Sunday, February 8, 2009

kate's thoughts & feelings about ep.1 of Voice

♥ toma-ism #90:

Oh light, keep shining on toma's future like this forever. Fly high~!
[slightly altered translated lyrics f/arashi's PIKA★★NCHI Double]

sorry to keep u waiting.
here's the post i promised you.

but before that, just wanted to say~
i learned f/reading AF news that exams coming soon in japan (& other parts of asia?).
all students taking exams soon:
ki ni shinaide ne.
(don't worry about it.)

i read at AF that Ameba gave out Blog of the Year awards on thursday to celebrities in tokyo!!
EHHHH?? they can get awards for blogging too??? haha. gives them more incentive to blog more often and post more interesting things, right? =) i hope toma can get it some time. i love tomagoto!!

[really love how they're dancing on top of a building in this MV, sugoi!!]


the new song here. i just found it recently thanks to ♥Kitsiee @AF! she had a screencap f/the MV on her signature, i asked her about it, and she said it's f/the PIKA★★NCHI Double MV. :D i love this song, the music & lyrics R both really touching and bright!!! it's crazy good. BUT I WANNA KNOW: what does PIKA★★NCHI Double mean?? i know pikanchi is the title of their movie and song, but that's it.

kita~ (it's here)
what i think of Voice, ep. 1.
(i probably will post my comments up only after every 2 episodes from now on...)
well, here are my first impressions of the series.
i might like it more later (like i did with h&C and maou), but so far--it's just pretty good. but it's quite preachy/too sentimental, which is what i was afraid of/expecting. and i know it's shallow to say it, but really...most of the main cast is quite plain looking. to me, at least. the ratings are dropping by more points each week! ep.4 only got 12.4%! but then--both maou & h&C's average were below 12 anyway, so... i hope it'll go up on monday, since this monday is special 2 me!!

i'll really try to keep this short & to the point, unlike usual!! haha.
here's a list of comments about episode one:
"Medicine to Save Lost Lives".

(p.s. of course, i got a bunch of screencaps. i'll upload later! & there are NO SPOILERS in this post!)

1- though the video is not as high quality as h&c or maou, the subs are still excellent. =) and actually, i'm ok w/not seeing toma in all his loveliness, up close, if it means i don't have to go thrudownloading many parts and join them again on the computer. haha...
many many thanks to GiriGiri Fansubs! also, i'm so happy they R not suspending softsubs like the other fansubbers!! whew! (more info about this here:

2- i said it before...the 3 main characters of voice reminds me of the harry potter movie. 3 students- 2 guys and 1 smart girl. i wish there was another main female character, though! kanako (satomi)'s character is really a lot like hermione, such a smart and good, by the book student. daiki (eita)'s ruffled hair, blank face and being so curious reminds me of the Little Prince! lol. and ryosuke, well...he's a lot like Box f/akihabara@deep!! cuz both characters, they're the cutest and the most fun, talkative/outgoing guy of the group. and they're both like the 2nd leader of the group. mm...eita's and satomi's characters seem pretty straightforward. the quirky, laid back genius vs the conforming, uptight genius. they're perfect opposites, therefore they will eventually like each other! *yawn*

eita is a great actor, though, so kudos for him for getting his first leading role. though he's quite low-key and doesn't show much expression so far, but when he gets emotional, he really shows it well!

2.5- about ryosuke:

(1st of all, this is a minor detail, but i think it's really cool. toma's hair is parted on the left!! yeah! *__* i have this habit of noticing which side artists i like part their hair. haha. check this out though, which way u part your hair says something about your personality?? i don't buy it, but it's an interesting theory... having seen a lot of his pics from years ago till now, i noticed it's mostly parted on the right or near the middle. but in Voice, his hair is now parted on the left side. well, i always part my hair on the left side, and i think it's cool whenever some1 i like also does that! haha. ok, sorry 4 rambling.)

i already said i love his cool hairstyle. except when they flare out his hair too much at the bottom/ starts looking a little feminine then. haha.

as expected, ryosuke is a pretty cool, lovable guy! cute, charming, cheerful. ^_^ the one with the most energy and the most outspoken of all the characters. i love how he already has a lot of interaction with the girls, even the first time we see him, he's talking to a girl! ;) and i expected him to be more flirty and maybe a little obnoxious, cuz they were describing his character as a playboy. but he is so not (at least not yet?)!! he didn't flirt with kanoko at all, even. he's just a cool guy who has a crush on his teacher. and maybe a nurse has a crush on him? ...already we see his tense relationship with his father...makes me think of Maou. =( looking forward to seeing more of his serious side and how he deals with the heavy burden his father has given him.

