Friday, April 24, 2009

UWAAA! MAJO SAIBAN STARTS TOMORROW(today)!!!!! ^o^/ "what's wrong w/being naked!?"/ new toma magazine pics♥/ LOTS of MAJO☂(and other TOMA ♪) stuff

♥ toma-ism #102:

I thought love was only true in fairy tales.
Meant for someone else but not for me.
Ah, love was out to get me.
That's the way it seemed.
Disappointment haunted all my dreams.

Then I saw your face, now I'm a believer.
Not a trace of doubt in my mind.
I'm in love, (mmmmm, oh), I'm a believer!
I couldn't leave you if I tried.
[slightly altered lyrics f/The Monkees' I'm a Believer]

[toma-kun, i really hope majo will get high ratings for ep.1!!! yey!!
(i'm used to your perm now. haha.) credit: hpswf1]


kate des.
the kate who is super excited & hyper~~
about majo saiban airing soon soon soon!!!!!

(sorry, posting really late again tonight. i'll try to post earlier next time ah. also, this time, just linking to LJ stuff. sorry, mooching f/them again. i'll try to come up with something interesting and a non-linking post next time ah!!)

DID U HEAR ABOUT Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP being arrested cuz he was naked and yelling very early in the morning in a park?! U MUST HAVE!! it's even mentioned on BBC intl news' front page today! but if u haven't, there's a bunch of news about it below.'s a really big shock and a big, HUGE deal in japan...aiya, how could he get so drunk??? @_@ but i feel sorry 4 him, they R probably gonna freeze him/his bandmates for a long while cuz of this, and i don't think he deserves such harsh treatment!

"what's wrong with being naked?!"
he said that. lol, but imagine if u were his fan and u saw him then!!! naked and would u react??? would u faint? or be able to help calm him down?? xD i can't even ask "what if toma did this?", cuz i can't imagine him EVER doing something so crazy!! not even hypothetically. haha. and i know i shouldn't think of toma-kun w/no clothes on!! (shoot, i kinda did anyway!! =0 i'm sorry toma-kun!)

newest news i've seen about this scandal. video clip/news:

(speaking of naked, though....!! O__O
was looking 4 toma scans, but somehow i came to this page. remember me talking about yamashita's too sexy pics with a woman in bed and all?? well, go to this link to see ALL the pics f/that photoshoot (f/feb.2008). he did a full nude shot (f/the back, though) w/the woman (also nude)!!!!!!! omg!! i'm really shocked he'd do a full nude shot, even 1 f/the back!!!

but now i finally understand why 1 time at the start of 2008, toma wrote to him, calling him a "full nude artist"!!! i totally agree with lenx9832: "but I don't like the shoot...It's not pretty but dirty"!! i mean, i'm not saying JE guys can't be sexy and act grownup, but this is really crossing the line, right??? it's almost like porn, i really can't believe yamashita agreed to it!!!!! i think it's fine for artists to take revealing/nude pics, IF it's tastefully done or in an artistic way, not in a pervy, dirty way like this!!! ugh...i really like him less now, and i already didn't like him much before. -__- *no offense to any yamashita/tomapi fans.* this is just how i feel. probably after the shock wears off, i'll be back to normal in how i feel about him...)

★ here's
toma's latest magazine pics!!!!!!! douzo!
enjoy! you're welcome~~ that's what i'm here for. *_*

^_^ thanks to all who share cute toma scans with us~~
they get lots of karma points neeee.

[credit: hpswf1, kawaii_girl17, ameonna]

23 Apr 09, 14:36
zoe_alexiel: -----
23 Apr 09, 14:30
zoe_alexiel: @ameonna : ----
[zoe posted these at the forum's chatbox. i dunno where u can see more pics f/this set...if u know, pls tell me. =) really love pics where toma has a hood on. so cool~]
[Myojo 0906]
[Popolo 0906, *Locked after 2 days]


[Tomaaaaaaaa!!! kyaa!! too~ cute~! ^.^
credit: ameonna10]

---> Domoto CM (preview) with Toma singing in it at Hisatopi's youtube page!!! so short, but it's so cool to see toma singing again after so long!! he sounds & looks good!! thanks to bizkit19 for telling us about this video clip! (also, kinakina7's youtube channel has toma's recent appearances on tv shows!! thanks again to bizkit19 for the info! I CAN'T LINK TO THEM, JUST SEARCH FOR THEIR PAGE AT YOUTUBE!)
[Shounen Club Premium with Toma: Subbed!!! ^o^]
[super kawaii recent/chibi toma captured in a lot of animated gifs!!]
[paige's cool Snoopy-meets-fandom manipulations & nakatsu fanart]

[CUTE toma icons!!!]
[LOTS of CUTE toma icons!!!]

[toma's busy schedule for April!]

........................................★ A LOT OF MAJO SAIBAN STUFF!!!!

