Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Toma: the life of the party! / Toma (probably) does NOT have a girlfriend!

hi there!

here's just a quick update, a longer update coming soon! =)

jmimiru at LJ asked if i had the scans of toma's "the life of the party" magazine article a while ago. and so i uploaded 4 her/him the only 3 pics i had here
(sorry 2 the LJ member who uploaded, i don't remember where i downloaded it!)
the other day i was checking my toma blog ranking at google again,
and i accidentally came across a site that has 2 big scans of toma from that article!!
this is really just dumb luck!! i just checked out the site cuz i thought the site name, "alternate reality" sounded really cool. haha. but i'm so happy 4 this extra pic!!
just thought i'd share with jmimiru and every1 here. =)
u can see it here:

........................(also came across the info below by accident!)


according 2 this person at wikiAnswers, toma probably does not have a girlfriend right now.

well, it makes sense if he doesn't, he probably spends most of his time hanging out with his guy friends or working. haha...or eating hamburgers. when he's not doing those things, seems like toma is at bored at home, waiting 4 some1 2 invite him 2 go out and EAT!! lol! and it's always hard 4 teen idols like him 2 date....i bet his boss forbids it and he'd have 2 keep it secret even if he could find the right girl who's not intimidated by his beauty & complete AWESOMENESS *_* and being hounded by the paparazzi.....i've heard a fan say that toma's been romantically linked 2 some girls be4, but i don't know anything more about that, only that she said there's been rumors he's had girlfriends. well, he's still young, plenty of time 4 dating after he works on his career first....
WOW...whoever ends up with toma, she's gonna be the luckiest girl on earth!!!!
wait...his past girlfriends, whoever they were, R all so lucky too!!! he must have had girlfriends before, cuz in the magazine interviews where they ask him about love/relationship/girlfriend stuff, what he says....toma has loved and lost before....
Toma, "you'll find the right person" some day! :)


It was stated in a magazine interview with Toma that he chooses friendship over love. That being said, it is possible that he isn't into dating right now, and there are implications that he prefers having an active career along with his male friends.

However, he did discuss before about how he would like his ideal date to be.

Of course, it isn't known for sure until now if he has a girlfriend or someone he likes.

Hope this helps.


Naomi_chan said...

Whoever Toma dates is the most luckiest person ever. But yeah, he sounds really busy now a days. Poor guy, I think he deserves someone too.

savvy kate said...

right, he's probably too busy 2 date now...

leeomurasaki said...

well..i wud prefer toma not have a girlfriend.. i know im being selfish..but it really would crush me if i find out he has one.. :( [i love him that much] huhu..nd thank god i havent read any article saying that he does have one..

kate`* said...

i know what u mean...
it'd be a sad day 4 me, the day i read that news that he's got a gf. =[