Monday, February 4, 2008

love me!

[screencap from danson tang's "love me" MV]
hey all,

thanks 2 all who commented and came here after my post at LJ about the dvd, i got 252 hits for this blog the other day!! today AF will post up the results of the AF Golden Globes Awards 2007!
i'm sure toma will win 4 fav male character. ^_^ i'll post his and hana kimi-related results here once it's been announced.

a virtual hug 2 all the new members of the toma fan map, our big & international family of toma fans!! ~_~ hidayat @singapore, alexandra (alexpallex) @sweden, april @usa, christina @canada, and kAr0n @phillipines.
haha, i notice lots of fans from the phillipines, singapore, and malaysia, but only 1 member from japan. i guess cuz this blog is in english...

i changed the background song here again to "Love Me" (Ai Wo). i really love this song, and just listened 2 it 4 the first time yesterday! u can watch the cute MV here (eng. subbed!). it's such a sweet song, also very catchy. it's a cover of strobbo's Love Letter.
(edit: 4got 2 say, danson, like toma, also got really popular after he starred in hana kimi, but of course, for danson, it was the taiwan hana kimi. he was the dormhead!)

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