Friday, January 23, 2009

FRIDAY RANDOMNESS! toma fan art ...self-conscious toma ...toma facts ...some VOICE things

♥ toma-ism #85:

i want to fall asleep in your arms~
(sitting close~ together on a park bench)
in the glow of the moonlight~
on a cold winter's night~~


kate des. =)

and~ i'm writing this
as the rain is falling outside.
it has also been raining in tokyo recently...very cold.

yappari~ no eng. subs for VOICE ep.1 yet!
but i'll patiently wait for it~
oh, ep.2's ratings was 17.4! yey!! can't be helped.

it's becoming one of those times where i'm running out of things to post here.
yappe na. (that's bad) especially now when i'm getting more hits than i used to. either some new ppl R coming here, or some of you are coming here more often than usual. either way, I'M HAPPY TO SEE I'M OFTEN GETTING 80+ HITS A DAY. MINNA~ ARIGATOU!! i don't want to disappoint you all by not updating a lot. but it's cuz i don't wanna just post links to toma LJ stuff all the time. of course i also wanna come up w/some original things to say here....but recently...i haven't been able to think up anything very interesting to say about toma-kun. haha. (if u are ever really bored here, u can browse thru the old posts in the archive! =P)

so, gomen in advance if the posts these days R not very interesting ne~
and, please know that i am still trying my best, here~!
hai~ gambarimas!!

well then~
here's a lot of random toma things for you. douzo!
have a good weekend and

until next time~

kore! (here!)

[credit: wendy,]

sugeh!!! love the colorful, blurry city lights in the background & toma's determined expression! i think this is f/a recent magazine article.

surprisingly self-conscious??!

it's funny...u wouldn't expect such a good-looking, charming and outgoing guy like toma to be self-conscious (, but the more interviews u watch/read, the more you'll see that he is more of a thoughtful/serious/sensitive/self-conscious guy than the outgoing/hyper/funny/fun guy that he often plays in dramas. at least that's the feeling i get from watching his interviews & reading his blog...and after all, toma has said before that he's actually quite a boring/gloomy guy in real life! but i'm sure he's being modest, if he really was like that, he wouldn't have so many friends! haha...but, who says actors can't also be shy/quiet, right? like johnny depp or tony leung in real life. =)

it makes me think of something chris rock said: "i don't have confidence in real life; something happens to me on stage that kinda disappears as soon as i get off stage." haha...

but i think it's so cool that toma's got another side to him that is quite different from the characters he often plays...yet he is convincing in any kinda role, whether he's a funny/cute or serious/cool or a geeky/outsider guy!! well, there's many different sides to toma, right? =] though i really do think toma has a lot in common with nakatsu...he's also straightforward, cheerful, a really good friend u can depend on, but also quick-tempered.

and when toma sometimes messes up, or does something clumsy, or finds it hard to answer certain questions during his appearances on various tv shows...those are some of my favorite moments! =) cuz he is still so cute when he messes up/can't think of what to say! and it goes to show, toma is also just a regular person like the rest of us, who will get nervous and make mistakes in certain situations. though i swear, most of the time, he just seems PERFECT.

and do u notice how toma often fixes his hair (his bangs)? ~_~ but i guess if there were a lot of girls screaming at you all the time when u appear and people saying you're so cute/good-looking all the time, YOU would also be fixing your hair often and be somewhat self-conscious too!! point is, i like him just the way he is!!
he is always so GENUINE and NATURAL, whether onscreen or during interviews. u get the feeling that he is always honest with's really refreshing and 1 of the main reasons i like him so

the screencap above is from 1 of my favorite toma interviews. u can download it from the Tomalicious Fansubs link below, if u haven't seen it! though it's quite a short interview, with only toma (looking a little tired. =T) and the interviewer/camera man and some other ppl in a small empty room... but i really liked seeing toma's calm, simple answers and how mature and (as always) very polite he is. (and seeing him kinda show us a soccer trick he can do is pretty cool!!) though he's not doing anything special or making cute faces, but he is still so charming, right??
ahhh~ tomaaaaa~
[20070918 chichin puipui]

EH? did you know...

- since 1997, toma's acted in 21 dramas & 19 theatrical plays!! he's really got a ton of acting experience ne!! it's nice that the number is almost equal, he's done both kinds of acting. really impressive! this info is from the above chichin puipui interview. in 2007, toma also got the most votes from AN AN readers for the actor who will get a break (be the next break out star)!! sugoi!! =)

- He and his younger brother Ryuusei [no wonder his name in VOICE sounded a little familiar to me! ryosuke kinda sounds like his brother's name! =) wait, his brother's name kinda sounds like "shut up/be quiet" in japanese!! XD] are fans of GLAY and they attend every single concert during his spare time. got this info f/toma's wikipedia page. somehow, i don't remember reading this before...i looked them up:

VOICE things...

