Tuesday, April 1, 2008

---> u must watch AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH!!!

if u don't already know, it's a documentary about global warming.

[watch the trailer here!

it won 2 ACADEMY AWARDS last year. clapping.gif


it's not boring at all, & very easy 2 understand.
what could be more important than saving our planet,
and saving ourselves in the process??

u can probably rent it at any local video rental store or u can also BUY it. it's only around
1hr and a half long.

(( i know what u're thinking: another random, not-related-to-Toma-post!!
i promise i'll update soon with toma-related stuff. =)
and u know i always keep my promises!! haha... i certainly try! =P
that's all 4 now.

good day,
kate`* ))

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