As i'm writing this, there's almost exactly 8 hrs left till majo airs!! i am hoping that this first episode's rating could be... 18%!! *fingers crossed*

umm...seeing pics of toma filming majo, i think that Higa Manami looks more like his older sister than his girlf, u know. haha. she is only 2 yrs older than him, but it's mainly cuz she has that really mature look and is wearing nice formal clothing, while toma looks like a hippie. haha. or it looks like he's a poor guy & she's the social worker helping him out. lol. actually, i think Kato Ai (playing the housewife toma will help) is prettier! though both of these women have very sharp, kinda masculine features, right? ehhh.... [4.25 edit: oh, i got it mixed up! kato is 2 yrs older than toma and higa is actually 2 yrs younger than him!! but both of them look a lot older/mature than toma. haha.]

and Ishida Yuriko is the "witch" on trial. she looks creepy in the poster, but she actually looks really kind/good in the pics i've seen of her online. dunno if she will turn out to be evil or good...but somehow i think she'll turn out to be not guilty. the more they make it seem like she's totally guilty, the more i think maybe she's been framed, cuz it can't be that simple...hmm.

(samantha and sabrina)

but actually, the most famous witches or wizards from tv shows/movies have mostly been good ones, i think!! (i know in majo, she's not a REAL witch w/magical powers, but still...) examples of good witches (or wizards): harry, hermione, ron, etc. in the Harry Potter movies, gandolf, etc. in the Lord of the Rings, sabrina & her aunts, etc. in Sabrina the Teenage Witch (one of my fav TV shows f/the 90s!!), samantha in Bewitched (my mom loved this show!), etc. (so many examples of good witches/wizards in manga/anime, too!!) so...maybe this time this "witch" will also turn out to be a good witch?? let's see if i'm right.

NOW~ lots of majo stuff for you:
[watch the 15 second majo saiban trailer!]
[listen to majo's themesong!! sounds pretty cool!]
[news clip: Majo Saiban Press Conference, *F-Locked in a week*]
[toma on different shows, promoting the drama]

[vote for if u want TFS to release Majo Saiban hardsubbed in HQ or LQ!! personally, i voted LQ, cuz i'm sure i wanna keep the whole series forever on my computer. haha. it would be more convenient if the files R not huge. but then it depends on how LQ and how HQ, actually...]

[majo saiban community! join now! thanks to polyshock 4 creating it!]

[Preview PICS of shin domoto kudai and more preview PICS of majo]
[more preview PICS of majo. i love the NOT GUILTY pic. haha.
and of course, the pics of toma sleeping~~

[i wanna be the one to wake toma up... credit: hpswf1]


salome said...

when i read this entry's title, i thought you were referring to Toma being naked. ha ha ha!

i read that Tsuyoshi scandal. it finally sunk into me how scary it is to be involved in a scandal in Japan. i find myself praying for Toma to never EVER be involved in one. - Toma has managed to keep his reputation clean over the years. i haven't read negative rumors or gossips about him. i hope it continues.

i love that photo from ameonna where Toma was wearing dark blue shirt. he looked like he just woke up. - i also love that photo of him sleeping. i wonder why his tv gf seem to be awkward around him. you've seen their photo where they looked like they're about to kiss. her arm seemed like she was pushing him away. and in that sleeping photo, she has her arm wedged between them in a kind of defensive way. hmmm...

let's both pray for high ratings for MajoSai's first episode.

kate`* said...

hi salome! (i like yr avatar~)

lol, i guess maybe i did it on purpose to trick some of u, sorry!! :P

i know!! the way they're reacting, u'd think he beat some1 up or sexually harassed some1 while he was naked. but no, he was only yelling. geez, give him a break, he was drunk! =/

no worries, toma seems like quite a sensible and low-key guy, not the kind to go late night clubbing or drinking/do drugs, i really can't imagine he'd ever get into huge trouble like this!

yeah, i like that pic too! the "just woke up" look. haha.

right...of all the pics, she always seems to be a little uncomfortable being w/him!! while toma is totally in boyf mode, really natural about it. ^_^ maybe she's just afraid of fangirls attacking her if she's too close with toma?? lol. or toma's
incredible cuteness makes her nervous!! was she with yamashita in Code Blue?? maybe she's like this w/all guys.

joyceneoh said...

Um... I so agree with you that those Pi pictures are so porn...

salome said...

um, i haven't seen Code Blue so i really don't know how she was with Yamashita.

i'm waiting for news of MajoSai's rating for the first episode.

kate`* said...

joyce, i'm glad u agree!! i still don't understand why he'd agree to it. maybe it was to help him promote his first movie, Kurosagi? but still...i don't get it. =/

it's only 9%!!!!!!!!! NANDE????!!!!!

Subtle_Hints said...

Thanks for the awesome post!! i absolutely loved this post and toma's "perm" is really cute!! Is anyone ever allowed to be that cute?? hahaha :)) and I'm really excited for Majo to be subbed..can't wait to see Toma again.

On a side note, OMG i can't believe that Yamapi did that shot..though he looks really hot, still, it's quite a shock imagining him being naked with another's not a crime anyways, i was just dropping by to give you props on all the awesome post :D

kate`* said...

subtle hints! hi hi!! ^o^
cool~ i'm glad u liked this post!!
ah, thanks 4 the props, i love warm comments like this neee~ ♥

only toma can be THIS cute, right? heehee~ me too, so excited/hyper about seeing majo subbed!! (though there's still a lot of toma videos i haven't been able to watch yet. aiya...need to catch up up!)

yamashita...*sigh*. i was really shocked/disappointed. i guess he looks good in the pics, but NANDE???? and with a white girl too!! >_< ma, it's just his job, and maybe he was pressured to do it by his manager. who knows...