Friday, April 23, 2010

about toma's ACUO CM (turning women into anime. lol!), and some other things...

(toma cuteness!!!♥♥♥ this is from the newest issue of duet i think? forgot....this is like a preview...i will post more of my fav toma magazine pics f/this month later...something weird going on w/me today....i can't seem to calm down. even these adorable pics of him got me all hot....*blush*!! ba~ka!!! credit: zoe.)

this is really late, but here's some news about toma's (i lost's the 4th, right?) recent LOTTE CM!!!

i think lots of ppl saw the preview of the CM, but did u see the full 30 second one?? haha. it's just a little more at the start and the end...u can see it at the official lotte website, h's youtube page or at the toma LJ...

some NEWS about it:



(so cute!! love how toma's front teeth is showing cutely...♥♥)

"However, it was quite difficult to act with invisible Anime characters according to Ikuta, so he discussed every detail carefully with the director. The way he moved his line of sight and gestures is prepared with thorough consideration, showing great performance skills of Ikuta. And in the scene in which he was blamed by the boutique shop manager, he was asked to be "approached as close as possible, like leaning on your back." and the camera really moved very close to his face. After the director called "cut", Ikuta, the one just had a serious expression, smiled confidently in an excessive closeness?

This new CM of "ACUO" will be on air from April 5 in Japan."


and this is what toma said about his CM's, btw. haha.

[credit: inseiko@Tomalicious forum]

vol. 340
(sometime in march)


it's ok to talk about my new CM now.

"Nisshin Yakisoba U.F.O."!

why, i'm goint to do PR for the product i ate loads of when i was in school!

everyone, please eat lots and lots of nisshin yakisoba U.F.O.

(maybe mar.31)

as the filming for hanamizuki ended, tossed into the air by everyone, i fell right on my head. this is ikuta toma.

they've announced the new CM for acuo.
i appeared with an anime character named suzumiya haruhi.

it was my first experience doing collaboration with a character, and i think the finished product will be interesting.

everyone please chew acuo, and turn your lovers, friends, and family into anime.

some more random (kinda/really)old, toma-related stuff:

toma wrote a really sweet sweet letter at the end of march to shun cuz he couldn't be there for his last All Night Nippon. ~_~ it's her newest post here:
[toma when he was a little kid....doing pullups and failing. haha!] (hmm...i don't think i'm one. check out the cool toma merchandise!! haha.)
Ranking: Best Doramas Based on Mangas (hana kimi got 5th place!!)

that's all for today.
have an awesome weekend, everyone!! ^O^

i'm really anxious about the anan interview still....
even the first time i looked at his pics in my magazine, i tried to see if i could read anything (IT WAS SO DISTRACTING, HE'S PRACTICALLY NAKED right next to the text. lol.)...well, i only recognized the "woman" word, and that was pretty much it. haha. maybe i should ask enshinge to translate's been 1 week already!!!


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