Friday, January 9, 2009

jan. 2009 toma LJ stuff... / TOMA~ CUTENESS~ OVERLOAD~! ♥

so pretty, wanted to share it with you. :) ah~ i love winter!

♥ toma-ism #82:
Isn't he lovely
Isn't he wonderful
Isn't he precious...
...isn't he lovely, made from love. [slightly altered lyrics f/Stevie Wonder's Isn’t She Lovely]

so, i'm posting on friday again.

i finally checked out the latest posts at LJ...i haven't really been there since around october!! i've been missing out on all the things toma's done after he finished maou, but i'll catch up on those stuff little by little...i feel like i've been living in a cave for the longest time (well, actually, i was in Maou world!)!! haven't watched/read/seen any toma stuff f/that time, cuz i only finished Maou in november and i didn't go to LJ the whole time to avoid Maou or the hana kimi SP spoilers...BUT IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK THERE NOW!! =) all the latest toma tv appearances/news/pics! i really do love the toma LJ community so much!! ♥

so here's some cool recent toma stuff i saw there
that i think u should check out!!
[E's Billboard Collections in Shibuya/ the VOICE poster at shibuya station! THANKS TO nutty_lee!!]
[Toma on Nakai Bowling SP/ toma jumping rope & holding onto goro!! kawaiiiii! THANKS TO teacup79!]
[paige's WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME nakatsu MV! :)]
[thanks to teacup79: So I'm pretty sure everyone's already heard that Toma was special guest at the News concert :D :D :D Here's a compilation of their lovey dovey moments as told by concert reports =)]

i just thought of a tough new year's resolution for myself! to not be jealous of toma & yamashita's closeness!!

...geez, this is gonna be hard!! @__@

~~~~~this is from oct., but if u haven't seen it, U GOTTA WATCH IT!! TOMA~ CUTENESS~ OVERLOAD~!
[Download] 15/10/2008 Toma on Gutannupo
He looks so adorable. ;p All the four ladies poking his cheek. haha. ; ) / thanks to lingzy!]

[EDIT: u can dload TFS's subbed version of this clip here! thanks to salome 4 telling me TFS translated it. =) i wish i could try touching his soft cheek!! all love-related questions, too....yappari~ work is more important to him than love!]

[couldn't resist writing too cute on there. HE IS SO UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE & CUTE HERE!!!!
credit: original screencap by lingzy, and the "so adorable" toma .gif at the top also made by her! :)]


salome said...

hello. that photo was taken from an interview. it can be downloaded from TFS. have you seen it already?

kate`* said...

hi hi! =)
wah, i haven't gotten a single comment since december. you're the 1st person to comment here in 2009! yay!! ^_^ haha...

thanks 4 telling me, i guessed that TFS probably translated it, but didn't look 4 it yet...but after reading yr comment, i've watched it. it's fun to see him a little nervous w/the women hosts. haha...and he replies in such a straightforward way to all the love questions. =D ...if some1 asked me that, i would also say something like "of course work is more important to me, idiot!" lol.

salome said...

we had a 2-week break from work during the holidays & all i did was download TFS videos. i saw a lot of interviews & i'm really amused by how direct he is (like in his Shopan & Sweet as Honey interviews). i loved the HANERU NO TOBIRA, BLUE FALL & MERENGUE (full version). these showed a lot about Toma's character & made me love him even more.

i still have a lot to watch, especially those multi-part long videos.

kate`* said...

hounto ni?? wah...awesome!!

yeah, there's so many TFS videos i still haven't watched!! i still have some f/the start of 2008, actually, that i haven't watched (about H&C)! of the ones u listed, i've only seen blue fall and merengue...i will download & watch them all gradually! but yeah, i think it's really cool that he's always so straightforward, no matter what the subject is, he'll just say what he thinks straight out. sugoi!<3

salome said...

in Blue Fall, i was impressed by his silence throughout his ride. he was scared as hell but he did it anyway because it was his task. he did not complain & bore it quietly like a man. he did not pretend to be cool about it. imagine, at that age, he was already a little man.

kate`* said...

yes yes, completely agree about Blue Fall!! i was really impressed at how he handled the situation. he went and didn't even scream...and he didn't try to put on an act, he was really scared and upset... afterwards, the other guys already recovered, but toma was still scared/tired, and he didn't try to act happy, he was just being himself. cool!