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=) new fan map members! RANDOM toma stuff...


[btw, go here
and learn japanese, the fun way!! ^_^ i go there sometimes, but if u're serious (or kinda, like me) about learning, u should buy a japanese phrasebook like i did. remember that Lonely Planet's R the best! =)]

i'm happy ppl have started posting messages at Dear Toma... =)
come on, more ppl come and post!!

this post is gonna be random toma stuff i've been meaning 2 post...
sorry 4 the randomness, but here goes.

---> NEW MEMBERS to the toma fan map,
sorry if your pics/messages R not showing up!
i've emailed frappr Help ppl, but they can't seem 2 fix the problem.
anyway, they're changing 2 the Platial maps now, so hopefully this problem will go away by then.
so i'll just post yr message here too.



i really like him..he's a good actor...
from (4/1/2008),

rockhardtolivelifetothefullest (haha, luv your screenname!):
Hi! I'm a fan too. :) Ganbatte, Toma! :) from (3/31/2008),

i love toma-kun very much....luvlots
from (3/29/2008),

i love toma!!! i hope to know him much deeper!!
from (3/28/2008),


chauphungn : Toma!!! I love you! Ai shi te ru! Toi iu ban! Wo ai ni ! You're the best !!!YAY
from (3/13/2008),

Aria @Singapore,





-----> here's a fun thread at the Tomalicious forum that i came across a while back, but forgot 2 post the link here. u've gotta check it out!! fun discussion of how few kissing scenes with girls he has (more with guys!) and some animated gifs of toma kissing! @_@


-----> here's a really cool magazine article translation, cuz the awesome ppl at Tomalicious translated and edited the scan so that it looks like a toma article in english. wouldn't that be really cool, though, someday, 2 see toma being interviewed by some kinda english magazine, and we can actually read the article instead of the translated version?? wah.... keep getting more popular, toma, so this day can come SOON! =P



tons of cute and TOMALICIOUS pics here, including more from the shirtless toma pics i posted a little while back!!!


----> info about the high school toma and his friends went to...interesting...


a really belated CONGRATULATIONS! to toma here (though at AF, i posted a congrats message on that day, of course!) for winning BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for Honey and Clover, though i thought i read it wrong, cuz isn't he the male LEADING ACTOR for that drama? i don't get it...
anyway...he won something. it's all good. and he won by a BIG GAP, too. =D
and his acting is great in that series, of course!!

-Mar 12 2008 4 46 AM-

The winter drama season is not yet over, but Nikkan Sports has already conducted voting for its Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, in preparation for the overall 2007 awards. A total of 3,675 ballots were cast, and in the end, "Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi" was the biggest winner.

The series was named Best Drama, beating out "Bara no nai Hanaya" by several hundred votes. The show repeated that scenario in the categories for Best Actor (Hiroshi Tamaki over Shingo Katori) and Best Supporting Actress (Haruka Ayase over Yuko Takeuchi).

Karina won Best Actress, while Toma Ikuta took Best Supporting Actor.

.Best Drama
Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi - 1097
Bara no nai Hanaya - 633
Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai - 411
Honey and Clover - 230
Daisuki!! - 189

.Best Supporting Actor
Toma Ikuta - 445
Susumu Terajima - 264
Norito Yashima - 245
Keisuke Koide - 181
Yuta Hiraoka - 153

[just posting up the toma-related award results]


-----> did u ever wonder what toma's parents look like, since he is such a super ikeman, just so cute cute cute?? me too! then check out this old video clip here:

Watch the's a guessing game on who Toma's mom is check it out!

pearleen posted a translation of toma's lovely letter 2 his mom at the end here:

did u guess correctly?
i did!! =)

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