Sunday, January 31, 2010

jan.31....toma's documentary show aired on that day!! (updates...)

this is kate.

ja, it's sold out again (within 3 days?!). =T
the magazine i want to buy. the popolo march 2010 issue (CUTE pics of toma and the little girl!). nande??! but then i asked if they could order the +act. one for me (toma in the field...toma on the cover!!), and they said they'll try...i forgot 2 ask the price, and turns out it costs about TWICE as much as the other magazines!! EHH!! now i kinda hope they won't be able to get it 4 me. lol. ya ya, i want i couldn't buy anything, except i got a sweet an donut. haha.

TODAY!! (well, yesterday, in japan)
i remembered something special was happening!!

show! *_*

i haven't watched, but u can dL it at LJ. probably it'll be at hisatopii's youtube page soon, too. i'll watch the low quality version online and wait for TFS's subbed version and then dL. ~_~

toma crying!! =( toma....he really did so many things in 2009!!
[Toma on Jounetsu Tairiku~ SCREENCAPS]

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT TOMA'S LIFE, YOU'VE GOTTA GO TO XDUSTBUNNYS' LJ!! all about toma, completely!!! not just what he's been doing/saying in interviews and fan sightings of him, but also of what his friends say about him, etc.

I LOVE THIS LJ, AND I REGRET NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT SOONER!!! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT HIS GREAT LJ ABOUT TOMA?!!!!! haha. i recently read about how when he was in hokkaido filming, toma forgot his hotel room keys at a restaurant!! and the person that worked there got to hand deliver the keys to him!! lol. really...where else can u get such random toma info???? (except from toma's room/ikita kotoba, i guess...)

and also from here, i found out this info about hanamizuki:
- crank in was on September 26 in Kushiro, Hokkaido
- crank up will be in the Spring of 2010

(credit: you probably already know, but the official ningen website has a lot of nice BIG, PRETTY pics of toma there, and also some wallpapers, a screensaver...WOW. good idea, to put pics of toma all over the website!!!!!

geez, i'm running out of time again...but i'll continue this post tomorrow, i guess. but for now, i'll just post up some toma pics. AH~ TOMA CUTENESS!!! HE'S SO SO ADORABLE neeeeeeeeee.♥

this is the part i love most from the preview of the documentary show!! toma looks so cool, in fisherman mode here!!

some recent toma magazine pics... (credit: strawberry_gemm)

toma's such a cutie!!! this is from a tv show, jan.29, Miyaneya.
he's all smiles and is so modest...kyaa!! ka~waii!!!!

but they changed the official poster?? i like the 1st version better (credit: strawberry_gemm)'s a little...weird to have the RED pic be the background....

............................. some news J entertainment news, kinda related to toma.... [JOHNNYS LET THEM USE THEIR REAL PICS 4 WEBSITES!!!!!!! YEY!! well, like i said though, it seems to be for only the drama/movie sites...but i guess it's better than nothing!! haha. ppl talking about toma's pic missing f/the hana kimi poster...i was mad/confused about that too, back then. lol.]
In Japan Illegal downloading remains rampant due to lack of punishments [they want to stop illegal downloading of music AND images...aiya...a little worried about this...hope it won't affect ppl who upL/dL toma's magazine scans...]
[just FYI, before the jury system was used in japan, 99% of cases turned out with a GUILTY verdict. and now it's the same. lol. by October, out of 47 trials, it all ended with a GUILTY verdict!!]

TO BE CONTINUED...........

i'm back~
yaparri, hisatopii has posted up toma's documentary show @youtube!! YEY.
but i haven't watched it yet cuz i'm busy posting all this stuff up for you guys!! =T
ah, i'll watch tomorrow. seems like it's only around 30 minutes long?!?! i thought at least 45???? SO SHORT!!! o_o

the poll is done.

are you a girl or guy?
i'm sure toma's got some guy fans too?? don't be shy! ^^

girl 56 (86%)
guy 7 (10%)
intergender 2 (3%)
Votes so far: 65

wow. 7 guys here???


