Thursday, April 15, 2010

TOMA. TALKED. ABOUT. SEX. *speechless*!!!


kate desu.

this is the result of the # of visits i got yesterday:
Total since 8 Oct 2007: 74,052.
Previous 24hrs: 313.

313!!! that's a new record! about 3 times as usual!!
wow. this is the power of sexy toma, right?? xD

just some comments, before i get to the topic of this post, sumimasen!

i think this is my fav pic (though i really like all of them so much!!). i took this pic of toma and used it for my cellphone wallpaper last night. in the middle of the night, i woke up and i wanted to see what time it was, so i flipped open my phone and there was toma, looking~ at that way~!!!! needless to say, it took me a while to get back to sleep after that!! goodness, i got so hot, thinking about him. (>////<)

me and neesan were gushing about toma's an an pics late last night....1 of us said that that white sheet is so lucky~. no, not the one covering him...the one he's lying on in the pic where he's naked and his eyes are closed. *BLUSH*!!! can't believe we talked about that. ah, it's fun talking about sexy toma...xD

awww. toma only wrote this about an an: 'Yeah tomorrow anan... me naked... please buy. Bye' thx to careline! LOL! awww. HE MUST BE SO EMBARASSED. it's so cute and toma-like, that this is all he had to say about this. ~_~ I BOUGHT IT TOMA!! i was surprised they already had it at sanseido!! it only went on sale in japan on april 14!

oh...i was too distracted and not thinking straight before.... but forgot to say, all the pics are really beautifully taken!! toma looks perfect in all of them!! really glad that toma's pics don't look that ero and not too too revealing. ~_~ i was really dreading him being in an an cuz of this...but the results are really AWESOME and HOT and everything...^o^

and...some of you were saying how he's really a grown up now... hai! well, i already felt that he's definitely grown up and showing another side of him, when i saw that ningen kiss and the trailers and everything...toma's definitely matured a lot after being in ningen, right? i am kinda intimidated, but i like this sexy side of him.... (i'm still nervous about watching ningen cuz of those sexy scenes...!!) he's not that innocent.... though i really see toma as being boyishly cute and childish most of the time. haha. but of course, he's so hot and sexy too. even without trying. but when he tries!! watch out!! LOL.

umm...i wasn't very specific about my reaction when i first saw toma's pics....well, i'll just tell u real quick...

1-i thought: I KNEW IT!! i knew he'd do a sexy an an photo shoot this yr!
2-clicked on the link. wow. toma's half-naked....!
3-i was feeling sad, missing being with toma in my fanfic world...i heard a sad song, i think, right then...and i started crying a little. i was sad but i was really happy for toma. he's getting so popular, he can be in AnAn!! really proud of him... but i didn't really want to see him this way...too sexy!! tried to calm down...
4-looked at the pics again.....then it sank in....HALF-NAKED TOMA!!! *blush*!!! wants!! xD

[i wrote so much, i felt like this should be a new post altogether, but ignore this if u already read this in my comment f/the post below. it's almost~ exactly the same. haha.]


oh my god.....!!!

(i couldn't stop thinking about him last night when i went to bed....goodness....he's too hot. and then in the middle of the night. and then this morning.... *blush*!!!)

NANDE!!! everyday, it's more shocking news. this time, it's that toma talked about sex during the interview. OMG...even though i thought he would, but i thought, like just in general. NOT SO SPECIFICALLY!!!

(i actually dreamt about reading a translation for the interview last night. and that toma was talking about sex. that's all i remember. of course, i was upset/shocked, too!!)


"he will be delving into discussions on his own outlook of sex." and in a comment there, ecyojn said her friend translated 1 line f/the interview, and it said that Toma likes "a woman's voice during sex".....





he's a gorgeous 25 yr old man. such a popular idol, too. i'm sure he's had many girlf's, i'm sure he's had sex... (and i kinda already had to consider this when i wrote my fanfic). but....still...i can't help feeling a little crushed, my hope that toma is still a virgin...

but...even so...i wouldn't think toma would talk about something so personal....!! EHHHH.....

