past. and soon, toma just WAS naoto, this tough but also sensitive guy carrying a heavy burden...he really did an amazing job as naoto. and his short haircut made him look older despite him gelling it up. of course it goes without saying, he was still so cute!!!!! ~_~ seriously, though, whenever watching maou, i'd forget all about toma & ohno being idols and only see them as naoto and naruse. of course, ohno is an amazing actor too. BRAVO, to both of them!!


salome said...

hello! i've started watching Maou today (finally!). it's really good. i like the way the story unfolds. i hope to finish it tonight.

kate`* said...

hi salome!
finally!! =P

yeah, Maou is really really awesome. ah, i miss naoto & the Maou world....

Anonymous said...

weeeh! thanks for the post! toma is love!

salome said...

hallo! i finished watching Maou episode 8 last night. so interesting. Ohno made me cry in episode 6 (when he found out that Ryou's older sister actually knew that he's a fake). ugh! - Toma was excellent in episode 7 (when he confronted Naruse about his real identity; that part where he was angry for Souda's death & a tear fell out of his left eye). perfection. - i get so distracted by how beautiful his face is though. ha ha ha!

kate`* said...

i'm happy 2 post it, mhuyhen! ~_~

salome, i wonder if u are done watching Maou by now? i got teary-eyed in that scene w/ ohno and his "sister" too!! yes, toma was brilliant in the scene, i noticed the 1 tear drop too!! salome, once u're done watching, u can go back and read the spoilers in my posts about maou...maybe we agree about some things, huh?

salome said...

oh, i'm not yet done watching it. still have to watch episodes 10 & 11 but my DVD player won't read the file. i have no computer at home so i go to internet cafes to rent computer. unfortunately, their computers do not have a DVD drive. hu hu hu...

yeah, i'll definitely re-read your review. then maybe we can spazz about it together.

Naruse's sister is that girl called Yuppi in Gout Temps Nouveau (you have seen that interview in TFS right?). i think perhaps Toma was impressed by her in that Maou episode that's why he chose her as his type of girl in the Gout interview. hmmm.... i'm jealous again. hmp!

kate`* said...

i see...
sure, we can talk about it more after u finish!

yuppi? yeah, i watched the interview! but 4 some reason, i forgot she was in maou and kept thinking she's so familiar. then they talked about how she was in maou, and i was like "OH!!" haha. i think he just picked her cuz they were in that scene together, so he kinda knew her...not cuz of any special reason!