Sunday, September 6, 2009

almost finished!!

did u see the pics???

toma x yamashita!!!
a photoshoot/interview together. ♥

though this took place in june. near the end of filming for majosai.
i'm so glad they straightened his hair for that photoshoot!! his hair looks so nice like that. but i guess partly cuz it'd be funny if both guys had curly hair...

well, if u haven't go to the toma LJ. ^^

ehh... i am close to finishing!!
ok, i am only starting on the Potato drawing,
but this one should be fast. and done with WU drawing. whew...

i will try to post several new posts soon, but it will have to be after i'm done with the fan art, so probably sometime on tuesday....please wait for me~

i'm tired... it's late.
good night everyone!!
(also, happy labor day to those in the usa.
but cuz of this, i have to send the fan art 1 day later than i wanted. -__-)

p.s. thanks to my new followers and some new ppl commenting here at my blog!! for coming here, for supporting toma! thank you~ i'm glad u found this place. *_*


Cezie_Pals said...

I read it! It totally made my month.
So touching. No matter how much we fans love Toma, Yamapi is still Toma's #1 fan.
Hooray for Tomapi friendship Love~~

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Are you going to buy Potato, kate?

I actually couldn't believe it - there are sooo many pics. Crosstalk photoshoot PLUS his own usual two page photoshoot (this one is great too!). Too bad, he didn't make the cover as well..hee

Cezie_Pals said...

Ultraviolet is right! I saw the pics at Toma-kun so kakkoi!!!!
Anyways, I can't seem to find any Potato or Wink Up Magazines here in Vancouver Canada. I already tried Metrotown & Crystal Mall, searching for like the whole day today!!!! Too scared to go to Japan town. Hahahay... I want the magazines soooooooo badly!!!

kate ☂ said...

did some1 translate the interview into eng. yet?? i wanna know what they talked about!! tomapi <3. :D i'm jealous, but happy at the same time. lol.

hi paige! ehh...i don't think so. i've bought too much toma magazines recently, i've gotta cut back. haha. i'll wait till the next time he's on the cover/on a poster. but toma & yamashita, toma on his own pics are really awesome...i gotta think about this. haha.

cezie, sells these magazines. but they sell out fast. u should check. search for 'toma ikuta' and it should show all the magazines he's in. they just started selling WINK UP there recently!! they also sell Potato.

Cezie_Pals said...

Yup, there's a translation on the crosstalk already already. Somewhere in LJ. I read it. It's soooooooo sweet. Their friendship is sooooooo nice. wish i was really there during their photoshoot. but i havent seen any translation on Toma-kun's pages yet. if u do find one, tell me pls!

kate ☂ said...

souka. i've gotta read it soon. enshinge might translate his interview...i'll post the link here if i see it, definitely!