Saturday, February 2, 2008

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sorry, recently, sometimes, it's a whole week between posts.
i'll try 2 not let that happen too much!

---- A WARM WELCOME ~_~ for our new toma fan map members:
summer (@usa), jasmin (@phillipines), briana (@usa), norieli (@phillipines)

---- some random things 2 say about this blog:

.WOW, notice there's now a total of 10 ppl that check this blog often! 1 person has been here even more than me!! i'm impressed!! =) THANKS 4 COMING! MUCH LOVE TO THESE 10 PPL. ^_^
YOU're tomarrific! haha...

.the other day, i tried searching for "toma ikuta" at google and my blog was at the #10 spot!!!!! =) bottom of the page, but still better than page 2!! but it fluctuates, today i'm back at #11.

----toma can't really speak english. aw, i was hoping he'd know more eng. but when he sings in eng., he sings very well, his pronunciation is 90% accurate!! =) well, i'm trying 2 learn some basic japanese, in case i ever meet him....:

OrEo ^_^
Does Ikuta Toma knows how to speak English?
* 3 weeks ago
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Toma is not fluent in English. He knows only little bits and pieces like 'Hi' 'Bye'... very simple speech. He even mentioned in an interview that he wanted to speak to a foreign dancer before but he didn't because he thought his English was bad. I wish he could speak English though! :P But i guess i have to work harder on my Japanese skills then.
P.S. Tomakun is the best! xD

----- recent toma stuff i watched:

i've been watching toma's 2006 tv series, Akihabara@Deep recently...only on ep.2!
though the series is a lot darker and has some violence and the plot in general is weird, but i like it. haha... it goes without saying that toma is CUTE, though he's supposed 2 be a computer geek/clean freak. i really love seeing toma in funny roles like this!!! it's where he's at his best, the funny roles. hehe.

oh, toma was on a gameshow in january, poor toma, they were pretty mean 2 him and he got sprayed in the face, HARD! toma's expressions were so funny, though!! u gotta watch it. u can go to my playlist here, it's the last 2 videos.


April said...

hello...I just want to say thank you for putting up this blog for him..Ever since I saw him in Hana Kimi...I became fan of TOMA. I am currently watching Honey & Clover...

savvy kate said...

hi april!
aw, thanks 4 your thank you. =)
i'm happy 2 do it. i also became his fan while watching hana kimi! but after hana kimi, toma's popularity quickly skyrocketed and there's a lot more sites/blogs about him. thanks 4 choosing 2 come here and supporting me as i support toma!!! <3

me too, watching honey & clover. =)