Monday, January 26, 2009

AN UNEXPECTED MONDAY (VoiceDay/LunarNewYear/Ellen'sBday) POST- where to watch english subbed VOICE

♥ toma-ism #86:
toma love keeps me warm during these cold winter days. ~_~

strangely, i'm posting on a monday.
yes, it's rare.

it's because today
is special for these reasons...

[2 new kawaii ryosuke pics! credit:,ikuta_tomafanclub/]

HAPPY~ monday/VOICE day!
HAPPY~ lunar new year!! (yr of the calm, resolved, hard-working ox)

HAPPY~ ellen's birthday!! (ellen degeneres, that is!) HAPPY~ conan is on Inside the Actor's Studio today- day! =P

whether u celebrate CNY or not,
i wish for you (in cantonese):

wing yuen hoi sum! ngau neen yau hau wan! (hope i got the 2nd wish right)
forever/always be happy! in the yr of the ox, have a lot of fun!

and most importantly:
sun tai geen hong!
good health!

(credit to louis yuen & other tvb artists that came up with these great ny wishes
during the cny eve show i watched last night. ^_^)

here's a cute/super hyper eeg CNY mv! they make these happy MVs every year. but i especially like this one cuz cho lam wrote the song & directed the MV!! he's quite a funny, charming, talented guy!! (1.33 is when the MV starts. be4 that are some funny/cute NG's)

also, just for fun, go here 2 check out your chinese horoscope for the new year! i checked out mine and toma's. =) we both have good things said relating 2 work! ii ne~

i've been waiting for some1 to post a message at the LJ saying VOICE's ep.1, subbed is out. but no1 posted anything yet. really thanks to charlott for telling me that ep.1 has been subbed by ICEFIGHT!! get it at the link below.

but i wanna try watching the HQ version (and see which subs are better), and so i googled it and found several diff places to watch voice w/eng. subs. check out the links below.
happy watching!! i will download both icefight's and timelessub/giri giri's subbed versions to see which subs are better and then watch soon, hopefully...

oh, just added a VOICE poll here.
please vote! shikuyoro~
[ppl posting diff places u can watch it...]
[good 'ol jdramas. =) they've linked to the softsubbed version and will link to the hardsubbed version as soon as its released.] [2.3.09 EDIT: u should go here to read the notes that went with the giri giri subs to better understand some parts of the dialogue:]
[i think timelessub hardsubs version will be released here soon...]

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