Thursday, April 3, 2008

thanks 2 every1 that comes here a lot!! / Kiss Me (japanese version) lyrics translation

[**click on the above pic 4 the bigger version so u can see the HAPPY FACES! & it's easier said than done, drawing tiny happy faces on those dots!]

just a quick post to
that comes here a lot,
i will keep trying 2 make this place an fun/interesting place 4 toma fans from all over this planet.

look at all the dots...think of it as hearts,
representing all the TOMA LOVE all over the world! ~_~

i've drawn happy faces on the dot on the cluster map of ppl who've come here 100-999 times (me: in green). the ppl who come here less, u can get a happy face too, if u come here more! hahaha. like that's real incentive 2 come, right? =P
AND the 2 ppl that came here over 1000 times! WOW.
thank you thank you very very much for coming even more than me.
that's amazing. don't come so much, actually, i'll feel bad if i don't update often enough!! haha.

oh, i changed the bg song here. didn't know it had a japanese version! hope every1 likes it. =)
u can read the translated to english lyrics here:



j-zhao said...

wow! so many people all around the world are his fans!! im so proud of toma =)

j-zhao said...

wow so many people around the world are his fans! im so proud of toma =)

savvy kate said...

there are no boundaries to
♥ ♥ TOMA LOVE!!! ♥ ♥
there is plenty of TOMA LOVE all over the world!! no matter your nationality/age/gender, it's impossible 2 NOT like this incredibly cute and talented guy!! hahaha...