Friday, February 27, 2009

watch the VOICE~ preview SP!

to you~

who's in the Philippines~
hoy! kumusta ka?

and to everyone-chan,

i spent some time choosing, resizing, grouping together & uploading Voice screencaps i got f/ep.s 1-3! enjoy~

i will probably post some of my comments/thoughts about VOICE ep.s 1-4 tomorrow...yeah...i hope you'll come back to read that.

[i love this closeup shot, it's like i'm standing rrreally close behind toma & eita!! ♡ ]

VOICE preview SPECIAL!! (23 minutes)
u can download it HERE. it's not subbed, but hopefully TFS will later. i don't think it's been posted at the toma LJ? i found it by accident somehow. haha. some individual interviews w/the cast, clips f/ep.1, and u can see some cute behind the scenes moments!! it's nice to see them on the first day of filming (?), and when they called out each of the main cast's names-- toma's reaction is so modest/serious, right? =) and toma smiling at yuya's (teppei's) shy nod to the camera is sweet. ~_~ and toma saying happy birthday to eita! kawaii ne!! eita's surprised/blank face is funny, though. =P i wish i was in eita's place! having toma wish him happy bday!!! so lucky! also, they talked about the university campus a little. if any1 here understands, pls tell me the name of that university!
arigatou gozaimasu~!



[tanjoubi omedetouuuu~!!]

[ t♥madorable~~ *_* ]

so, that's it for today.

have a nice weekend everyone!

ja ne.



does anyone know where i can find the episode titles of VOICE translated to english?
at the eng. wiki page, only the first episode, "medicine to save lost lives" has been translated. i tried using babelfish to translate the titles, but can only get the gist of it or else it doesn't make much sense.

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