(actually, it's good that i read some yaoi fanfics where toma's...doing it....be4 this an an photo shoot was i've already been thinking of him as a seductive, sensual when i read's not as big a shock to me. haha. hai....)

ehhhhh...but i've been already mentally preparing myself for this ever since yesterday, that toma would talk about sex, so...... a woman's voice during sex....omg. like...quiet and soft or gasping and breathless....?? the thought of toma...doing it...makes me hot though.... (>////<)
goodness...but whoever he's been with!!!! i hate them. HATE!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (>_<) i know it's none of my business who he's been with, but i think most of his fans would feel upset about this and....

like i said, after my fanfic, part of me feels like he's boyf, so i'm really jealous/mad right now!!!!! (>___<) BUT then again, in my fantasy world, i AM his secret girlf right now, so i guess i should not be upset, since i'm the only girl he's gonna be doing THAT~ with from now...LOL. *delusional* thinking of this cheered me up, though!! ahahahahahahahahaha!!! :D doesn't matter really, it's not like i'll ever meet long as i can be with him in my fantasies, that's all that matters. lol. now i'll just make a note of this info and work it into my next fantasy. xD *shameless*!! i'm curious about what else he said in that interview. *blush*!!! even though he's talking about sex....i have a feeling, since it's toma....he won't talk about anything too dirty. and's kinda sweet that he would say he likes how her voice sounds while they're..... (>/////<)


I DUNNO IF THE TRANSLATION IS CORRECT, SO THERE'S STILL A CHANCE.... I DUNNO...I SHOULD WAIT TILL THE OFFICIAL TRANSLATION....but really...i'm pretty sure toma's not a virgin neeeee....and that's's to be expected...*sigh*


musixofmalife said...

but i really have a strong feeling that he's still a virgin. >_< . cz i think he's not that kind of person who do that kind of 'thing' randomly b4 he's getting married / hv a serious relationship (at least). uhh... i hate this topic *gomen~* i just can't take it. T.T *cries + dies*

Line*23 said...

totally speechless!!

yeah he really is matured juz now wen i saw those pix...

well he fits any role/type of guy


anjerin.deep said...

oohh yummy Toma! xD

he's grown up alright ... but where did our cute, shy and adorable Toma go?? part of me wants that back lol

but still he has some of his 'cuteness' lingering in those pics ;)


careline18 said...

actually he didn't write just this.. I meant it wa sjust like this xD

LOL I Don't think he's a virgin xD I mean come one girls he's a damn f*ckn hot 25years old japanese male xDDD
Of course he had sex before. it would be a waste if he hadn't yet LOL
And just because he had sex doesn't mean that he was not serious about the girl(boy) xD right?

kate♥toma said...

i'm sorry. i know this is upsetting, but is a natural thing. everyone does it...i would think toma has done it before, too. and i would think he's been in serious relationships before...

BUT until there's a real translation, i guess we can still hope, maybe. i've requested at the toma LJ and also asked enshinge-chan to translate....

line*23,'s kinda shocking, but under all the sexiness, it's still the same toma ne. ~_~ he's just finally showing his super sexy side to us. it's not like we haven't seen glimpses of it some of his photoshoots and of course, NINGEN SHIKKAKU, and even way back in 2007, when he was junpei (SO HOT AND SEXY!!!!)

i've been waiting for yr comment! haha.

yes, he's just absolutely delicious. xD

cute, shy, adorable toma is still there!! just that this is another side to him. and really...he's always been sexy! just this is a NEW, UNBELIEVABLE LEVEL OF SEXY, that he's reached. lol.

yes yes! that's totally what i thought. he's still cute, even when he's insanely hot. lol. it's his expressions....i would DIE if it's almost naked toma + really sexy expressions on his face. i'm glad it's only almost naked toma + suggestive/cute looks on his face (mostly. omg....the other looks he had!!).


ehh!! >_< ok, i just saw toma's real msg. haha.

I KNEW SOME OF U WOULD START SAYING THIS. how he's totally not a virgin. haha. but was possible!! i really hoped....

sou desu. just cuz he's done it, doesn't mean it was a one-night stand or something. i'm sure toma's really very serious about love and he would only do that with someone he truly loves...

careline. LOL. girl or boy. hahaha. goodness...sometimes i seriously think toma is bi. that's the only explanation....?? and this way, i'd still have a chance!! xD

but matter who toma loves, i'll always love him. ~_~