Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(so much for not updating to keep his cinema pics up top. lol.
but i have no choice, right??)

YES!! I KNEW IT!!!!!
(i thought it was gonna happen during ningen promotion, though.)


1st of all:




here's the news and pics and already 88 comments. it's fun to see all us fangirls so hyper and excited about this. lol.

2nd of all:
I'M SO RELIEVED HE'S ALONE!! LIKE SHO WAS, AND NOT LOOK LIKE HE'S ALMOST HAVING SEX WITH SOME1. yey, good for u toma. u knew us fans would be insanely jealous if we saw pics of u doing that...and u probably didn't want to take those kinda embarassing pics, anyway. (wait, these are just preview pics, right? but pretty sure he'll be alone and not with a girl for the other pics??) ah, but these pics...nanka...it makes me a little intimidated. lol. toma's just too sexy!! and i feel a little embarassed for him, too. ehhhh....so revealing!! and it says THE COMPLETE SEX MANUAL right next to him. (>///<) goodness!!! and that necklace w/the key....ehhhhhh.... something very sexy about that, but i'm not sure what?? i dunno...something like...toma is the key to amazing sex??! ehhhhhhh!!!!! ok, i'm definitely not thinking straight... *blush*!!!!!!!

omg!!!!! his calvin klein underwear is TOO LOW!!! the expression on his face and the position of his hand, pulling down his underwear a little.... so close, so close!!!! and of course, the other pic....pulling it down more....

(i feel so pervy right now, but it makes me think/scream "toma, take it off!!")

[credit: hpswf1. also, some video clips related to this at mizza's blog. thanks! http://musixofmalife.blogspot.com/]

3rd of all:
WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE SEXY PHOTO SHOOTS LATELY?? ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL US???!!! LOL. i have already been...thinking impure thoughts about toma recently cuz of my fanfic, reading salome's fanfic, and the cinema square sexy pics...xD this is not good...they should not encourage me!! and it's funny how i was saying i wish there were more sexy toma photo shoots just yesterday, and now, THIS. ok, i wish i could go to japan to watch hanamizuki in august!! please make this wish come true, too!! onegaishimas!!! xD

ACTUALLY.........i'm quite calm, *relatively speaking*, right now. haha. if i was feeling fine, i'd be LOSING MY MIND RIGHT NOW, AND THINKING ALL KINDS OF DIRTY, DIRTY THOUGHTS ABOUT TOMA. LOL. well....earlier today, i was all still hyper/excited about toma sexiness (be4 knowing about these pics). but then......i started thinking about my fanfic. i seem to be thinking of sexy toma a lot these days to forget about how sad i am that i have to leave my fanfic world behind. i'm feeling quite sad actually about this and some other things, so i can't seem to really enjoy these new sexy toma pics. i just feel so...BLAH~ right now. hai....but i guess soon it'll go away and i'll *FAINT* when i look at these pics again. lol. and think dirty thoughts about toma again. *delusional* xD

well, i just KNEW he would do an AN AN photoshoot this year, too, so i'm not surprised at all. YEY, I PREDICTED IT MONTHS AGO!! i knew toma is daring enough to do this kinda photo shoot, it was just a matter of time...(and already...in ningen....there was a scene!! i don't want to give it away in case u don't know, but....that's all i'll say. lol. i just know about it cuz careline mentioned it...ehhh, pls, no1 else talk about this, in case others don't know!! xD)

always cheers me up!! ^^)

but this is very cool. toma finally gets to be in AN AN (on the cover, too)!! omedetou, toma-kun!!!! ^o^ another first~ for u this yr. i'm sure there will be many more this yr. and today, conan announced he's gonna have a new late night show on TBS. omedetou, conan!! i'm really happy for both of them.♥


kate☂ said...

ok, the more i look at the pics, the more i'm forgetting about everything else....i keep staring at him down there!!! >////< getting VERY hot.... this is not good....arrgh, I JUST WANT HIM!!!

why do i keep getting so hot, cuz of looking at his pics, right be4 i go to bed?! how am i supposed to sleep?!! all i'm gonna do is keep thinking dirtyyyyy thoughts about him. he makes me so hot... *blush*!!!!

Isabel said...

