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toma's AnAn interview translation: 'wanting to claim his everything..." **edited**

after around 2 weeks.

finally, the whole interview has been translated.

thanks so much, areea_chan and enshinge!!

i read areea_chan's translation, but i was confused about a lot of parts. i usually wouldn't mind if the translation is a little off, but this time, the interview topic is SEX! i want to know exactly what toma said and not have any misunderstandings. so, u can guess who is the someone that enshinge mentioned (albeit with love~ ^^) at the start of her post. ah, i love en-chan!! and her translations are the best.

so, go ahead, u can read their translations at the links below. please do comment and thank them for their efforts. ~_~



and now i'm gonna just mostly repeat what i said when i commented at their posts, about what i think about this interview....

i love this interview. i knew he was this mature, sweet, and sensitive....i haven't felt his everything (good lord, i SO want to, though!! xD), but i already feel like i never want anyone else to have him.

so much hype about it (at least f/us fans and our imaginations going wild about what he could have said!!). but i'm relieved the interview is not as hot as the pics it went with. haha.

omg....!! the start of the interview..."wanting to claim his everything". i reread this part a couple times before continuing. goodness.... (>////<) i'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight.

"A strong body with toned skin and bulging muscles. Wearing wild expressions; you can almost hear his rough breathing."
-omg........i have pictured him like this in my fantasies... (>////<)

it's really nice how he differentiates between acting and being photographed. i'm surprised he didn't get all tense for this photo shoot though. i guess he just zoned out or something...

it was really funny how he said he had no "armor" to protect himself!! haha. nothing to defend himself with...poor toma... but it's good to know he wasn't nervous or uncomfortable during the shoot kinda shows...his face does look quite relaxed and natural. ~_~

"tried too hard to look cool"
-haha. but he's gotten beyond that now. toma's all grown up. ~_~ toma is sexier now that he's more mature and he's more muscular and toned. but he's always been sexy, really! xD he's just showing this side of him more now...(and i remember u saying something like "he's more comfortable being sexy now" salome. i totally agree!! i think ever since ningen...cuz of his must have influenced or made him realize...nanka...)

‘when shall I go for the next step!?’
-haha. or "when do i set the trap"?! of course he thinks the guy should lead. haha. except when the guy is no good at reading a girl's signals, like u, toma! xD but it's really cute how he's no good at timing.

toma is really a shy guy! he's fine around guys, but when girls are present, he'll become nervous. he's said before, sometimes he feels like he prefers to be around guys (sometimes he's like 'who needs girls~') so much cuz he can just relax around them. but with girls, it's hard for him. he may try to act cool and stuff in front of girls, but he's really very shy. and he's very sensitive, self-conscious and serious, too. it's so toma-like to worry about when to hold her hand or something... haha. totally. but for that special girl...he doesn't need to worry about his timing or do anything special, just be himself and that's enough to make her happy. kitto!

'I think it’s something that’s really precious. Feeling your partners breath, smells, and warmth takes your affection to a deeper level.' -ahhhhhh. i love how he put it. so sweet and sexy at the same time...

EHH!! how did toma know i have a high-pitched girly voice and i think it's a major flaw?!! lol. but guys (like toma?) might think it's 'nice!'? ehhhhhhhh. but knowing at least toma thinks so, i'm EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! i've never in my life been proud of having a soft, weak voice, but now i actually am. really. so, thank you, toma! haha. i guess my voice is not that bad after all, if toma says so. ~_~

'I think that rather than the number of women you experience, what makes a man mature more is to deeply love one woman. At least that’s the way I want to be.'
-you're right, toma!! please don't date a lot of women!! lol. seriously though, i agree with toma. ~_~ i love how he's so serious about love. he's such a sweet guy. i hope he finds the right person for him someday....surely he'll be such a sweet sweet boyfriend!

................ april 27 EDITs:

"His breaths, warmth, smell… "
WAIT A SECOND, THEY COPIED THIS LINE FROM TOMA!!! LOL. damn that plagiarizing reporter. lol. but i guess there's not a lot of ways to describe it besides this though?? haha.

reading this interview made me love him more!!!!! completely!! it's nice how we see his sexy side in the pics, but his sweet side in the interview. ~_~

oh, and i edited my post from before...

i got a little too excited before, and i've gone back and edited my post...toma was not naked, he was just ALMOST naked. lol. i guess i meant, it like....he's NAKED underneath that sheet. but now that i've looked at the pictures more carefully (goodness, i've looked at him way too much!!), i've realized, he coulda had his underwear on the whole time, really! he just needed to pull it down extremelyyyy low. but of course, i'd like to think he was really naked under that white sheet....haha.

i was afraid of a full nude shot f/the back (like jin's). luckily there wasn't!! but these pics keep making me think...of what he might look like when he's completely naked....what's under that white sheet. omg..... sorry, i'm thinking dirty thoughts again!!! i can't help it though. that sheet was soooooooooo low on his body....goodness!!! so close!!! i'm a total perv when i think of toma these days. good grief....he's too hot....his body is so....!!! wants!!!

..............the next day? edits:

toma IS love!♥
i thought toma wouldn't say anything ero, really...but was still

afraid/anxious to read this interview cuz the topic is sex!
but i didn't expect to be so touched by what he thinks about love/sex. if

it was another guy, i'd think he's just saying that. but since it's toma, everything really feels so sincere.

toma...i'm never gonna be able to stop loving you.

(wait, these 2 parts were wrongly translated and don't really exist...
but since i've already commented about it, i'll include it here too. LOL.)

'Now, Ikuta-san is looking forward to something happening in his love life.'-ehhhhh!!!! seriously?? nooooo.... but i do hope he finds someone right for him, who can make him happy. *sigh*

the part about liking to listen to her breathing (gu?)
when she's sleeping. aww!! so sweet!!

i would think toma's soft breathing when he sleeps is really niceeeeee too. *_* haha. i've really thought about this....well, sometimes u see him sleeping in dramas, but u can't hear him breathing. darn it. hahaha.

but actually, toma's said be4, 2 things he wouldn't want to do with a girlfriend is take a bath or (literally) sleep together. he says it would be embarassing to see each other in those situations...haha. but he's done both with yamashita and other guy friends when they were little kids. haha. (like on a work trip somewhere, when they would share a hotel room) and he goes to the onsen (hot spring) with them too...i remember he went with shun while they were filming hana kimi and also often slept at shun's apartment cuz he lived close to the studio (in the same bed!! *JEALOUS*!!!!).

****AGAIN, TOMA DID NOT SAY HE WANTS TO HAVE A GIRLF (i suspect he already has one??) AND HE DID NOT SAY HE LIKES TO HEAR A GIRL BREATHE WHEN SHE'S SLEEPING. thanks for the correction, enshinge!*****


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will fix this tomorrow!!

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going to bed soon. i hope i'll see toma in my dream tonight. ~_~

good night, everyone!

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