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about the hanamizuki crank and pics... (the flyer, too!) + cherry blossoms....**UPDATED**

no time today, but i'll add to this post tomorrow, some news f/the hanamizuki crankup. so late, sorry!! it was since the end of march. so most of u probably already read about it and saw the video clips.

h's youtube page, 1 of the newest video clips talked about the hanamizuki flyer! =) they were holding the 2-sided banner and describing it....and the 4 video clips f/the crankup, u can watch at her page too, or get the link to DL them at the toma LJ....uh...i'll post it up tomorrow too...(edit: ah, too lazy to find it. u can go back to around march 30 and find it at the toma LJ! haha.)

u can see a bigger version of the 2-sided flyer here:'s some screencaps from the crank up! *_*

ahhhhhh!! i love this moment...toma was lightly brushing away the snow f/her hair, i think. what a sweet scene f/the movie!!!!!!!

kate desu.
everyone-chan, genki?

today!! april 18!!!

(as in O'brien. love him!! he makes me laugh so much. haha.)

and today, last yr, was when i decided...that i want to go to tokyo in 2014....

though i forget to look at the countdown here, most of the time...but i'm always kinda aware of it in the back of my mind.....hmmm. and also, i've got the countdown on my cell phone since last yr, too. ^^

so...about hanamizuki!! i love this sweet pic f/the flyer. i they were standing at the top of the lighthouse, overlooking the sea... ~_~

oh, got this link f/zoe's blog (linked in my LINKS section on the right). it's the movie website's official blog! nothing much there now, but later, maybe...

and this is such old news by now, but it's about the crank up of hanamizuki...finally at the end of march, they finished filming all the scenes in japan. =) but gakky still needs to film in canada and the usa...dunno when she'll be done (or is she already done?)....

what's really funny is that the staff were throwing toma up in the air, and they somehow let him slip, and toma fell back in the snow, head first!! poor guy!! =[ and toma said something like...of course it's so like him to fail like that. lol. but it wasn't his fault!! they just weren't careful...and then they picked him up again to throw him up, and i think toma was like, please let me go already! awww...haha. poor toma. but they didn't drop him again, at least!
Aragaki Yui & Ikuta Toma returning a favor to local fishermen
[posted up march 29]

here's an excerpt from the news...i think it must have been really tough and tiring for kinda become a fisherman for a couple months...uwa... it's hard work!! but then it was a good life experience. (not to mention that all that hard work kinda helped him become more muscular and tan and sexy for his an an photoshoot!! xD)

Ikuta himself received a few presents as well. The local fishermen gave him a "big catch" flag and Gakky surprised him with a carved bear. Hokkaido is famous for their woodcraft. "Amazing! I only played a role, but it became a life experience seeing how much pride those fisherman have in their work," he said. Ikuta actually has some advanced fishing skills himself, so he can really relate to their work. "I've mastered the fishing of salmon, that should be worth something," he joked around.

(4.19 edit~)
oh wow, i just talked about hanamizuki and then today some news about it turned up at the LJ! ~_~ gakky's in NYC right now, filming for hanamizuki!! but seems like she'll leave for canada tomorrow...gambatte, gakky! ~_~ she looks so cute and happy in the pics in NYC. i'm glad they are saying she speaks english pretty well!! looking forward to those parts in the movie. YEY. i'll actually be able to understand what she's saying w/out subs. haha. and the teaser....the start of the 1st video clip, when toma calls out to her and jumps up and runs over to her.....ahhhhh. kakkoii!!! ~_~ and sweet....

Aragaki in New York for filming of "Hanamizuku" movie
Teaser for Hanamizuki w/ Aragaki and Ikuta

********* off-topic:
i saw this msg at the tomalicious forum. SUGOI!! MALAYSIA FANS, REMEMBER TO WATCH IT!! ^O^ funny, was i was just thinking about the SP recently....ah, i miss nakatsu!!

tomajaelover: msian fans alert!!hana kimi sp will be aired @8tv on 25 apr & 2 may..dont miss it! =)


read in the's been unseasonably cold still, in japan, but thanks to this, the cherry blossoms are lasting for a longer time!! yey.

as i expected, toma talked about the cherry blossoms in 1 entry. ~_~ he does, every year~


[credit: inseiko @tomalicious forum]

toma's room entry (april 13 or 14?):

Vol. 346


now then.
finally, it has become warmer.

however, the cherry blossoms have already started to fall.

i wanted to see them a little bit longer.

cherry blossoms are great, afterall, aren't they? they make me feel that i am japanese.

maybe i'll go for a walk while listening to music.

even though they're starting to fall!


seems like after this warm weather toma mentioned, it suddenly turned very cold and even snowed!! on april 16 and 17, i think. only knew cuz jamie and some other actor or actress blogged about's what jamie said about it:


16th-Apr-2010 01:58 pm

I even don't mind (too much) that the forecast predicted SNOW today. Snow in the second half of April. In Tokyo. This isn't northern Canada....... Considering that it was around 80 degrees (F) two days ago, I'm really confused. I join the entire population of Tokyo, wondering what is going on with the weather recently...

EHHH!! SNOW IN APRIL!!! SUGOI!!! ^^ (I LOVE COLD WEATHER.) i'm kinda obsessed with the, there, everywhere... lol, part of me thinks, crazily, that it's suddenly snowing cuz toma's anan pics (the magazine went on sale april 14) got a lot of people so hot~, so thus, the snow, to cool every1 down. LOL!!! really~ i bet this anan issue is really selling well!!! xD

[i was going to post this up on april 11 (finished my fanfic the day be4), but i got seriously distracted by toma's sexy cinema square pics. the next day, TOMA'S AN AN PICS PREVIEWS!!! and i lost my mind for days after that, and so...a week late in posting this up. gomen!] banners! and the spring breeze whispers...

i finally finished writing my 3rd fanfic!!! *cries* it's a bittersweet feeling...i really miss being with toma in that world.... but i know i can come back anytime~ maybe, i'll try writing some short one-shot fics before i write a 4th long one. ^^ ah, but it's about time i get back to the real world, catch up with what the real toma's been doing (which, is luckily, not much, except for finishing up hanamizuki filming!! haha. at least not much that we know of, for now....hmm.)

new banners! in a way, to celebrate finishing my 3rd fanfic...and this pic at the top was taken very very recently!! april 3, 2010!! ~_~

it's already hanami time in japan... such a romantic~ time ne. i think this year, the cherry blossoms have been blooming since the end of march in tokyo, f/what i saw at jamie's blog. ~_~ oh, there was a photography magazine i saw at sanseido a few weeks ago. it had a lot of prettyyyy pics of sakura. in the fog, in the twilight, at night, in the daytime....all so beautiful!! wish i could have taken some pics of it to show you.

cherry blossoms...their delicate, fragile beauty...reminds me of toma.♥ and of course, i think everyone knows, but... "the all too brief beauty of the cherry blossom is often linked with the ephemeral nature of life and love" [credit: Lee @]

some more pretty sakura pics:

also~ here R some pics of peach blossom petals, up-close that i took in feb.:

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