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"Happy New Year! Don’t Die." xD/ toma's happy new year message!/ news @AF

♥ toma-ism #81:

in 2009~
i'm wishing that you'll be loved!
hai~ even more than usual. ;)

doumoooo!! :D
savvy kate des.

can u tell??
i'm really happy right now!
cuz i just got to read
toma's happy new year message for everyone.
ahhh~ it gave me a warm~, sweet~ feel~ing, ne~.....!

i got/saw some nice happy new yr messages, so i'm re-wishing it to u all! =)

in 2009~
i'm wishing you a new year filled with
all the joy that the love of toma-kun can give!!!♥

and i'm especially~
wishing you to be loved!!♥

seriously though~
even if 2009 turns out to be a just ok year for us,
i hope it's at least better than 2008. =)
(and don't ever let anything get you down too much,
remember you can always live vicariously through toma! hahaha.)

also, here's a nice new year quote i got from the Sierra Club's Daily Ray of Hope email. it's cool cuz it makes me think of toma's drama, VOICE, starting soon!
For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. -- T.S. Eliot

[lots of LOVE & PEACE for everyone in 2009, onegaishimas!! credit:]

enough from me though, go here to read Lia's translation of
toma's 1st tomagoto post of 2009!!

his happy new year message for us!
i was especially happy to read it,
cuz there have been no new tomagoto translations at tomalicious since mid-december. i really missed reading toma's messages!! toma-kun, sabishii desu! (i miss u!)

(~_~ just found out today, you can go here to read translations of
NEW and RECENT tomagoto entries!! ureshiiiiiii!!!

such a short, but sweet message!!
in 2009, 2010, 2011...all the years from now, I'LL DEFINITELY TAKE CARE OF YOU, TOMA-KUN!♥ toma-kun, i'm also depending on you~!
i'm sure in japanese, he means "take care" as in "support", but i love how it sounds more personal in english, this way! ...oh, i looked up japanese new yr cakes...i think he must mean the mochi, the glutinous rice cakes? haha. wouldn't you like to try some now? some info about these rice cakes here: this is where i got the "Happy New Year! Don’t Die"! @__@ gotta be careful when eating these sticky cakes...

oh, u've gotta read his last entry from 2008, he wrote about how 2008 was a great year for him and he wrote some mushy things about being at the NEWS concert w/yamashita!! haha. this message is just too cute/sweet!!

[or maybe he means these kinda pretty new yr cakes?? sa~

now~ for some recent/not so recent toma-related news
f/my favorite source for asian entertainment news, ASIANFANATICS!!! ^_^

(gomen~ still quite hyper
from reading toma's messages.
haha...i'll calm down now.)

.......the AF GOLDEN GLOBES 2008 is coming soon! yappari, toma won some awards there last year!
pls vote for toma in any categories he's nominated in, if you are able to vote! more info here:

i read there, that
GReeeeN is gonna sing the themesong for VOICE. i dunno anything about them, but listened to some of their songs on imeem, they sound good! hopefully the song will be great, cuz if it's would be when i didn't like the H&C themesong...i got quite annoyed listening to it at the end of each episode or in the series. =/

they won some awards from Popolo TV Grand Prix 2008!! :D
(December 25, 2008)

i'll just list the ones they won, but u can see the whole list at the link above.

-Maou was got the 6th most votes for BEST DRAMA
-Ohno got the 4th most votes for BEST ACTOR
★-TOMA got the 4th most votes for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for H&C. WHAT?? this is like the 2nd time that he won a supporting role award for that drama! toma was the LEAD!
★-TOMA and Ohno got the MOST VOTES for BEST RIVALS in Maou!! BONZAI!! V^_^V
-TRUTH/Arashi won BEST THEME SONG!! yay!! love this song, still! V^_^V

-the hana kimi didn't make it into the top 5 BEST DRAMA SP!! =[

...........toma didn't make it on to the Oricon: Face of 2008 poll! =(
but arashi and maki did. for the full list, go here: (January 2, 2009)

...........BUT TOMA DID MAKE IT ON TO THE MOST BLOGGED ABOUT MALE CELEBRITIES IN JAPAN!! ^_^ if it was a worldwide thing, i'm sure he'd get a higher rank!! and he already made it onto a similar most blogged about guys poll a while back, too. it's fun to blog about him ne~~
Male Most Written About In Japanese Blogs Ranking,
Monday January 5, 2009 Japan

1. Oguri Shun
2. Ichihara Hayato
3. Akanishi Jin
4. Ikuta Toma
5. Tamaki Hiroshi
6. Sakurai Sho
7. Matsumoto Jun
8. Miura Haruma
9. Kimura Takuya
10. Eita

credits: oricon + kaminari_tsk @ jpopsuki + martypedia

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