Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CONGRATS, TOMA! Most Improved Actor & Favorite Male Character!!

congrats to toma!!! ^__^

he easily won the Most Improved Actor (total votes: 94) & Favorite Male Character (total votes: 131) awards at the AF Golden Globes 2007! also, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e won for Best Drama (total votes: 142) !! yeahhh!! can't believe i didn't know that u could also vote 4 him for most improved actor, though! well, he still won by a lot without my vote, so that's ok. =)
oh, also, maki and shun won some awards, of course.
u can see the full results here.

also, WELCOME 2 the toma fan map, fatma @usa! =)

also, THANKS 2 the now-increased-to-12 ppl for coming 2 this blog a lot!! it really does make me happy when more ppl come here, and more often, too! ~_~


Naomi_chan said...

Yay, well deserved! Go Toma!

April said...

congratulation Toma...Im so happy for you..keep up a good job :)