Thursday, November 27, 2014

i need a break... =T

hello, my fellow toma fans! 

just a few quick updates before i give you the bad news... fans were talking about how Han Hyo Joo seemed to be staring at toma for a while instead of looking at the camera like the other members of the cast! lolllll. at a christmas tree lighting event to promote their MIRACLE movie. (thanks to Jane for the info! source: i think it might be more like she forgot what they're supposed to say and is looking at him to see what he's saying. haha. but i wouldn't be surprised if she has a crush on him, either! xD too bad she's a korean actress and probably doesn't have much chance of working with toma again. i think they would make a cute couple!! ~__~

(here's video of the christmas tree lights that kept changing. pretty, right? ^_^)

BUT...i just found out from jane's post today, that apparently toma's screen time in this movie is only 10 minutes??!! oh my god!! o__o even though from the trailers, i had guessed toma's role is not very important since he appears so little in the trailers.... but only a total of 10 minutes?!! no wonder toma seems more quiet while promoting this movie! (or maybe he's just tired cuz he's also filming for the drama with shun right now) 

but maybe toma feels bad that they are tricking his fans into thinking that he is one of the 4 main characters, when he's got so few scenes in this movie. sighhhhhh. i can't believe they would trick his fans like that. don't they believe aiba has enough star power to get people to see this movie?? be honest to the fans! tell them toma only has a small role!! geez... 

also, mogura no uta has been subbed!!! ^_^ you can get the movie + subs at the plotboxes LJ (go in their profile page and check the tags to find the movie). 

alright, so on to the bad news....

Like every year, the end of the year holidays and festivities are here again. most people look forward to this season, but i dread it. i won't go into the reasons why because i think i've talked about it in the past. but it seems fitting that i'm giving you bad news now, because for me, november and december are always bad months. lol.

so...for years now, i've noticed that the english-speaking fandom i've been a part of for many years has become more and more quiet and inactive. I still love toma, but enthusiasm for fangirling for him has gradually gone down a lot...partly cuz of the inactive fandom. partly because toma works on movies mostly and disappears for most of the year and then promotes his movies for only a short time, maybe twice a year. 

I'm not leaving the toma fandom, but I'm letting go, in a way. Sigh. Read my letter at Toma's Room to understand why i have decided that i need a break from fangirling:

Oh, i want to make it clear that i'm ok with rarely ever getting comments here. lol. even though i used to get a lot more years ago, but that's ok. i only post here once a month, anyway. but when i post at Toma's Room and no one comments, it's very frustrating. because it's a community, and comments are love...comments show fans still care. and comments mean we are having discussions and that keeps the community alive! 

I guess some fandoms somehow still come up with stuff to do while waiting for their bias to become active again. But that takes a lot of people...a lot of devotion, time, and effort. We don't have a ton of toma fans and most don't have time to do these stuff. Anyway...I'll be interested to see how the few remaining super active toma fans that still share new toma stuff deal with it. Hope they won't leave too...but if they do, i can't blame them. Problem is we need lots of new, younger fans who have more time to fangirl. If only toma did more dramas n maybe a variety show. Hmm...

It's sad cuz in the old days, around 2007 and 2008, there were tons of fans and the fandom was so exciting n fun to be a part of. But now... There's not even an active subbing team anymore. many fans left the fandom or just rarely come or just lurk. Will our fandom just disappear?

I was talking about this on twitter (if you want to follow me on twitter just to see how i'm doing, check my LJ profile for my twitter username. my tweets are private, so i'll have to approve your following me, though.) with mashi-chan and we both agree that if only toma had a twitter or instagram, it would help a lotttttttt. then we would be able to actually leave messages for him and also know what's going on in his life and see random pics or videos of him. this really helps a fandom continue to feel connected to their favorite actor/singer and not get bored, right??? sigh. but stupid, greedy johnny's will never let toma have his own social media accounts. i REALLY think that toma needs younger fans that have more time to fangirl and would help keep the fandom active!!! WHERE ARE ALL THE YOUNG FANS??? WE NEED YOUR HELP!! =/

i will still come here and go to Toma's Room sometimes and post sometimes. but if you want to keep up with what toma's doing, you should really go to the following links. =) if necessary, go ahead and ask them questions. i'm sure they'll be able to help you with any toma-related questions that you would usually ask me.

ok, so i'm going to watch the Mogura No Uta movie now, and then stay away from the toma fandom for a while because i need a break. i've been fangirling for 7 YEARS!! i deserve a long break. haha. and well...there are more important things in life than fangirling, you know? lol. instead of living vicariously through toma, i should just live my own life and stop procrastinating and really work hard to reach my dreams. i've already wasted too much time... 

THANK YOU, everyone who loves this toma blog and Toma's Room and appreciate my hard work all these years, keeping everyone updated on toma's stuff. i love you all!! 

Take care, everyone!!! 
toma and all toma fans...keep being awesome!! =) 
see you later~~


Anonymous said...

I love Tomasu!!! And he will always be in my heart! <3 <3 <3
I really wonder why he doesn't have any facebook, twitter, etc(I only have FB account). account. And if he only had one, his fans would be very happy. Thanks for the info. It's my first time here. I was 13 or 14 years old when I watched Hana Kimi and fall in love with him... :D

kate said...

hi!! =)

well, it's because Johnny's won't let him have any social media accounts. because right now toma and other johnny's artists have blogs that people can only access if they pay a monthly subscription, and they can read the messages using their phone.

that's stupid, though. toma's messages can reach so many more fans if he was on facebook, twitter, etc.!!! it's a better way to get more people to know about him and get him more fans.

you're welcome!! i'm glad you've been his fan all this time! =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I still have photos of him. :D
Really??? Fans have to pay monthly to get updates about him? That's sad... TT_TT

Anonymous said...

Haha, I understand how u feel..haish if only he had more acting roles. But it's thanks to ppl like you that keeps the fandom (barely) alive! Tq so much!

kate☂ said...

i didn't see this comment until now. lol. sorry for the super late reply!!

you're welcome!! it's worth it when i get such nice comments from fans like you! =)