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kate's notes on episodes 2, 3, & 4 of Voice- voices of the lifeless

to you~
you there, in Finland~
hei! kuinka voit?

and to everybody, wherever u are~
good morning/good evening/good night! (:

finally, some1 uploaded Voice's themesong, "moment" to imeem!
i've wanted to use the themesong as the bg song here 4 awhile now. it was only uploaded 2 days ago! i really love the lyrics! :D u can see a part of the lyrics translated here, in a short clip f/the end of ep. 1 (no spoilers, don't worry):


this post is just gonna be like a list of thoughts or things i noticed when notes. (: it's kinda long,though. and there's some nice screencaps. that's all. but i hope you'll still read it. (there R no spoilers!)

^_^ ah~ for ep.4 (toma's storyline), i got over DOUBLE the amount of screencaps i usually get for 1 episode!! of course cuz of all the toma cuteness/sadness in that episode!! so i'll need more time until i can upload those captures later.

[a cute toma moment f/the start of ep. 2 ne~]

episode 2:

- i like the opening. it's pretty cool and shows kinda how daiki's mind works when he's trying to help these ppl. i LOVE how toma looks the coolest, walking in the hallway like that!! it's a little creepy that the dead woman smiles at the end of it though...

-i think the background music is's not that special or stands out much, but during the sad scenes, it really sets the mood...oh, i like the exciting one that is the eita-solves-the-case theme! and i'm liking the themesong ("moment" by Greeen) more and more!

- umm...this episode's case turned out to be so simple, but i still didn't know what happened until daiki explained it. it's kinda cool how daiki connects all the clues together each time in order to solve the case, actually...i like how all the deaths seem to be accidental, or at least no one tried to kill them. complete opposite of CSI or other forensic shows. it's a forensic drama with a lot of heart!

just that...i think they often try too hard to make everybody so GOOD/DETERMINED (the ppl that died and the main cast), that it can be a little annoying. but i'm getting used to it slowly...

- what about the very start of the drama, daiki's "love hotel" comment to aki?? i wonder if they'll come back to that, or is it just a random moment to introduce the characters?

- i like the format of each episode...the start is daiki commenting on something related to the case. then later, it's sad, but then happy again be4 the end of the episode. =) cuz i remember i really hated how hachikuro's episodes mostly ended on a sad note.

(actually, i agree with all of daiki's arguments w/ryosuke or teppei so far. haha. he's a practical guy & likes things clear cut/simple. me too!!)

- my favorite toma moment: ryosuke's reaction when he's surprised to see daiki at the hospital. =)

episode 3:

- ryosuke & daiki walking arm-in-arm! kawaii!! AT LEAST TOMA'S IN THE GUY'S POSITION! LOL. ah, they R really too close. but they would make a cute couple, i guess. haha. they definitely have more chemistry than daiki & aki! =P

- BUT EITA'S TEETH ARE REALLY UNBELIEVABLY YELLOW. @_@ i dunno why he doesn't do something about it?? and his ears R really big, too. well, he's still a cute guy though. =)

- i like the bar/restaurant they hang out at. it's a colorful, relaxed place, with a hawaii-like feel to it. but then hanei's mom can be annoying.

- i like their professor the most, though he doesn't show up much. he's a nice, open-minded, smart guy. the old man that was yamada's father in H&C is so mean most of the time, though it's funny that he listens to techno all the time. (oh, i think some ppl said that eita or toma or both love Perfume's music??)

- is it just my imagination, or is toma walking with one hand in his pocket a lot more than usual in this drama?? i think he IS! haha. it's just a little funny to me that he does it so often.

- a little bit of takemoto-kun's self-consciousness shows up in ryosuke in this episode. nostalgic! *sigh* poor guy, though. feeling so lost and envious of the others.

- my favorite toma moment: of course, toma sleeping! and then he's annoyed when woken up. he's so boyish here. haha! kakkoiiiii!!

- actually, i'm a lot like aki. hahaha...well, i'm a little Monk-ish! like aki, i'm also straightforward/stubborn/studious/geeky/a perfectionist/hate wasting time. but i would often like the guys who R the complete opposite of me...funny/quirky/outgoing guys. =P and aki is the same way!

- i'm liking daiki more and more. =) he's really quirky/smart, but cute and boyish, too. it's funny when he's a little flirty and aki gets nervous, when there's just the 2 of them at the bus stop!!