i made a new simple banner to promote VOICE at AF. =)

btw, "voice" in japanese is "koi"!
oh, remember be4, when i was talking about how toma was asking his "lovers" to help him promote this drama? well, after reading the translated version of it at the tomalicious forum, i found out that it can also be understood as him asking everyone reading his message to ask THEIR family, friends, lovers, relatives, etc. to promote VOICE! haha...that would make more sense, but i still would like to think of him asking his many "lovers" (his fans) to help him promote it. =P

toma & the others have been appearing on lots of different talk shows to promote their drama. u can download them all at the toma LJ community! IS IT JUST ME, or doesn't the only girl in the main cast, SATOMI (kanoko), look a lot prettier in real life than in the drama?? in the drama, she her upper lip is too full! but during the interviews, her lips look fine and she looks a lot prettier! mm...i guess it's cuz of her more different hairstyle & lipstick in the drama...

anyway, here's one show that i liked cuz of what toma did at the might be nothing much, but i thought it was really sweet/thoughtful of him to do that!! you see, at the end of the interview, the 3 of them were bowing/thanking the hosts for having them on the show. they bowed to the left and bowed to the right (the direction of the hosts). but ONLY toma, ONLY he, bowed one more time straight at the camera! and i think it's a bow/thank you for us, the viewer right? ^_^ i know it's not a big deal and toma has always interacted w/the camera/the viewer more than others, but i still thought it was a nice gesture that shows toma always remembers and is grateful to the viewer/his fans. *__* sugoi!

[HQ version:]


salome said...

hi again. you mentioned Johnny Depp in this entry. i love him too. he's another down-to-earth, straight forward & comfortable-in-his-own-skin guy.

kate`* said...

johnny depp is 1 of my fav american actors. he's so cool, talented, and handsome. very down-to-earth and doesn't try to fit in/show off. so different f/the typical big stars... =)

in fact, the name i use in most forums/used to use here at this blog, savvy kate or kate savvy is cuz i loved how capt jack sparrow said "savvy?" a lot!

ultraviolet_p1 said...

Paige here again,
I do like seeing Toma on those variety shows. Interviews gives us nice juicy tidbits, and Toma smiles so much. On game shows, he is especially cute - as you said, when he messes up a bit.

There is a latest one where (can't remember what show), he was a guest at a naming game. And I think (the chinese subs were tiny in low quality vids, so I couldn't really understood the rules), that you are given a surname and the players have to say a first name but not of any of the ppl's name sitting there playing. And Toma went well with his first turn. Next one was the surname Ikuta...and it was silence (I wasn't even sure if it's was his turn), and then Toma blurted out 'Toma'...LOL, and he realises he was so wrong to have done that. LOL, I kept rewinding to listen to him say his own name and watch his expression from normal, to totally stuffed-up, laughing, embarrassed, to 'oh-no...ehhh'...

I hope he keeps acting in his butais. It's great acting experience, and I want him to keep growing with that and take the role challenges everytime. This year - I wish that he'll do a stage show after Voice, midyear or so, and then do another TV drama in the latter half of the year. Do some CMs, do some promos...just appear everywhere, have a break, write more Tomagatos...^_^

kate`* said...

hey paige!
i watched that! that show u were talking about! :D but with no subs at all, but that part was so cute. just out of habit, he blurted out "toma"! lol! i'm sure TFS will sub it later, but thanks 4 the explanation, now i know why he messed up. haha!

me too, though i can't see him in his butais, but actors R always saying how they love acting in plays more than in dramas/movies, it's more serious/rewarding, etc...i'm sure it's the same for toma. =)

this yr, i hope a lot more ppl will love toma after seeing his dramas/plays. <3 i hope all his dramas/plays will be super successful!!

paige said...

Oh...and of course...I am so happy and proud when he does well in those game shows...heheh...not only when he messes it up...

The bowling one...The last part last year for H&C - I'm so glad he was chosen to do the 'one pin ' bowling challenge (although I think, they usually pick their lead star to represent the team). He did so well, with so many. Even if he didn't win, it was so yah! to see him knock that pic down alot.

Hehe, well, sometimes he is a bit fudgy in challenges, but that is you said, he can't be perfect.

paige said...

Uh...forgot to say...I wasn't sure about the 'naming game show'. The subs were so tiny and went so quick, that I didn't know exactly what they meant to do...but Toma surely got it wrong.

Yes, I think it was out of habit. Heheh. And the punishment at the end...That was adorable - his after taste expression. I waiting for a gif of that. Seems so cruel, but he made me laugh. LOL

kate`* said...

yes yes, of course!! it's sooooo cool when toma wins/is good at a game!! i remember being so impressed when he won the limbo contest when he was younger!! though he fell right after he won!! lol! toma bowling is so kakkoii!! really, yet they picked him? sugoi! i wish i was as good a bowler as toma! he is really good at it! =)

and i really really liked watching the Tokyo Park game show he went on with ohno. though he was bad at a lot of the games, but he really tried hard, and it's somehow nice to see that he's got weaknesses too...also, LOVED the hanetobi (on the fake train, word game) f/last yr, cuz: 1) toma's so so kawaii (his hairstyle, clothes, all perfect!!), and 2) he tried so hard to not lose, yet he still did and was sprayed with cold CO2!! also accidentally got hit in the head! but i love his interactions with the older men. haha. poor guy though, they kept teasing him.

i see! well whatever the rules, toma was definitely wrong! poor toma on that recent game show!! it was like an automatic reaction, "ikuta..." "toma!" xD i dunno what they made him drink, but it musta been terrible!! his expression was funny though. =P he's just like a little boy (girl?) sometimes! heehee~