Thursday, April 10, 2008

ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! >___<

i went 2 my youtube page today 2 check what the # of views of my toma MV were, and i didn't see it in the Most Viewed list!!! OH NO!!! it has been removed by youtube cuz of a copyright claim by ??? [text in japanese], which i dunno what it is, but i used babelfish 2 translate, and it translates to "Corporation art bank"??

aiyaaaa..... :(

oh well, at least it was able reach almost 60,000 views and it's been up for around 6 months. i think my MV helped direct lots of ppl 2 this was great while it lasted.

i was happy 2 read all the comments and see ppl rate it well/favorite it a lot!! =) i'll miss that, and seeing the view count keep was the most viewed video at my page!

BUT, i have re-uploaded it to my daily motion page!! =D
and i've also embedded it at my Dear Toma... blog! haha. it looks quite nice, this smaller version!
just click on the title and u'll be able 2 see the big version (USE THE MENU button on the right, bottom side 2 choose the "original" size 2 see it in the original, not distorted version).


p.s. my dailymotion avatar, i got from the teaser poster of the upcoming X-FILES 2 movie (releasing 7.25.08)!! I LOVE THE X-FILES!!!!!
-kate`* (X-PHILE 4 LIFE!!!)

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