Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i need someone to cure me. please call DR.IKUTA:) --ameonna10

[toma as the really really cute forensics medical student, Ryosuke. ~_~ kawaiiii~]

♥ toma-ism #83:
can i~ depend on you?

hi there!
good morning!

it's me.

actually~ i'm in no hurry to watch VOICE, cuz i am still watching akihabara@deep (love Box & all the otaku geekiness/craziness!!) xD) right now. and also re-watching hana kimi w/neesan (feels really nostalgic ne! nakatsu=love!!). but seeing the screencaps of VOICE today got me really excited...really wanna watch it soon!! haha. u can already download ep.1 at the toma LJ community. but i gotta wait 4 the subbed vers. let's see if my prediction was right, that we'll have to wait at least 1 week for its release! ...well then~ here R some VOICE updates! i wonder if ep.1 got good ratings...

oh, right! yesterday, saw toma's latest message from jan.7, where he asked everyone, and i mean everyone~~ to help him promote VOICE. =P he listed these ppl and asked that they all help him promote his new drama: "Family, friends, lovers, nieces and nephews, long distance relatives etc..." [credit: lia, http://imm0rtal-piglet.livejournal.com/48562.html]
LOVERS?! he must mean his fans/all who love him, of course, but his word choice...it makes it sound like he's got a lot of girlfriends, right? lol!! when i'm sure he doesn't have any right now. maybe he's including his past significant others too, though...anyway~ i love it when toma writes ambiguous things like this...kinda confusing, can mean THIS~ or THAT~ ...^_~

ma~ a lot of things about toma-kun is ambiguous! he can be/look both boyish and girly...i'm not sure if he likes girls or guys more...he is so outgoing & happy when on-screen/on-stage, but he's also so modest & serious during interviews...toma, he's full of contradictions, kind of? flirty yet sincere, masculine yet delicate, popular yet down-to-earth, and considerate yet straightforward!

but, that's why i like him~!

sorry, i got off-topic! i just love his ambiquity...
so.... if he means all who love him, then i count as 1 of those toma lovers! and i will definitely try to help promote VOICE for you, toma! i think i'll try making a small VOICE banner soon that i can use for my signature at AF...and you all can use it to help promote VOICE too! yeah~!

[speaking of lovers....kyaaa!! flirty tomaaaaaa!!! THANKS TO PAIGE FOR THE LINK! all screencaps credit: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=525811469]

oh, the title of my post.
i was looking for VOICE stuff when this came up in the search results. i love what she said, though technically, he's not a doctor yet, and not the kinda doctor that treats ppl that are still alive, but anyway...credit 4 that goes tohttp://ameonna10.livejournal.com/!

i know who toma's got a crush on!
ah, i mean, who Ryosuke's got a crush on! just saw the characters' relationships map here.

http://wwwz.fujitv.co.jp/voice/chart/index.html couldnt they find a prettier actress 2 be his crush, though?? =T

[Oi !! minna-chan, remember to watch my drama, VOICE!! =P arigatouuuu!]

here's a great interview enshinge translated, where toma talks about his character in VOICE and how he researched forensics to prepare for his role! toma bought the medical books right be4 they gave him some! haha. and i'm sure i'll be touched by this drama, just like toma says... but i hope toma's character will not just be the popular/flirty guy with a serious side, but also a pretty smart [LITERALLY, in toma's case! pretty + smart. heehee~] student...never seen him as a smart/studious guy before. =)

i hope u like the new bg song, fiona's new song, "sweet honey". i know, i know. it's a little TOO sweet and corny, but...i like it. ~_~ and it really expresses how i feel about toma, though i only have a general idea of what the lyrics mean. check out fi's sweet MV for it, where she floats up whenever he says he loves her! cute!!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvrFr1GJAJ4

*__* just had to pass on this very inspiring quote to everyone! it also goes with the theme of VOICE, ne! thanks to FBL (www.forbetterlife.org) for this quote!! AND i will think it over...


salome said...

wow, that photo of him smelling that girl's hair is... sexy? no, that's not quite the right word. - i'm jealous.

ultraviolet_p1 said...

LOL, salome...exactly my thoughts when I saw (well...your first thought...as I'm not too jealous...jealous).

Although, in the show, that part happened so quickly and there wasn't anything much about it (Eita said he knows where she went b/c he could smell something in her hair, and so Ryosuke goes and smells it)...so no fuss or anything...but when that part becomes a still screencap - that imagery made me go...ooohhhh...that just sexy smexy!

kate`* said...

GETS!! ^_^V
somehow, later, i had a feeling he was not flirting w/her at that moment!! maybe cuz she was moving, i figure it happened quickly, just that when captured, it looks like he's close to her for a while.

but my first reaction was "ahhh~ flirty toma!! kakkoiiiii!!" ~_~ it looked more sweet/cute than sexy to me. cuz of the expression on his face~

salome said...

really? it was an innocent scene? amazing how things are different in action & in stills... (i haven't seen Voice yet.)

but, but, i still feel jealous. my heart hurts. (sniff)

kate`* said...

just watched some intv/promotion clips for VOICE that included ep. 1 clips. =)

salome, don't be jealous! haha. u remind my of my sister, she gets jealous of his female co-stars so easily already, though she's a new fan! lol.