Saturday, February 2, 2008

HELP! where can i see video/pics when toma was filming the marathon scene for hana kimi??

[credit: sorry, i forgot were i got these pics, i'm sure it's probably from ppl at LJ, though.
edit: alexpallex made the icon. =)

COULD SOME1 TELL ME WHERE I CAN WATCH THE VIDEO OR SEE MORE PICS FROM WHEN TOMA WAS FILMING THE MARATHON SCENE FOR HANA KIMI? WHEN HE'S GIVING THE THUMBS UP (in the avatar above)! i've looked for it at the toma LJ site, but i've only found 1 video clip from when they were talking about filming this scene, but i didn't see toma giving the thumbs up in that video!!

THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i really really really really wanna find it!


alexpallex said...

The icon is made by me! (Please credit when you read this, lol)

Actually for this icon I used a screencap (also taken by me) from the first episode. So it's not an extra, it's actually in the episode. :)

savvy kate said...

just credited u. =)
omg, how come i don't remember it's from that episode?? lol.
thanks 4 helping me out, i've been going a little crazy looking 4 it!!