Friday, January 16, 2009

some screencaps of toma, eita and satomi promoting VOICE

hi there!
this is my 241st post!

24 is my fav number, actually.
speaking of favorites, today, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is now playing in a theatre near you (in the usa)!!
kevin james was in one of my fav tv series, The King of Queens! he is just hilarious!! please go watch his movie! i think it will be funny! i will probably go watch it sometime this weekend. =P

mm...i just thought of this.
i'm gonna try to post every friday~
for the en~tire year, every friday of 2009!!

i wonder if i can do it...
well, they probably won't all be good ones, though. haha.
and here's the 1st of those not so good ones! =P
cuz i ran out of time today, couldn't finish writing the post i meant to post up today.
gomen! (and yes, i'm skipping the toma-ism again today. haha.)

so here's some high quality screencaps of toma as ryosuke. =)
i really love his current hairstyle, so cool!!
although his hair was already like this last year ne.
i've been watching these interviews and seeing clips f/ep. 1. =]
it keeps reminding me of hachikuro, still...
these screencaps are from the video u can download here. [credit: hpswf1]

[i love how toma can be sooooo cute without trying. effortlessly cute, the ultimate kind of cuteness!!! just a simple smile, a simple look, yet so kawaiiiii~ i just wanna give him a hug, he's so adorable!! ♥]

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