I think we were waiting for this report for a long time hehehe all the fans have gone crazy in the livejournal.
He has done a very sexy photoshoot *¬* I want to see it now!! >_<

Aizat said...

can i say he's getting fat bcoz the last time I saw him shirtless was in hana kimi and he's so skinny.

even though, he's fatter, that's hotter, ops :P

musixofmalife said...

kate-chan doumo.. huhu..... u know wut, i got sooooooo distracted by his pix in that AnAn & i jz can't stop thinking bout it even when i'm in da examination hall jz now. OMG!!!! d*mn AnAn!!

Mashi Toma said...

senpai, cant stand anymore *tears* but bless to god.. no girl,i mean women or anything.. hehe..
mizza-chan.. huhu.. focused2 hehe...
answer properly based on the question >_<

paige said...

LOL, he is on AnAn! They seem to select one from each of the Johnny groups, so naturally Toma is the solo choice haha. And that is also an agreeing consensus on his popularity - which is great.
Well, this isn't as provocative as Jin's or Pi (although we haven't seen the rest). And he got pants on too...I think, baring all may not as sexy as a teaser shot partly clothed.
I think he's got a real sexy expression on the cover shot ~ his eyes are brown.... did anyone look haha XD

musixofmalife said...

mashi-senpai: uhu... i wish there are TOMA course in my univ. cz i'm soooooooooo sure i'm gonna pass all of ma examinations with flying colours XDXDXDXDXD

kate♥toma said...

ok, i'm back.
yappari, i didn't get much sleep... >////<
but i'll always want toma more than sleep...*hug & kiss him*
i'm still feeling hot~ even now!!! BAKA...CALM DOWN!!! LOL.

looking at him, i keep thinking about beyonce's Crazy in Love song. and also, justin's Sexy back. yes, yes!! oh my god....REALLY... SERIOUSLY....WHERE ARE MY ANTI-DELUSIOIN PILLS??? x'D

actually, i agree w/what some of u are saying, about not wanting him to do one of these super sexy an an photo shoots. but....HE'S SO HOT....it would be a waste not to do it. LOL. and it shows how popular he is, that he can do it.

just read thru the comments. EIGHT PAGES + COVER!!!!!!!!!!!! *DIES* is an an expensive??? i might have to buy this one, too...

I DON'T CARE IF THE LADY THAT WORKS THERE LOOKS AT ME FUNNY, I DON'T CARE...I DON'T CARE!! lol...i deserve some toma hotness after all the time i spent working on my fanfic all this time. lol. that's how i justify it....*sigh* so weak...xD and i'm gonna get cinema square too. GOODNESS, just days ago, those pics got me so hot, and i thought that was already too sexy. had no idea that a few days later, THESE PICS would appear and now those pics are actually so tame and innocent, compared to these!!!!

used babelfish to translate the news. dunno if this is correct, but maybe toma has been working out, preparing for this shoot since last summer? and toma will talk about sex??!!!! EHHHHH!!!! masaka!!!! please, NO, toma!!! i really hope that part of the translation is incorrect. >__< some things, i just don't want toma to talk about. -__-

i'm really curious, what toma has to say about this news!!?? on his jweb?? lol. just checked, and no new msg there yet.

kate♥toma said...

notice he's got black underwear on. better than white. kyaaaaa....black is more sexy...

and now to reply to all of you...

~ isabel,
"waiting for this report"? i'm not sure what u mean? this news, or my post? haha. yeah, everyone just lost their minds. me too. LOL. i had fun reading thru the comments. xD

~ aizat,
no, not fat!! he was just too skinny in hana kimi (THAT WAS 3 YRS AGO! xD OF COURSE HE'S NOT THAT SKINNY ANYMORE NE!). and he got skinny for ningen last yr. but ever since hanamizuki, he's gained weight and now he's looking healthy and fit, sexy and toned. *_* now, he's just looking so....delicious. which is why i have this strong urge to...lick him, taste him. omg... >////< DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT??!! sumimasen!!

~ mizza,
OH NOOOOO!! lol. so sorry that toma's hotness interfered w/your studies. *slaps toma on the arm for you* xD a toma course at yr univ!!! LOL. if only!

