Saturday, April 12, 2008

a few minutes missing from episode 10 of hana kimi!

i was watching the discs in the DVD set, part II, the other day, when i saw about a couple minutes of scenes i never saw before! EH???
1 of the missing parts was when right be4 nakatsu asked the school doctor what would happen if a student lies about his/her gender to enter a school. and the other part was when the guys from Dorm 1 were plotting to ruin tennoji and kana's chances of winning Best Couple, i think...

i watched hana kimi at
and some parts from crunchyroll. BOTH places, i didn't see these scenes there.

i wonder where i can find this missing scene of toma's that's english subbed??
i don't understand why it was missing from the subbed versions of hana kimi online??

above R some screencaps from that scene, and i uploaded the audio clip too:


Akiro-chan said...

hello there!!

wait a minute... i haven't seen those caps you posted in hana kimi!!!

waaahh!!! i wanna see that part.. sigh!

i wish i could buy the original DVD from Japan...

i wanna see that scene... XDDDD

Naomi_chan said...

Waaah, I'm really curious about that scene!

Now I really wanna see it!

savvy kate said...

akiro-chan & naomi-chan,
i've uploaded that scene, u can get the dload link in the above post!! enjoy!! XD hehe. it's super-short, but still...toma can squeeze in so much cuteness in a minute. haha!!

Akiro-chan said...

waahh!! thank you thank you!!

gonna download that scene now!
i can't miss that part! toma's there and must see it! :D

thanks again!

savvy kate said...

u're very welcome!! ^_^