Thursday, February 14, 2008

to: sarahcmteng@myspace

sarah, i tried messaging/commenting u thru myspace, but can't, cuz i can't add u as a friend. so hopefully u'll see this message here:

hi there,

sorry, i can't help u. i can't read japanese and i don't know of any other sites that R still selling the first press of the dvd! maybe u can try asking at the tomalicious intl forum, though! it's linked under the LINKS section here, on the right, below.



Anonymous said...

hi kate i'm new in here i hope that we can exchange infO about tOma coz i also like hiM =)


savvy kate said...

hi, yankumi!
sure! when u start posting any info about toma, pls tell me! =)

and if u're a new toma fan, remember 2 check out my blog archive, where i've posted lots of info/links/etc. about toma!