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some VOICE updates / 2008 cool LJ stuff...

♥ toma-ism #80:
i~ need~ you~ so~ much~
you're out of reach,
you're out of reach, but you're so close.
(bbmak's out of reach lyrics)



it's the 1st friday of 2009, so of course i've gotta post something ne!
mmm...this is silly, but it just came to me~
2009. it kinda looks like my birthday, 2.09! haha.
and when it's 2:09pm on 2.09.2009!!! wahh...that's pretty cool!
maybe this will be my lucky year!! ...baka! =P actually, what made me think this was...toma was saying in his blog once, he looked at his watch and it was 10:07 = his birthday! and he wondered if it was lucky to see that. heehee.

oh~ just saw at the tomalicious forum today, fans talking about him being a guest at NEWS' concert recently!! wahhh!! and he and yamashita were hugging and close and all...afterwards, toma wrote about going there in his blog and sent a copy to yamashita early in the morning, too! ~_~ also, there have been no new translations for toma's blog for a while now, cuz inseiko is on holiday i think...i miss reading tomagoto. =/

so~ some VOICE updates. there's some news & lots of pics at's News and Update section! and the poster is done! but it looks bad! =[
u can see it here:
actually, toma looks bad, cuz every1 else's is a normal pic, but toma's pic had to be photoshopped. and they did such a mediocre job, he looks strange and a little ghostly, actually. it goes well with the theme of the drama! ...taku! (seriously!) i'd rather they leave him out of it than put such a creepy looking pic of him into the poster!! stupid JE rule, not letting them use his image, so they had to do that to his pic. x_x still, couldn't they have made him look nicer, like in the h&c or maou posters?!

well~ at least there's something cool at the official website! they have a place where u can post messages for the cast there!!
i tried writing a message yesterday, but don't see mine posted up yet. maybe they only post up certain was in japanese too, i just took a few lines from my letter for toma. though the categories are all in japanese, but u can use babelfish to translate it and know what to fill in. =)

and~ there's some new VOICE press/cm video clips at kinakina4's youtube page. i won't link to it 4 reasons i said before. but everyone should have no problem finding your way there ne.


=) i have saved a bunch of links to cool stuff at the toma LJ! but some of them, maybe u have to be a member there to be able to see's stuff from around jan.~may 2008. i have not been to LJ mostly in sept~dec. 2008. really will catch up soon...maybe a lot of u already have seen all this, but i'll post it up anyway, for those of u who haven't, and cuz i have run out of things to talk about lately. haha! enjoy! [oh, mostly, underneath each link is the description of the post by the person who posted it.]

matta ne!

i found out! that the place in japan w/the pretty xmas lights is sapporo city, in hokkaido. mm xmas, i'll find nice pics of it for my slideshow. haha...
[lots of BIG magazine scans, recent and old!]
[bunch of old toma magazine scans!!]
[Endless SHOCK with Ikuta Toma, dload links!!]
[zephy's translations of tomagoto entries R really detailed and i think is really very close to what toma's actual words were!! check out the translations here!! =) i'm really obsessed with details, so i love to read these translations, cuz it's really close to what toma actually said....when i'm posting up translations of hacken's messages, i also try 2 make it look like his original message!! haha~ ]
2 clips from Johnny's Family Club

[[TV] 20080116 Hanetobi
[TV] 20080116 Hanetobi(12m44s)
Download link : MU
File size: 202 mb] [co2 spray!]

06:58 am - Cooltrans Scans :D
More Toma scans, because he's just so amazing lately... @___@
Hey there!

I found some magazine that had a cover of HachiKuro and so...I scanned them to share with everyone~!
I'm finally giving back to the community. Ok, enough jokes. It wasn't even funny. It's not much but I liked them and I hope you guys would too.

[info]drpaccy's really PRETTY toma icons

[shirtless pics! wah, thought this was from a while back!!!!]

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Yes, that's an ipod. He showed his ipod on a tv show once.

Cool Trans 03/08 Translation
Feb. 20th, 2008 | 07:12 pm
( Cool Trans 03/08 Translations )
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Potato 02/08
Feb. 20th, 2008 | 07:30 pm
( Potato 02/08 )
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26 February 2008 @ 10:32 pm
[Icons]: 165 x jdrama: Akiba@Deep, Attention Pls, Bambino etc.
Woah!~ Holy cow!! (o___O'')


!!!!!!!!!!!! half naked tomaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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must push away dirty thoughts!