10%! wow. bikurishimashita! i'm really surprised!!
but it makes me happy, too. and 2 intergender ppl, too. interesting...

i'll try to's not only us girls here...some guys too...haha.

they changed the pic at hanamizuki's website to a winter version!! ii ne!! i guess filming won't continue will march?? since toma's super busy promoting ningen until the end of feb. at least....
ANOTHER COOL TOMA SITE I FOUND JUST TODAY (some1 linked to it at the toma LJ). u can dL the tv shows toma comes on, see pics, etc. here!! and check out all the toma pics on the right side!! is THAT what the banner of the toma's room blog entries look like?? sugoi!! UWA...HOW MANY MORE COOL TOMA SITES DON'T I KNOW ABOUT?!!! EVERYONE-CHAN, PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR, AND TELL ME IF YOU KNOW OF ANY AWESOME TOMA SITES LIKE THIS, OK??? :D ARIGATOOOOOO.

........................ ningen things....
[gotta remember to go here sometimes to check for ningen updates!]
[Ningen Shikkaku OST tracklist with translations!]


BUY THE NINGEN SOUNDTRACK: [funny missing pics of johnnys guys]

just a cute pic of toma and yamashita from a long time ago. just saw it at the tomalicious forum, it's Rei_Mibu's avatar. haha.

--------- THIS IS SO LATE, BUT HERE'S THE PREVIEW OF his documentary show @youtube! [at this same page, u can see the whole documentary too!!]
[all the lovely toma pics f/the ningen website!! get them here!]
[xx69rabbit69xx kindly translated the ningen trailer for me. ~_~ ah, it's nice to know what he was saying!! "Horiki, let's die together." !!! and "I'll kiss you for it."!!! and the "everybody always wants him"!! ^_^]
[SUPER CUTE gifs of toma f/that cooking show he was on at the end of january.]
[14 HQ Ningen Shikakku photos, most f/the pretty...]
[list of tv shows toma will be]
[Photos: Various Upcoming Magazines + TV Fan 2010.03. *_* TOMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! KYAA!!]
[[video] UPDATE: Ningen Shikakku press screening/red carpet]
[Toma's article in Duet's February issue translated here, mentions of how his appearance in Yamapi's concert was set up♥]
[Ikuta Toma to appear in the TV documentary program "Jounetsu Tairiku". it's nice to read fans' comments to this news...] [the same news, but a little bit more at the end!!]
[more pics!! magazine previews, tv show preview clip, and PICS F/THE NINGEN PRESS SCREENING.]
[more magazine pics and tv show video clip!!]
[dunno how they find all these things....this person is selling toma (and other johnny's guys)'s accessories. one of the things there is TORU'S CRISSCROSSING RING IN MAJOSAI!!!]

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[credit: subliminalicon]


Koneko_Panda said...

YAAAAY! This excites me!

kate-chan said...

*_* from now till feb.20~
it'll be an exciting time for toma and his fans ne...

Cezie_Pals said...

i want to see the documentary. hopefully someone can sub it soon.
i really loved the duet feb 2010 story.
~Tomapi friendship is LOVE~
kyaaa!!! *dies*
Yamapi really did want Toma to be in all the concerts. too bad our Toma-chi is very busy these days. Still, Toma-kun had to practice hard because he didn't want to disappoint. as expected. *claps*

Thanks again for the links & updates Kate-chan

kate☂ said...

TFS will sub it!!

ah, i haven't read the duet feb 2010 interview, but i will soon!! but reading these tomapi interviews always warms my heart!! <3 y wanted him to be at all his concerts? that's like 5 days or's too busy for that...

you're welcome!! thanks 4 being 1 of the few ppl who comment at my posts ne. ~_~ so few ppl comment...*sigh*

Cezie_Pals said...

My Japanese friend said that she actually went and grabbed all the Toma posters in the area. she is such a fangirl!! LOL ^_^

feb.20 will be epic for Toma & his fans!

Go Toma!!!

kate @usa said...

haha!! ah, i want to see your friend's collection of all the toma stuff she got so far this year. lol.

yes!! i feel like i should do something special to celebrate on feb.19 (it'll be feb.20 in japan), but i don't know what. haha...