~ paige,
hai...though it's hard to me to think straight after seeing those pics, but, serioiusly, i know this is a big deal, that he gets to be on An An. congrats to him!!! i have seen yamapi's and jun's, and sho's. maybe jin's too. and they were all WAY TOO ERO! only sho's is actually not too revealing. i hope toma's can be like that too. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I REALLY DON'T WANT TO SEE HIM FULLY NAKED, LIKE YAMAPI WAS (EVEN IF F/THE BACK). "I think, baring all may not as sexy as a teaser shot partly clothed." yes, yes, i completely agree. his expression!!! like..."come here~ i want you now..." >/////< the pic is not clear enough 4 me to see his eyes, but toma's eyes R always brown, right? is it a deeper brown, u mean?

musixofmalife said...

kate-chan thnx 4 slapping TOMA 4 me. lol!!! XDDDDDD *TOMA-kun gomen ne~* i really2 can't focused on ma examination paper becuz of him. + he really makes my day upside-down. wish i could pinch his soft cheeks 4 everything dat he did to me. XD . wa.... i kinda feel this is 1 of ma best bday gift. lol!!!! ahaha.... i'm soo happy evn there's no celebration 4 ma bday. hv to thank him 4 this 'bday present' ;P

kate♥toma said...

~ mashi,

oh, forgot yr comment, sorry! hai!! nanka...tears welled up in my eyes too, when i saw his pics at first. cuz i was already sad about my fanfic ending, but happy for him being on an an. some other fans were saying the same thing...so happy, they cried!! ~_~

~ mizza,

lol, no problem. good grief, if i was u, i wouldn't be able to focus too. i can't stop thinking about him. i can't stop this feeling...*blush*!!! haha!! sou desu. this is a very nice bday present toma gave you neeeeeeee. xD *slaps toma again 4 not giving me anything 4 my bday* LOL.

musixofmalife said...

>.< yabai.... but i guess it's an unstoppable feeling *blush* -slap Toma 4 his killer poses in that mag- *awwww... poor TOMA-kun XD*

yeah... so nice until he makes me can't thing bout anything else. uwa..... dunno how to stop thinking bout this kinda thing T.T

kate♥toma said...

hai... part of me is thinking i have to calm down, but part of me wants to keep going... >////<

*hugs toma~ rubs his arm where i slapped him*

lol, but we really have to calm down...i'm not sure how, though. xD

musixofmalife said...

kate-chan, ohayo~ (it's already morning here ^^) uwa..... u know what?? i jz woke up & da 1st thing that popped-up into my mind was da image of Toma tbcdheydcbdjcbey!!!!
seems like i failed to calm down. *sigh*
then when i saw his AnAn preview at:
i just knew dat i can't stay calm anymore.

*could u please call Dr. Ikuta 4 me?? i think he's d only one who can save me from this killer disease. XD*

kate☂ said...


really? it's super late at night here, right now.

ehh!! ME TOO!! lol. actually, i pretty much thought about him f/the middle of the night till morning. *blush*!!!

those preview pics got me all hot!! and then i checked at LJ, ALL THE PICS!!! OMG!!! >////<

well, ever since my fanfic, part of my thinks of him as my boyf already, so...seeing these pics..... omg.....i can't stop thinking about him...and me...we're.....umm... >////< *delusional*

paige said...

Sorry, I shouldn't have added that joke...the 'his eyes are brown one'...as it would be confusing...
There is a Wonderbra poster ad of a blonde woman in a black wonderbra, that has the tagline , 'BTW my eyes are blue', as it's expected that the focus is not on her face..hehe, I'm thinking that most were goggling over Toma's body..lol

I saw the rest of the scans. It's better without a woman. It is really pushing it as far as it can go without completely baring (ah, our sweet boyish Toma is growing up - although the shoot seems to be posing for a photoshoot than him naturally like that)
Also, it's like those sexy photobook pictorial some of the male celebrities do (I've read artciles about/seen a preview pic) such as Hiro (senpai Nanba) or Hiroki Nariyami etc, where a little is bared, etc

kate♥toma said...


haha. i thought u might mean something like that, though. of course we're not looking at his eyes. lol. but his eyes are so expressive...i love how he looks like...sexy, but also vulnerable for the cover pic.

ah, i already got the feeling that toma is a grown up when i first saw those pics and the trailer of ningen.....but i know what u mean. AND JUST TODAY, FOUND OUT HE TALKED ABOUT SEX. *sigh* of course he's not a virgin ne....

and i guess you're right...i wouldn't think he's naturally like that....souka...i haven't seen those, but it's good that they don't try to show too much...this is ENOUGH!!