Thursday, February 28, 2008

the ALMOST-KISS / belated WELCOME 2 new toma fan map members!

[above: just some cute hana kimi manga covers that i saw at yesasia. i wish toma/maki/shun posed like this for pics 2 promote hana kimi! hehe. especially the 2nd one.]

'sup! =)
i'll try 2 update soon w/hachikuro screencaps,
but 4 now, a short post 4 u. =)

the 2nd pic above reminded me that toma never kissed maki in the series, only hugged her. aww... =/
but 1 of my fav tomaki scenes will always be that almost-kiss scene on the bench, that would have been such a sweet kiss scene, much sweeter than the 2 times shun kissed maki in the series!!
but i guess sometimes, the almost-kiss moments R more memorable than the actual kiss moments. =)

frappr has been having some problems, with the map not loading right recently, and so i think it also had problems in loading the new pics of new members. i only recently checked the map pics and saw the new members that joined! sorry 4 the late welcome.
kaylammfan1 @usa, sabrina ms @malaysia, yankumi.cawaii @ ?, cutefaye_25 @ ?, val_chad27 @ ?, and knightniez_dva @ ? !

also, my VIVA TOMA! toma b-day MV reached
over 50,000 views today!! whoo hoo!! =)


april said...

hey kate...
yah i remember that scene when they almost kissed....ahhh...ehhheeee...

Naomi_chan said...

Aww, I loved that scence!

I agree with ya. The almost kisses are usually more memorable than actual ones.

savvy kate said...

'sup april & naomi_chan!!
thanks 4 commenting!
that scene will always be 1 of my fav scenes from ANY tv series, EVER!! <3 <3