- i'm liking Voice more, but it's...there's something missing.
it's a pretty good drama and it's great to see students solving unknown death cases using forensics 4 a change, but... i hate to say it, but honestly, if toma was not ryosuke, i would haved stopped watching after episode 2. and i can see why lots of ppl have said that it's boring or it's no good.
i think the problem is that there are 5 characters (ok, 3 main ones, but still-), then there's the ppl in the case they're working on. about half the time is taken up to talk about the case. so they cannot develop either the story or characters very well in 40-something minutes. it might help if hanei & teppei are not in the drama, but by now, i like them too! and they R pretty funny/nice guys that do contribute to the story sometimes. mm...anyway, it gets better by episode 3. if ppl can manage to get to ep.3, i think they'd keep watching after that...

episode 4: **toma's episode!!**

- i was really excited about this episode after seeing its preview at the end of ep.3, cuz it's about toma AND it's a more dramatic, personal case! and i was not disappointed. =) yappari~ it's my fav episode so far. it's a shame this episode got such low ratings!! i don't get it...why were ppl not watching tv that night...IT'S THE EPISODE ABOUT TOMA!!



- actually, i'm disappointed that ryosuke is not as special/interesting as the director described be4 Voice started. the way they described him, i expected...more. haha. don't get me wrong, toma is so cute/cool/funny as ryosuke, but then i've already seen him act like this in previous roles. but then, at least in this episode, toma finally got a chance to SHINE and show more range in his acting! yey!

[toma shock/cuteness!]

- toma did such a great job in the scene where he first sees his dead friend. the horrified/can't-believe-it look on his face!!

- the storyline and seeing tanaka kei reminds me of Maou, and seeing brooding/gloomy/sullen toma, with his frustrated/sad expressions, yelling, and crying, all made me think of naoto!! =( ah, but toma is really brilliant in those's heartbreaking!

- it's funny that ryosuke keeps saying he was popular with the girls. i dunno about ryosuke, but 4 sure, toma's SUPER popular with the girls, the guys, the kids, the women, and even older women, i'm sure. lol. everybody loves toma!!♥

- oh, i really like how ryosuke wears a lot of close-fitting sweaters with university logos on them. he looks so YOUNG and cute in them. ~_~

- i noticed at the start of the episode, when daiki and teppei were eating lunch together-- they were eating at a location that i've seen in H&C! i wonder if they used the same campus to film Voice? hmm...

- when ryosuke was running after daiki and at the same time pulling off his labcoat, didn't it make u think of superman when he's rushing off to save someone? haha. sugoi!!

[EHHH?? who told you i like ryosuke?? =P ]

- daiki is in love w/ryosuke!! =P
ok, not really, but u get that feeling in this episode, since he's so worried about ryosuke and he gets so emotional at the end too! well, they're just really good friends...and in real life, toma and eita get along so well too. =) toma said they've already gone out to eat together many times. so their friendship in this drama is really natural, real, and u can tell they really have a strong bond! ii ne~

-this was the only case that i guessed correctly why the person died. and it's unfortunate, what happened to him.... the death of a friend, especially one who's still young is really terrible. so, again, this case is more sad and touching 4 me since i also had a high school friend who died a couple yrs ago. except i was not as close with him...but u really do feel bad, like maybe 'i could have done something for him' or 'what if i had kept in touch with him'...but then u realize that all u can do now is move your life to the fullest and be happy. because that's what he would want for you. right? sometimes i wish i could live twice as hard, for him too...

-ah~ the burden...the be successful. and usually the pressure comes from the father. if you're asian, chances are you know what ryosuke is going through, cuz u've been thru it too. i've been through it. parents pressuring you to go into a certain field (usually science-related), usually it's so u can be a doctor or a lawyer... but the pressure becomes huge when your father is a great doctor himself! whatever your nationality, if your dad is a great doctor and wants you to be one too, it has gotta be really tough to not listen to him! going off-topic a little: conan o'brien, my fav late night talk show host, he graduated from Harvard! his dad was a doctor, his mom was a lawyer! imagine how stressful it was to have such educated, successful parents, and then not follow in their footsteps for your career choice. well, i don't know if conan's father wanted him to be a doctor, but he's gotta be disappointed that he chose to work in showbiz instead. haha. conan still sometimes jokes about how his parents think his work is ridiculous and embarassing to their family. i don't know if conan ever had to stand up to his father/mother to choose his own path, but anyway, good for him for deciding for himself and becoming so successful and happy & making many ppl who watch his show happy too!! ^_^ he really makes me laugh so much. haha.

it also makes me wonder...did toma ever have pressure from his father to stop being an actor/singer and go to college and get a serious job? i think he might have...and maybe toma had to also bravely stand up to him and tell him this is really what he wants to do with his life! i'd like to think so... *__* thank goodness toma never gave up!! what would we do without him??

- my favorite toma moment: definitely when ryosuke's on the rooftop alone, the sun shining brightly on him...what a cool/lonely moment!! and of course, toma on the back of a scooter, loudly singing along to that song is also a really really cute/special moment!

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