Friday, April 30, 2010

about the ningen shikkaku LJ stuff from march/april...

it's been announced (a while back, sorry. haha. but i did post about it at the cbox right that day...), the official ningen dvd will be released aug. 4, 2010! ~_~

here's some info about the ningen DVD! u can already pre-order it, though it won't be released until august 4 (the bday of some1 close to me!! haha.). u can see all 3 versions HERE at yesasia. and of course u can buy it from CDJapan, too. just the regular version is already US$44.99!! the blu-ray is US$82.49 and the premium edition version is US$67.49!!! i knew it was gonna be expensive, but good grief!!! INSANITY. but it doesn't matter for me, cuz it's region 2 only! =,(

(well, there are programs u can use to convert it into region all, which is why i bought the hana kimi dvd box sets a few yrs ago, but i really don't wanna go through the trouble of converting this (but if u're interested, u can search in my old posts about the hana kimi dvd i bought in early 2008, i listed links and info about how to do it).

and it's too expensive anyhow...i'm happy enough with the few official ningen keepsakes i have....the ningen photobook, the ningen book w/toma on the cover, and the flyer. ~_~] IF U ARE GONNA BUY IT THOUGH, U SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THE PREMIUM VERSION. cuz the "Bonus disc features making-of, press conference footage, trailers, and more. Also includes a original booklet (subject to change).

(finally caught up and posting this up. lol.
sorry, so late. cuz of my 3rd fanfic, i got really behind...)
[translated Ikuta Toma's Non No March 2010 A-Z interview Parts 1 & 2. i love this interview!!♥ he talks about so many different topics. ^^ i love learning more about him. toma likes to cry?? eh!! and he talks about love♥, wedding, his "secret"...]
[EH!! some1 else saw toma at a ningen stage greeting!!! "I met Ikuta Toma on February 28th, 2010 at the cinema in the town I'm studying in and wrote a report about it =)"]
[video] Nissin U.F.O cm's :)
[video + scan] minna no eiga - hanamizuki (the 2nd hanamizuki trailer)
[Clips] 100330 Mezanews &100330 Mezamashi (hanamizuki crankup)
[Tunnels no Minna-san no Okage Deshita] 2010.02.25 - Toma vs. Jude Law (wow, someone subbed it!! i skimmed thru it online, the unsubbed version. looks kinda boring though, so i'm not gonna get this. haha...tell me if anything interesting happened, though!)
[TOMA ANAN Photoshoot Preview] (i know every toma fan in the world has seen his pics by now, but it's fun to read everyone's hyper/dirty comments. lol. i didn't really read the comments here till now... xD TOMA, TAKE IT OFF!!! LOL. then again, there must be some ppl thinking, NO, LEAVE IT ON!! haha. they are definitely in the minority. good grief, the *lick monitor* comment!! LOLLLLLLLL.)
[Ningen Shikkaku DVD!] (this is when i first found out about the ningen dvd info being announced. thanks, careline!)
[AnAn icons and graphics. omg....HOT!! i'm using some. haha.]


Anonymous said...

Definitely going to get the premium version~! You have the actual Ningen book with Toma on the cover?? I'm totally jealous, I've looked everywhere for it online but I can't find it, sucks not living in Japan :(

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: Try ;D

(toma loves) kate said...

(cool, u posted so recently, careline...^^)

anony., so glad u can buy the premium vers.!! awesome!! ^o^

yes! ~_~

sorry u can't find it....seems like it's only sold in japanese bookstores....i bought it at the bookstore in mitsuwa, in the usa.

but careline's right, maybe u should try looking here:

and actually, amazon's a good place to look too.

kate~ loves toma said...

awesome!! ^^


sorry u can't find it....seems like it's only sold in japanese bookstores....i bought it at the bookstore in mitsuwa, in the usa.

(toma loves) kate said...

(SORRY FOR THE EXTRA POST. LOL. thought it didn't go thru the 1st time then started to post and clicked be4 i was done. baka.)

Kia said...

even if I were to buy the dvd, it doesn't have the english subtitle. I'll be totally lost within the first few seconds. haha

Second that, too expensive for my liking. Although, I still want to see the movie so badly:(

kate♥toma said...

i want to watch the movie so much too!! there's a place u can DL the movie, but no subtitles at all....i'm waiting for the eng. subbed version.