i guess ryosuke has no serious romantic relationship with anyone in this drama. he can't possibly end up dating his teacher?! not that i have a problem with older woman & younger guy relationships, but i have a problem with HER and him. she just doesn't match with toma!'s not necessarily a bad thing though, cuz it was like that in maou, too. at least i don't have to worry about being jealous of him and some girl being so close. though i know it's silly, but i do get like that sometimes...actually, i more often end up wishing i could trade places with one of his guy friends in the drama more than the girl, cuz he's often more close with and has more fun with them than with the girls! hahaha~

3- the themesong: awesome, (a little too?) inspiring lyrics!! but i don't like the music somehow...i'll probably like it the more that i listen to it, though. =)

4- if u've read what i wrote about maou and h&C, u'd know this was coming: i hate it when they try too hard to make things too dramatic, sad or heartfelt- that really annoys me. and there were some parts (especially the end of the ep.!!) that i felt were like that in this episode.

Voice reminds me of a show i used to like, Ghost Whisperer. so far, i see many similarities!
the opening of each episode, a girl ghost says "can you hear us?". though of course, in ghost whisperer, the main character, melinda can literally see, hear, and talk to ghosts, but it's kinda like Voice's theme of listening to the voices of the dead. also, each episode is a different story, where melinda tries to figure out why a ghost is scaring/bothering someone/herself, and eventually at the end of each episode, there's a sad story behind the ghost's death, and the ghost agrees to "cross over", leaving behind the crying family members and a tearful melinda. at first it was a pretty good show, but i got tired of it pretty quickly, each episode got to be too melodramatic and predictable!! Voice might have the same kinda formula 4 each episode....i hope they manage to keep things interesting and exciting despite this, though!

5- i guess they need some goofy characters to lighten up this drama, but i think the other 2 guys, teppei (yuya) and akira (tomohito) are a little too immature, exagerrated and silly sometimes. but they are likable too...just that so far, they don't do much except provide comic relief...but i guess we'll learn more about them as the story goes on. haha, love the parts that akira faints/collapses during the autopsies!! and i guess it's gonna be a running gag that akira keeps bullying teppei. poor guy!

6- i like it when they are hanging out, joking around, but the parts where they investigate is kinda boring. though it's supposed to be exciting. mm...but maybe that's just this first case.

7- i like toma's & eita's clothing style in this drama. =) especially eita, he's often wearing warm-looking knit stuff...looks very cozy & simple! toma's bright character of course also wears a lot of bright-colored clothing. i like seeing toma wearing a lot of layers & he looks so young in hoodies. =) also, i like how the university looks very big and old...pretty too. and the private hospital where ryosuke works is big and so clean and modern. nice!

8- fav toma moment: the embarassed/hopeless expression on his face after his teacher told him to be quiet. lol! then eita teases him and toma shoves him. hahaha! 2nd fav: when toma motions for teppei to reenact what happened when the man died. i love all the different cute/funny facial expressions toma has!! kawaiiiiii! even if he doesn't say anything...sometimes just a look, a smile, says so much... =)


ultraviolet_p1 said...

I don't have a good impression of the assistant teacher, as she didn't show any faith in the students...lemme defend the new student group...wahhhh. So that is minus some points against Ryosuke 'liking' her sort. Hmmm.... no really destined 'perfect' happy pairing for Ryosuke...but he and Eita is an adorable pair...of friends...Daiki go annoy Ryosuke some more with your questions.... :p

I'm over Ryosuke (Toma) having a love life in the drama...(next series please). I think Daiki and Aki is kinda sweet together. Ryosuke can be his popular self....and smile away in the sunset... hehe

kate`* said...

that's right, she just met them, and already she thinks they're no good. =/ i'm always very critical of toma's character's love interests, and this time...!! obviously, i have a lot of problems with her. haha.

yeah, eita & toma have good chemistry. =)

mm...i dunno cuz i've only watched ep1 so far (gotta catch up quickly!), but i don't like aki so far, her character is just so...u know. but i'll have to try to like her, since she's 1 of the 3 main characters.