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OMG I FOUND IT *_________________________________*

Issue: With 08.04
Pages: 4
Quality: Semi HQ about 1200 pixels

Credit: Jasmine/Tomacat @ Baidu


toma's tomagoto: the song of sore muscles!!!

29th-Mar-2008 12:50 pm
T-2 days back to uni... time to do some work xD

★volume 75

the muscle ache song

♪ today my muscles are still lamenting their misery/crying out in grief~

especially the bottom half of the body, crying out sounds of "ka ka"~

who will come prevent this muscle ache~

listen to the muscles calling out their desires


today the body is weeping~

but eventually one day the soreness will disappear~

believe me~
I believe~

you are my sunshine!

well then

Ciao hearts x2 <3<3

-'I believe~, you are my sunshine!': he said that in english (was he using lines from other songs xD)
im sorry tomachuu >w<>___>


Reira ([info]currynana) wrote in [info]ikuta_toma,
@ 2008-03-31 00:09:00
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Entry tags: photos : scans

Toma in Career Mag
Scans not made/found by me but were shared by a dear friend. look better and better in every mag u appear in. XD


01:24 am - Baby picspam!
Well, okay...there's only one picture of Ikuta Toma here. :|


071101 Recomen - entire show o.O
Hina + Toma call Yoko + Jin


teacup79 ([info]teacup79) wrote in [info]ikuta_toma,
@ 2008-04-04 19:03:00
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Entry tags: translations

Fan report on Hanakimi SP
Ok, so I found a really cool fan report on baidu about how she goes to see the filming and observes Toma. She makes Toma sound really uh...HERE IT IS! lol

Fan report, in which Toma sounds waaaay cool :D


baka_neko3 ([info]baka_neko3) wrote in [info]ikuta_toma,
@ 2008-04-10 12:18:00
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[TV] Ai no Apron (Ikuta Toma guest judge)
The clip is very funny and toma-chan looks so cute when he's being poisoned by the food cooked for him... Poor toma-chan... It was a slow agonizing death for him... XD

For a clip i d/led many years ago (almost 7-8 years ago), it is surprisingly in good quality (back then, it's hard to find good quality clips)...


01:56 pm - [protected post] Yay for subs! ^___^
071101 Recomen - entire show o.O
Hina + Toma call Yoko + Jin

Hitoribocchi Toma Look at the chibis!
I wish I had used that Toma background more than once...♥

Translation: [info]enshinge
Subbing: [info]ohmiya_sg (Saragorn)
Encoding: [info]shexay_yasuda ([info]cherry_kaede )

This is a whopping hour and a half of Yoko's and Hina's radio show, Recomen, when Toma filled in for Yoko during Yukan Club fliming. They have several interesting segments, and talk about half of JE. XD And Toma calls Shingo "Hina," which turns me into a puddle of goo for some reason. I love when people use silly old nicknames like that. ^__^ Watch out for Hina's mention of Tomapi, and Toma telling us he'll try hard on his own. ♥


10:55 pm - Popolo 6/08 trans :D
Toma provides insight on his five most important treasures in the most recent issue of Popolo! (I keep typing popoly...)

My happiness. The origin of my smile. The 5 things I value most.
If you'd like to see the pictures, go to:


[RELEASE] (SC) 2004-01-11 Run Medley - Ikuta Toma, Hasegawa Jun, and Kazama Shunsuke

09:01 am - (SC) 2004-01-11 Run Medley - Ikuta Toma, Hasegawa Jun, and Kazama Shunsuke
Yosh! It's been a long time since I last posted here, ne~? Well, I've been through a lot, lol! Anywayz! Now I'm back and healthy and back into fansubbing, yay!! So! Without further delay! We at [info]je_mix_fansubs bring you Toma's SC "Run Medley"~~! With Hasegawa Jun and Kazama Shunsuke, backed by ABC and Kisumai~
One can never have too much Toma-love and we're no exception to the rule. Here's the clip we meant to release a few weeks ago but were unable at the time. Now that our [info]dymed_angel is back, better than ever, we have the clip for everyone to enjoy. Toma's joined by none other than HaseJun and Kazama Shunsuke and backed by ABC and Kisumai2 for this medley from 2004.

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