Sunday, February 22, 2009

THE winter-is-ending-soon-but-it's-not-yet-spring-so-it's-RAINing NEW BANNERS

at last,

new banners!!

on the 22nd♥♡, too!!
(well, it's the 23rd in tokyo now, but still.
here's in case u don't know the significance of the 22nd to me, go here and here.)

sorry 4 the long wait~
if u were waiting that is.

you wouldn't think it, but it's really really really
hard to find good rainy day photos! hounto da!
(yes, even more difficult than snow/winter photos!)
they are mostly all grey/blurry/gloomy/in black and white?!
i don't see what's so great about black & white pics of ppl standing in the rain w/umbrellas! (Or the boring, done-too-many-times-already shot of a lone figure standing in the rain with the umbrella they're holding be the only thing with bright color (red!) in the pic.)

looking at photos of rain makes me think of Maou...
i tried to find pics of rainy days in tokyo...
but in the end, only managed to find one in Okinawa. (the other pic was taken in London.)
and it was taken/uploaded on oct. 9, 2008, just 2 days after toma's birthday!! =)

they're quite nice, both banners, right?? finally, some BRIGHT COLORS!!
the theme is almost the end of winter/start of spring, so~ rain.
i've always liked rain, i guess cuz here, we don't get rain often, and i enjoy the mysteriousness/gloomyness of rainy days. 1 of my emails even has the word rain in it! i also like the sound of the rain. but i don't like continious rain for days on end. i think i'd have trouble living in seattle, london, or tokyo cuz of the endless rain... but hey, if i get to live in an amazing city like tokyo, AND knowing toma lives in the same city, i'm sure i can still live there happily and just get used to dreary and damp rainy days!! =D

and i hope u like these 2 banners, cuz they're gonna be here a long time, since i spent A LOT of time looking for them! i'm gonna keep them here for as long as possible!!! xD


yappari~ these days, it's raining a lot again in tokyo. it rains so much there, when i searched for rain pictures, without entering in "tokyo" or "japan", already~ many pics of tokyo rain would show up! haha. maybe cuz it rains so much and it's so crowded there, most ppl in tokyo use transparent umbrellas. some ppl at flickr were saying how it's cool that the japanese ppl use transparent umbrellas-- cuz they look cool and they're also practical, u can see where you're going better! i have a transparent umbrella, but i didn't realize that it's also practical to have a clear umbrella till now! =P i just got it cuz i like how it looks. here's some pics of ppl using these transparent umbrellas in japan:
[prettyyyy pink one!!! i want one like this! =P]

also cuz it rains so much there, they've got kinda mini lockers for umbrellas, or "umbrella parking"!! they're probably all over the place, so convenient and a great idea! Tokyo... ~__~ it's really a city w/so many gadgets and uniqueness!! sugoi!! but it rains so so much there! hence the need 4 these. here's some pics of them:


ultraviolet_p1 said...

Transparent umbrellas does look pretty cool. I think, for umbrellas, I love those gigantic golf umbrella - that would keep you fully covered...but seems too big for me to carry around when it's not rainy..dilemma...hohoho.

The also awesome thing about rainy & umbrellas in Japan is that there are automatic umbrella wrapper!! On a rainy day when we got to a shopping centre, we saw ppl using a machine that you slip your wet umbrella into and it comes out wrapped with a plastic bag, so you can carry it around without dripping everywhere. It was so cool, just wanted to do it whenever we had the chance.

kate`* said...

haha. me, i'm the opposite, i like small umbrellas cuz they're easy 2 carry around. i always have a hooded jacket on for rainy days anyway.

hounto?? that sounds cool!! :)
i love how tokyo has so much cool stuff like that.