Saturday, February 9, 2008

** birthday post! **

(got the pic on the left from helen@singapore that posted it on the toma fans map. 1 of my FAV FAV pics of toma!!!)

hey every1, yes, it's my birthday today. =)
...thank you, thank you! you're too kind. =P

seriously though, i wanna thank eunixe & yamapink 4 their birthday wishes!! ^_^
i haven't had time 2 go 2 LJ recently, but i went 2day, and there's a lot of new toma goodies there, thanks 2 TFS 4 new subbed toma videos, and lots of other toma fans 4 all the beautiful scans of toma!!!!!! this is my best b-day present, all these toma media!! ~_~

u MUST go 2 these places and save these scans of toma!! he is soooo cute in the valentine's day themed pics. flirty toma is always so irresistable!!! *_* and i love seeing toma in ties, but of course he looks good in anything!
[casual toma]
[V Day scans! tomalicious!!! THANKS 2 TEACUP79 4 all these scans! :)]
[cute!!!! especially with those glasses!]
[luv the tie!]

CNY was a few days ago, made me think about chinese astrology....
it's the year of the rat this year, and toma was born in the year of the rat! it's supposed 2 mean this year will be a lucky 1 for him! awesome!
ALSO, according 2 the years we were born in, we'd be a highly compatible couple/friends!! haha. me born in the year of the dog and toma, the rat. if u wanna check out your Chinese Love Sign Compatibility, go to this site:
(if u don't know what animal sign u R, check here:

here's some good news, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e won for the best drama of 2007 poll at the LJ jdramas site!! BRAVO!


Naomi_chan said...


Hope you have a good one!

savvy kate said...

4got 2 reply 2 this earlier!!
Naomi_chan!! =)
i had a good day.

Subtle_Hints said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing the links!! you just made my day..^_^ I forgot to visit the links you posted last time I checked your glad i read it again!! thanks again..I could never get enough of TOMA^^

savvy kate said...

sorry sorry 4 this late reply.
wow, i'm happy i made yr day!!
right, i've got a tomaddication, too!