Sunday, January 3, 2010

new winter banners!!! hokkaido in winter. ah~

both new banners are from hokkaido (hokkaido university)!! IT'S COLD THERE NOW... hokkaido...where toma was born. *_* he lived there 2 yrs (mururon? something like that...a small town). and where toma filmed the movie hanamizuki, his first time in such a "pure love story", as he said! he was there for a week or 2, i forgot. and he saw a shooting star 1 night there (he said 1 night, they were filming on a mountain there and there were lots of shooting stars (orionids), but he didn't get out f/under his blanket to go watch them w/everyone else. :P)

anyway...hope u like them!! (wait, did he also go there to film the end of the bike trip scene for honey and clover? i think so??) ah~ i'd like to go to hokkaido 1 day...oh, u know what?! the pic at Dear Toma..., it was posted up on dec.22, 2009!!! our special day with toma. ahhhhh. SUGEH!! *-*

eh...trying to finish up my fanfic and no new toma news yet, so sorry, no new posts yet!! oh, but toma's blog is now called TOMA'S ROOM!! sugoi!! and go to the toma LJ, u can download a video that has all the parts that he appeared in the johnnys countdown concert!! i also listed in a comment in my post below, about where at youtube to watch the parts with toma, and i even posted detailed notes about the exact time he appears!! ^_^ you're welcome!! (toma's dancing!!! kyaa!!♥)

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