Wednesday, February 6, 2008

watching honey and clover... / screencaps =)

this is a long time coming, but i've finally uploaded the screencaps i got from the 1st episode of Honey & Clover. and i told myself 2 not get too much screencaps, but i still ended up getting a lot!! it's just so hard 2 resist, when toma's so cute. hehe. and some R just nice caps of the other characters or scenary, etc. too. i like 2 see a bunch at once, so i always put a bunch of medium sized caps into 1 .bmp, hope u don't mind.

i've downloaded ep. 2 from the jdramas LJ site, but i haven't watched it yet. from now on, just check this link once in a while 4 more screencaps, i'll upload more as i watch more. =)
[NOTE: some of the caps of toma in the cherry blossoms scene are resized ones that were originally captured by reelrhythm @]

this series is as i expected, so far, it's kinda boring to me. and the dialogue is a little....generic/uninteresting 2 me....and the cherry blossoms scene at the start is much less romantic and impressive 4 me when i see the fake cherry blossoms up-close. haha. sorry, i'm always a little too critical. of course they had 2 be fake, it was winter la!
Like i said be4, i don't like bittersweet dramas, in general. i always prefer the romantic comedies. but i think this series can grow on me. i already really like toma's character.

but i ReALLY don't like the character hagumi!!! i know she's supposed 2 be shy, but she's SO...abnormal (almost like she's autistic!) and slow in her actions/talking---it's very annoying and drives me a little crazy that all the guys like her when she's like...THAT. and also, it's a little creepy how she's supposed 2 look like a child, though she's 18---cuz it's almost like the guys are cradle robbing!! isn't it funny that in real life, she's only 15 or 16, even younger than her character's supposed 2 be!! but though she's so young, 4 some reason she has this very mature look 2 her, and it's kinda mis-matched with how her character's supposed 2 be look so young. what else....the actor that plays morita reminds me of eason chan, his looks and personality. haha...but he's quiet likeable, like the rest of the cast. i don't see what was so amazing about hagumi's painting!! oh well, it's supposed 2 be abstract, hard 2 get.

when they were talking about how 2 character words are magnificent/special, weren't u thinking, YES, THEY'RE RIGHT, THIS TOO: TO-MA!!!! hahaha.

that's all 4 now ppl.

see ya,
KA-TIE`*! ;)



Yamapink said...

Happy Birthday to you ~ hope all good things come to you this year
and keep supporting Toma ne! ^^

PS: I hate hagumi character too >__<

savvy kate said...

i hope so too, and i will ALWAYS support toma la!!

P.S. glad i'm not the only one! haha.

Subtle_Hints said...

I've watched the first 2 episodes of Honey and Clover and we're pretty much the same..bittersweet dramas are not my genre..^^ but hey at least i get to see TOma again haha ^_^ anyways i agree with your post an di mean agree with everything including the part about Hagumi..^_~

oh and before i forget..belated happy bday to you^^ i know its late but still better late than never!^_~ keep spreading the toma-love!!

savvy kate said...

hey subtle_hints! really? haha..i don't think much toma fans like hagumi? hopefully her character will be more likeable later on....

thank u, thank u! i had a good b-day.
yes, definitely!! i am happy & proud 2 help spread the toma love!! ~_~