Friday, January 30, 2009

love is like the falling snow... (toma's lovely winter pics 2 keep u warm~)

[credit: !!ii~ُtHًeً B؛e$tُ DaٌM؛n ‘T‘h،!n9ّ~,

♥ toma-ism #87:
愛は似る 降りくる雪の 地に落ちて
落つればただに 消えもてゆくに
(Love is like the falling snow
once it comes it has to go)

[just thought this was a nice poem about how love is like snow...
credit: MarieEve K.A.,]

["nyaaa!" =P have a nice weekend, everyone!!
Credit: same toma imeem group as the ferris wheel pics below]

i didn't forget!!
but there's only around 30 min. till friday is over!!
i've gotta hurry!!
(gomen! for those of u who have already seen these pics,
this post must be boring. i'll make it up to you next friday!
probably... haha. no, i'll really try to!!
so that i won't disappoint you~ gambarimas!)

i see we've got 14 votes for VOICE poll. =)
thank u all, for voting!
and no one has said they don't like it. =)
yappari~ most of u think it's awesome.
i haven't voted. i'll vote after i watch ep.!

i bought another LONELY PLANET book recently, this time a small one about tokyo: TOKYO ENCOUNTER. ~_~ i actually wanted to name my "close to 4 hrs" story something like this! and then the 2nd reason i liked the book immediately: the back cover is pink! the first page is also pink! cute! i somehow associate the color pink with toma. lol. i guess cuz it's the color of hearts and cute/girly things...and hana kimi (pink crest on their uniforms) and H&C (pink cherry blossoms!). also, toma wants to some day dye his hair pink like hide f/x japan! ...though i dunno when i can actually go on a trip to tokyo, buying this book & seeing the pics and looking at the fold-out seems like i'm 1 step closer to tokyo...haha. now if i could only be friends with someone who lives in tokyo. s/he could maybe show me around when i'm there. =) (luckily i already have a few friends in hong kong, so if i'm ever there...)

[credit: meoinkie2, this was from POTATO magazine]

got the rest of his pics f/that interview!! ^_^ thanks to meoinkie once again, always posting up scans i requested!!

also, i realized why that blue-ish pic of toma leaning in the snow looks kinda familiar!! cuz toma posed almost exactly the same way in 2 older pics!! ma~ as long as he looks cute, i don't mind that he uses the same pose ne! anyway....i love any pose that involves toma lovingly looking at us. ~_~

here are some more tomadorable winter pics to warm u up!! i love this one on the left!! so kawaiiiii and adorable!!! he looks so warm and cozy, and that smile!!...u just wanna give him a big hug!!
also, including some pics from probably the start of 2008, some where he took at/on the ferris wheel. i never saw anyone post it up...some other ppl didn't know about it too, so i thought i'd post it up. so, hopefully u haven't seen it also...some cute pics of toma (although kinda blurry)!). i really like toma's hair like this (in the ferris wheel pics...and in general how it was while he was filming/promoting H&C too!) he looks so young, like a high school student, ne?

[kakkoiiii...(CLICK ON IT TO SEE THE FULL SIZE!) credit: baidu]


1.30.2009 edit:
ah, forgot there's some more!

[credit: 10tookie24,]


Anonymous said...

hey! you got one here from Singapore too(:

kate`* said...

i'm not sure what u mean, but i think u mean that i can count you as a friend & u live in singapore?

if that's what u r saying, then thanks! though i don't know who u are. haha.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah that was what i meant(:

kate`* said...

arigatou ne~~ :)